One of the greatest challenges most blogger face is how to up with winning contents that’s guaranteed to be read, bookmarked, and shared across the internet. It is no brain-fag that, it is of no value to anybody, including you if your articles are only sitting in your blog archive without being read by anybody except you. Many people when trying to get over the roadblock stay for minutes or hours, staring at the computer without being able to write a word

When I say compelling and winning contents, I mean the kind of contents that systematically force your readers to read on, and after reading, they’ll shout wow! I must share this on my facebook wall, I must tweet this, or I must bookmark this. These are the kind of contents that also gets a lot of comments.

How do you create this kind of content?

Everything starts by determining which contents your readers love to read. It doesn’t matter if you’re the best in writing captivating headlines; it will simply not work if it’s about something your readers aren’t interested in reading at all. Let’s take for instance, your blog is about relationship, and your readers are more interested in reading about how to keep an unceasing relationship; it doesn’t matter how good you are if you write about how to attract opposite sex, they may not like to read.

Are you getting to understand me now? What I am saying is that you need to first dig deep into your readers mind to know what they love to read before you start to write at all.

How to Know What Your Readers Love to Read

For any subject you are blogging about, you will definitely find another blog that’s already popular with a lot of happy readers, except you are just inventing a new subject. You will see that readers of those popular blogs signifies their interest in what they love through their response in commenting, sharing, tweeting, or whatever the blog is tracking. This should be a winning angle for you all the time.

All you need to do is visit those blogs regularly and look for the popular posts that are already getting a lot of response, read through and go through the readers comments; from there you will begin to understand some of the points the writer omit or a new idea from one or two of the commenters that you can write about or include in your own piece.

That’s it, you already have an idea of what you can write about that’s guaranteed to be read by a lot of people. But that’s just a fraction of the work, how you are going to use your idea is much more important than the idea itself. When writing your own post, you have to make it compelling enough that your visitors will love to read.

How to Write Compelling Contents that’s Guaranteed to be Read

Now you have an idea of what’s hot, then what? Presentation! If you are not good in presenting your idea, no matter how powerful the idea is, it will look like another crap, and your readers are just a click away. So how do you create a compelling content that’s guaranteed to be read? It has to be from start to finish.

  • Your Headline
  • Your opening
  • The content
  • Your Pitching, and
  • Your conclusion

Creating a Captivating Headline

If you pay good attention on the blogs you earlier visited, you’d have probably discovered the winning headline styles as well. Ok, may be not; let me help you with these bullet points for creating compelling headlines. They have proved themselves overtime; at least, they’re what’s working for now. People always want to read headlines that follow one of these bullet points:

•    Top (#) “keyword” for “your audience”.
E.g, Top 10 Productivity Tips for Work at Home Mums

•    How to “keyword” in “emotion trigger”
E.g, How to make money online the easiest way

•    (#) Ways To “Keyword” + “emotion trigger”
E.g.  7 Ways to Increase Business Profit… Instantly

•    What _________ Can Teach You About “keyword”

•    List of _________ that will “do what” for “your audience”

Do you get the scope? Hold me for it and visit the most popular blogs on any subject to confirm.

Creating Magical Opening That Compels ‘em to Read On

Once you have been able to hook your readers with the kind of headline they want to read, the next important part of your content is the opening part. You’ve got only one chance to convince them that you know what you are about to say, so you have to make it sound exactly like that. It shouldn’t be dull or out of the topic you promised, and at the same time it doesn’t have to be too lengthy, especially with irrelevant stuffs. I have seen many great writers limiting their openings to just about five lines.

Yes! It doesn’t have to be a separate topic filled with a whole new content. Here are some examples of how you can start your contents:

•    Ask questions that really hit home
•    Start with known fact
•    Introduce a common problem
•    Start with statistics
•    Start with a short but interesting story
•    ….. Search for more ideas from popular blogs

What should your main content look like?

Simply put, make sure it is relevant to your headline. After all, you promised your readers something; give them exactly that.

How About Your Pitching?

Your pitching is another part of your content that should be handled properly. Going in and out of content will do nothing but bore your readers and make your content look irrelevant. Watch how you connect your points together and make sure you’re not boring your readers with irrelevant stories.

Your Conclusion

This is content part that most people fail to handle well. What’s the essence of doing all the hard work if your readers will not read through to the end and reward you with positive action.

You concluding part should not make your readers feel that you are through with the important thing. In fact, you need to make it inspire them into action.

What do I mean by this?

You have something in mind for writing your contents right? Not an evil, I know. At least you want them to either leave a comment or share your content with a friend or friends. If I am right, then you need to tell them. Many people who love your content will simply not bother to reward you until you tell them with a kind of call to action words. That’s at the end of the concluding part.

A good example is a simple question, “Hope this helps? Let me know your mind in the comment box below”

Another example is, “Did you enjoy the post? Then you can share with your loved ones”

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This post was written by Toyin Aluko, who is an online business consultant, freelance/SEO writer and a blogger with years of experience working for individuals and organization of different sizes. He teaches people how to make money online and become successful on his blog.