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HostMonster VS iPage – Who Is The Leader Today

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Both of these two – HostMonster vs iPage offer similar hosting features.

The most common features of both hosts include unlimited disk space, unlimited hosting domains and email accounts, unlimited data transfer, free marketing credits, free customer support and free domain names.

They also offer PHO, MySQL databases and Simple Scripts.

Because of these similarities, many website owners find it very difficult to determine just which host will be most beneficial and better meet their specific needs.


Cost is a major determining factor when it comes to choosing the best web host.

While HostMonster and iPage both offer about the same when it comes to hosting features, their costs are just a bit different.

HostMonster offers all of the above web hosting features for a cost of around $3.95 each month.

iPage offer the same core hosting features at just $3.50 per month – not a grand difference.

Again, both come in at about the same in both features and cost.

Site Builders

It may help to look at the website builders that are offered with each host. iPage gives their users a choice three different website builder .

With HostMonster VS iPage you will see the
breakdown on why we think one id better then the other.

When it comes to choosing the best host for your website, there are many things to consider.

Determining which hosting service offers the most benefit will depend, at least in part, on your specific needs.

HostMonster vs iPage are two of the most popular hosts today and choosing from the two involves looking at what each offers and comparing that to what you really need from your host.

Here is a breakdown of the two and the benefits offered by each:


WebSite Creator by CM4all, Weebly and Design Suite are all offered by iPage.

Design Suite is a premium template based builder that has a value of about $50.

All of these are drag and drop builders which makes it easy for you to design and create your site.

HostMonster on the other hand, offers only one site builder.

Concrete5 is the builder offered by this host and is a very commonly chosen open source CMS.

It also offers the drag and drop ease of site building and is very user friendly.

If you are looking for options when it comes to building your site, iPage offers more but if you simply want a site builder that is easy to use, you could benefit from either host.

Ecommerce Features

Ecommerce features are vitally important in a web host if your site sells products.

HostMonster gives you an SSL Secure server and offers a free generated security certificate.

They also provide you with various marketing resources like ShopSite which gives you more than five open source shopping carts.

You get free submission to search engines and a variety of tools for creating an effective SEO campaign.

Advertising credits with Google, Yahoo and other search engines are also offered. iPage also gives you a secure server as well as Security Suite and SiteLock Security to keep your customers safe when purchasing.

A free SSL certificate is provided and will be displayed so that your customers can easily see it.

You also get ShopSite with iPage as well as the various shopping cart choices, marketing guides, WebMaster Tools from Google and 60 days free on RatePoint.

iPage also gives you Marketing Suite with free yellow page listings, site analytics and PPC credits for major search engines.

Additional Resources

iPage gives you a user friendly control panel with features like Install Central.

This program allows you to easily set up web scripts and gives you access to more than 20 of the most popular.

Scripts include blogs, ecommerce, wikis, forums, CMS and various photo galleries so you can design, build and manage your website with ease.

HostMonster provides SimpleScripts which affords you more than 70 various applications to make designing and managing your website a breeze.

You get all of the various options for your forums, blogs, wikis, photo galleries, social networking sites and much more.


A good web host has to offer great technical support and you get free assistance with iPage.

Assistance is offered around the clock via live chat, email and phone and hold times with iPage are normally under 2 minutes each time.

You also get an online database filled with information about various technical problems and how to solve them as well as a money back guarantee.

HostMonster also gives you free assistance around the clock by email or phone and hold times average less than 2 minutes as well.

They offer an online help center that gives you video assistance, forums and tutorials.

Comparisons between HostMonster and iPage hosting seem to be very close.

Both offer free assistance around the clock, money back guarantees and a variety of hosting resources and tools.

If you are looking for the lowest in cost, iPage comes in at just a few cents lower but overall, the two are very similar and offer similar benefits.

Please let us know what your thoughts and feeling are on this amazing HostMonster VS iPage review.

We would love your feed back and opinion.

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