Hostmetro Web Hosting Review

By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

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When you are looking for web hosting for your site, you have many options available. The company you choose needs to offer reliable service, fair pricing and be prepared to stand behind its service with a guarantee. When you look at Hostmetro as a web hosting option, you will find that it ticks off all of these boxes for you. Scott Warrington has worked hard for you on this hostmetro review to bring you all the details provided.

Hostmetro Review Overview

Hostmetro website describes itself as “passionate web hosting people.” This company provides affordable web hosting to its customers. Its stated mission is to make it easy for customers to create and manage their websites. Once the website gets up and running, Hostmetro wants to ensure that maintaining it continues to be an easy process, too.

Multiple Guarantees Offered by Hostmetro

Customers who choose Hostmetro as their web hosting provider can the company backing up its service with more than one guarantee. Here are the ways in which Hostmetro stands behind its service:

Max Services Guarantee

The cPanel Hosting Control Panel and other services are guaranteed to be easy to use. The company is committed to making hosting an effortless process for its customers.

Price Lock Guarantee

Some hosting companies offer a low initial price in an effort to encourage new customers to sign up. When the “sign up” period expires, the new customer is then hit with the company’s regular rates for hosting. Sometimes, these rates can be more than double what the customer was paying initially.

Hostmetro’s policy is that they promise never to raise a customer’s renewal rates for as long as the customer is hosting with them. The rate stays constant. A customer who wishes to pay for a two-year hosting plan simply pays double their one-year rate. The rate is up front and simple to understand.

Max Features Guarantee

Customers have the freedom to run their website in the way they want to. Hostmetro doesn’t impose any limits on the number of features its customers can get on their websites. With all of its hosting plans, customers are free to get the exact number of features they want, and in the words of the company, take it “to the Max!”

Money Back Guarantee

Hostmetro’s services are backed with a full money-back guarantee. If a customer is not completely satisfied in the first 30 days with the hosting service they receive, they can receive a full refund, no questions asked.

Hosting Plans Available from this Hostmetro Review

Customers who choose Hostmetro can decide on the type of web hosting plan that makes sense to them. Plans are available for rates as $2.95 per month, including domain registration.

Mega Max Plan

The Mega Max Plan includes a free site transfer and site builder as part of the package, as well as unlimited websites, FTP accounts and MY SQL Databases. Customers can add on unlimited subdomains, parked domains and add-on domains as well.

This package also includes unlimited email accounts, email forwarders and auto responders. Mailing lists are also included at no extra charge.

This package includes some e-commerce features. It is Paypal, and Google Checkout and ZenCart supported. It has an Advanced Firewall and Password-Protected Directories. For an additional monthly fee of $2.50 per month (each), customers can add on a SiteLock Security Seal and SSL Certificate by GeoTrust.

Other features that come standard with this package include:

Flash Supported
Log Files
Streaming Audio
Streaming Video
Website Analytics

Pricing for the Mega Max Plan is $4.95 per month for one year. Customers who commit to a two-year term can get this package for $3.95 per month, and it is offered at $2.95 per month for a three-year term.

Super Max Plan

The Super Max Plan offers everything the Mega Max Plan does, plus it adds the following free features:

Domain Privacy
SSL Certificate by GEOTrust (Savings of $2.50 per month)
SiteLock Security Seal (Savings of $2.50 per month)
Search Engine Submission
SEO Consultation
SEO E-Book
SEO & Marketing Tools

Pricing for the Super Max Plan starts at $8.95 for a one-year commitment. Customers who sign up for a two-year term can get this plan for $7.95 per month and at the three-year term level the price drops to only $5.95 per month.

MetroMail Email Service

The company offers MetroMail email as an alternative to free email accounts to both individuals and small business owners. This service is offered for $2.50 per month and it gives customers an email address that matches their domain name.

This alternative to free email is more secure for people who have concerns about sending personal information through the Internet. No personal information will be sold to advertisers, either, lowering the risk of a customer who chooses this option being the target of junk mail.

Customer Support for Hostmetro

This company provides two types of customer support. The first is an extensive online knowledge base where customers who have questions can get information they need. They can start looking for help by typing in a question in the search box.

Articles in the knowledge base are also divided into several categories, including Billing, cPanel, Domains & DNS, E-commerce, Email, Security, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and more. This section also includes a Web Hosting Glossary and a number of video tutorials.

Customers can also get help via live chat. This feature is available for Billing, Sales and Support and customers are asked to specify which department they wish to access before starting their chat. This is the most direct way to get answers to questions quickly.

Should you Sign up with Hostmetro for your Web Hosting Needs?

This company gives you a full 30 days to try its services. You can transfer an existing domains at no charge. We liked that its terms and conditions are easy to read and only take up one page.

To find out more details about the website builder and other features, you’ll need to try the service. In the end, you’ll have to decide whether you like the price point enough to try the service, knowing you can always choose to cancel the service. Can you let me know what you think of our Hostmetro review ? We would love your feedback.

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