HostMonster VS BlueHost – Time To Choose Today And Get Discount

By: | Updated: March 25, 2021

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When selecting a website host it is important that you consider several important factors. Not all host providers are alike and while one may offer a good price for hosting, another may offer better customer service or more reliability.

It becomes important to compare different hosts to see which one offers the specific services and cost that you need. When it comes to HostMonster vs BlueHost, both hosting companies offer a number of key benefits. Again, not all hosts are alike so while both of these hosting companies may provide similar features, reliability and cost, there is a difference between the two.

Price – When it comes to choosing the cheapest hosting company, BlueHost and HostMonster both offer the save advantage. Both have packages beginning at $6.95 per month but offer savings if you purchase more than one year of hosting at a time.

You can get 12 months of hosting from either company for an average of $4.95 per month or twenty-four to thirty-six months for just $3.95 per month. When it comes to pricing, both HostMonster and BlueHost offer great savings over many other companies.

Features – Both hosting companies offer key features and benefits like unlimited disk space, unlimited hosted domains and transfers, unlimited subdomains and a number of free website builders and site management tools.

HostMonster also gives you unlimited emails while BlueHost gives you up to 2,500 emails. You also receive free shopping carts, customer support, merchant accounts and other features with both hosts.

Reliability – HostMonster vs BlueHost both offer a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee. HostMonster gives you unlimited FTP accounts as well. BlueHost offers only 1000 FTP accounts but if this is not a deal breaker, both come in along the same lines where reliability is concerned.

HostMonster allows up to 100 MySQL as well as PostgreSQL databases and BlueHost gives you only 50 of each but again, this is not a major issue with most site owners.

When it comes right down to it, these two companies are virtually one in the same. They offer the same pricing structure and the same features and reliability assurance. It really may simply come down to which name you prefer to host your site.

BlueHost offers only 2500 email accounts while you do get unlimited accounts with HostMonster but if you are not going to need more than 2500 email accounts, the two are virtually the same.
Customer support – HostMonster is recognized widely for their customer support. They give you several ways to contact them and offer technical support around the clock.

You can get a hold of customer service through email, web chat or telephone and they have an extensive library of self-help video tutorials and articles. BlueHost also offers excellent customer service with a ticketing system just like HostMonster as well as various other forms of contact.

They offer limited wait times for telephone support and normally have someone on web chat around the clock.

Again, when it comes right down to it, you would think that BlueHost and HostMonster were the same hosting company. They both offer very affordable monthly hosting packages, provided you purchase at least twelve months at a time.

Their two and three year plans are among the cheapest hosting available and with 99.9 percent uptime guarantees, you simply cannot beat a $3.95 per month hosting fee. HostMonster vs BlueHost offer website builders and excellent management systems to keep your site running smoothly.

They offer fast site loading capabilities and many other features that go a bit beyond the basics for web hosting. The real choice may simply come down to which host you prefer based on the looks of their own website. If you need unlimited email accounts then HostMonster may be your best bet.

If you require more than 1000 FTP accounts then again, you may want to go with HostMonster. However, if neither of these things are deal breakers and you simply want affordable web hosting with a good uptime reliability, great site features and various other benefits, either would be a good choice.

You can visit their websites and take a look at their features or simply do a bit of research and read through various customer reviews before making your choice. Let us know on this review, we take this very serious and want to make sure your happy. Please send us a love note on what you think of our HostMonster VS BlueHost review.


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