How can you get your Blog Ready for the Holiday Season?

By: | Updated: December 1, 2015

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For a lot of bloggers and website owners, the holiday season is an opportunity to make some serious money. The question is – is your holiday blog ready for the season? Here are some steps you should take to get it ready.

Make Your Blog Holiday Friendly


Do your visitors know your holiday blog is ready for the holidays? Do you have a festive theme? How about some festive graphics? You need to make your blog look holiday friendly. A change in theme and some new pictures is all you really need to do to make this happen.

Holiday Blog-Raise Your Rates

This is nothing wrong with raising your prices on both your services and your advertisers at the end of the year. Traffic is higher and people are going to be willing to pay a little more because it is the holiday. It, however, is not in your best interest to be black and white with your prices. Meaning, there is no reason for you to post them directly on your blog. When you do this, it is not going to give you any wiggle room to pitch. You also may have someone approach you that is willing to pay a lot more, but immediately requests the rates you have posted just because you have them posted.

Create Fun Gift Blog Posts


You need to give people a reason to come to your website. Fun and create lists of gift ideas for your blog such as “top gifts for writers” or “top gifts for foodies” are great ideas. You just want to come up with a few lists that give you an opportunity to toss some affiliate links in. These are time sensitive posts, but you may find advertisers who will pay you for linking to their websites/products within these lists.

Round Up Some Bargain Information

It is in your best interest to post some shopping lists and deals on your blog. Everyone searches the web for deals and bargains. If you have a list on your website, it will just increase the chances of people coming to your website. Shopping people you have an interest in helping them save money certainly isn’t going to hurt you.

Think Outside of the Amazon Box


You have to keep in mind, Amazon affiliate marketing is not the only type of marketing. There is Commission Junction, ShareASale, and so many other options out there. Expanding yourself and getting your hands in more than one cookie jar is going to be better for your finances.
With these tips, you should have no trouble getting your blog ready for the holidays. Remember to share fun holiday pictures on your blog and on your Facebook or Twitter page. Consider creating a holiday contest or game for your social media pages and create a place for your viewers to get into the holiday spirit. The holiday season is a great time to make some extra money, but people would prefer to spend their money on a holiday friendly blog and these tips can get you there.


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