How Can You Quickly Build Authority Online?

By: | Updated: October 9, 2015

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The first page of search engine results is dominated by authorities, websites nailing search engine optimization (SEO) and popular with Internet users. There are several reasons why you want to build authority online. An authority is like a titan of an industry, and there’s no reason your website can’t take its place among titans in record breaking time.

The Benefits of Authority


Online authorities are major, trusted influencers. They set trends, command thoughts, and elicit reactions. They influence the actions their audience take and wield with deity-like confidence the power to alter behavior. The mammoth benefits of building authority online include:

  • Higher Engagement: You rack in more comments, more shares, and more word-of-mouth recommendations.
  • Affiliate Marketing Prospers: If you’re using affiliate marketing to supplement your income, you’ll make a bigger profit by being an authority. Why? People trust authorities. They’re more likely to buy or trial something you’ll receive a kickback from.
  • Higher Caliber Clients: As an authority, you will attract a higher caliber type of client, the kind willing to pay higher rates for a higher quality product or service provided by an expert. As your client base grows, you’ll be able to stop hunting for new clientele because they’ll flock to you.
  • Partnership Opportunities: Authorities are more likely to be approached by industry pros with partnership ideas. These opportunities can lead to an explosion of business when properly undertaken.
  • Visibility on Google: Once the Almighty Google recognizes you as an authority, the floodgates of traffic will open. As you rank higher for competitive keywords, you’ll see a steady increase in new traffic.


Build Authority Online Fast


How can you reap the benefits of authority fast? First, come up with a unique selling proposition or USP. In other words, immediately show the world what you have to offer that blows your competitors away. Find that proposition, or position, and dig your heels in with a short catchphrase that reflects it and a longer explanation that educates.
Second, if you want to build authority online you need to teach first and sell later. Today’s consumer doesn’t want a sales pitch rammed down their throat. They want to be informed and educated, and they want to see the value of your product or service before they risk any money. Focus on teaching them something valuable and weave in how your business extends or amplifies this value.
Next, focus on basic content. You need static content people can share, but you also need content that encourages engagement and tackles current trends. A blog is a fantastic tool to use. It can drum up a conversation on your website that extends to social media. And don’t forget to use headlines that hook so bystanders want to click into the conversation.

Finally, focus on networking with influencers. One of the faster ways to establish yourself as an authority is to guest blog on influencer websites and get your name in front of established authorities. Show them your unique value while giving them meaty, relevant content they’ll want to mention and link to their audience.
If you want to build authority online for your website or blog, you now have a clear plan of attack. Follow these steps, and you’ll be arching toward becoming an online authority at lightning speed!


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