HostMonster VS InMotion Hosting | Real Breakdown of These Awesome Companies

By: | Updated: March 28, 2021

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If you are looking at choosing a web host, you may find that there are many available. Two of the most commonly used are InMotion and HostMonster. We did this review so you can see why you should choose either, enjoy this HostMonster VS InMotion Hosting review.

Both offer about the same in price and basic services and can provide you with hosting that meet a number of needs. When choosing between the two, it becomes important to know what special features are offered by each. Here is a breakdown of those features and how you can decide between the two for your hosting needs:

HostMonster vs InMotion hosting

Cost – As far as cost goes, both HostMonster vs InMotion hosting are about the same. HostMonster does offer great hosting packages for just $5.95 per month while InMotion comes in at around $3.00 per month for basic hosting. They also offer business hosting that begins at just $6.95 per month. You can see that the cost structures are pretty much neck in neck so if you are looking at affordable hosting, either of these would be a good choice.

Features – Web hosting features are important and both HostMonster vs InMotion hosting have them. They both offer unlimited email accounts, webmail and spam filters and auto responders. These basic features are offered with just about any hosting program that you find.

HostMonster also gives you the ability to access your account using SSH and you can use the .htaccess tool to make any custom configurations that you want. Both HostMonster and InMotion offer cPanel so your control panel will be very user friendly and they provide an array of advanced features like PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl and Python as well. As far as features go, they are both still pretty much in the same boat.

Products – This is where you begin to see a major difference between HostMonster and InMotion. HostMonster offers just the one hosting plan while InMotion gives you a wide selection of products and services to meet a number of different needs.

You can choose the basic package with many different offered features or opt for a more advanced package that gives you a dedicated server or virtual private server.

InMotion also offers professional website design for its customers if you want your site done by the experts.
Customer Service – Finally, both HostMonster and InMotion offer great customer service.

This is one area where website owners have to know that they are getting the best. You certainly do not want to run into problems with your site and not be able to contact your host. Both offer support around the clock via phone, email or live web chat.

You can always reach them and ask them any question and their staffs are friendly and knowledgeable. You can use the support ticket system on either hosting site to submit your concerns as well or look through the various tutorials and online documents that are offered by each company.

In the customer service department, both HostMonster and InMotion are excellent choices and both provide you with a 99.9% uptime guarantee so you can rest assured that your website is safe from downtime problems.

Choosing between InMotion and HostMonster may simply come down to who you like better. If you are looking for affordability, both are good choices. They both win in the customer service and features department as well. Both offer great site building tools that will help you to design a professional looking site and they both give you great uptime guarantees.

You may simply have to visit the site of each and learn for yourself which one is best. If however you are looking for a dedicated server or VPS, InMotion may be your best shot.

As far as your hosting goes, you certainly cannot go wrong with either of these choices. Affordable and reliable web hosting is important and you can get services that are both dependable and affordable with either HostMonster or InMotion.

Whether your site is established and you are simply looking for a better host or you are building a completely new website and need to know where you can park it and make it safe, you will find that both of these hosting companies can meet a varying number of needs.

From unlimited emails and domain names to prices that fall in under $10 per month for a variety of features, both are affordable and both offer the very best in customer service with multiple methods for reaching out to them and getting your issues resolved.

Again, it may come down to just what you prefer. You may like one name better than the other and honestly, that is just about how you may need to decide on one of these hosts. Both are well respected in the internet world and offer many special features that will help you to build your site, promote it and make your online business more successful.

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