HostMonster VS HostGator – Real Comparison

By: | Updated: March 28, 2021

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Whether you have an established website and you are thinking about changing your host.Or you are a new site owner and are searching for the best possible hosting service, choosing the right host is very important. this is why we have broken down these 2 , HostMonster VS HostGator has been explored.

There are several different web hosts from which you can choose and two of the more popular are HostMonster vs HostGator. If you are trying to decide which of these two is best, here are a few key points about each that you can keep in mind: We love hostmonster more, Hostgator has went down hill and we dont like them. This is why we broke down HostMonster VS HostGator and there individual benefits.

Pricing – HostGator offers very affordable pricing plans. In fact, they offer a range of prices that are anywhere from $3.96 to $10.36 per month. The lowest plan offers all of the basic features but only gives you one domain.

As far as features, with the cheapest plan you still receive instant backups, customer service around the clock, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, 99.9% uptime guarantees, free site building tools and a 45 day money back guarantee.

The next package up gives you all of these features plus unlimited domains and the most expensive package or the business plan offers everything mentioned above with the addition of a free SSL certificate, dedicated IP server and a toll-free number.

HostMonster gives you plans around $5.95 per month and these plans are nothing to sneeze at. With this plan you get unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, business emails, unlimited domains, free advertising credits with both Yahoo and Google, various site building tools and their famed 99.9% uptime guarantee.

There are more expensive packages available like the pro package for $14.95 per month that gives you a few additional features but you cannot view these features unless you actually purchase this package.

Customer Support – Everyone in the online business world knows the importance of good support. HostMonster is well-known for around the clock customer assistance and it also gives you various tutorials and other help.

Customer assistance can be contacted at any time via email, live chat or phone and the staff is always friendly and helpful. HostGator offers live chat support as well and many prefer their customer service personnel for their friendly tones. Their site is a bit more user friendly with regards to finding the assistance that you need.

So which one is really the best? It all depends on what you are looking for. If cost is an issue then HostGator may be your best bet because they offer their smaller plan that has a lower cost. Of course, you get all of the major features, minus the unlimited domains, so this package is definitely a good choice.

If however, you need those extra domains then the next price up is essential and that puts HostGator right in the same ballgame and HostMonster where cost is concerned.

If customer service is what you are looking for, both offer excellent assistance methods. You can contact either of them through online chat, email or by phone and they are both available around the clock. Both have friendly customer service reps who are ready and willing to handle your every need.

They both also use dedicated servers so those 99.9% uptime guarantees are pretty accurate. HostGator does provide unlimited MySQL databases and HostMonster only gives you 100 but if that is all you need then they are still running neck in neck. Both use cpanel as the control panel.

If you are still a bit confused as to which host is better, you can visit both websites and look through their features for yourself. They both give you user friendly dashboards and a number of site building tools that will enable you to create a professional looking site quickly and easily.

Both use cPanel software so you will get the very same applications and both sites allow you to try them out by offering a control panel demo online.
The real choice comes down to who you prefer personally.

Since both HostMonster vs HostGator offer about the same services and their costs are very similar as well, you may simply have to look at their sites and choose the one that you feel most comfortable with. A hard decision for sure, but when it comes to a true comparison of the two, they pretty much meet up in everything.

If you want to compare the reseller programs, HostGator has special features like WHM and private name servers. HostMonster offers a better deal if you want to host unlimited domains so the real question comes down to what you need and which of the two offers that one special feature that meets your needs.

Choosing a web host that meets your needs is important and you certainly cannot go wrong with either of these. HostMonster vs HostGator both offer a wide range of benefits to website owners so selecting the right one for your hosting needs may be a bit difficult.

Take a look at each and do your own research to find that one little thing that makes one better than the other at meeting your hosting needs .


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