One question that is being asked often in the blogosphere is the question of how often a blog should be updated. We all want working formulas and at the same time we also want to please our audience.

Even though there is no set formula for updating a blog there are some factors you can consider that will help you get the best from your blog in terms of updating it. This post will be giving you some tips on how often you should be updating your blog.

Know Your Audience

There is no fixed formula or rule on updating a blog and how often you update a blog depends majorly on your audience. Some blog types require you to be updating your blog several times a day while other blogs will do well with you updating your blog once a week. Some audience are okay with you updating your blog everyday while it can be really frustrating to others so it doesn’t matter how capable you are as a blogger, your audience will go a long way to determine how often your blog should be updated. Two typical examples are the technology niche and the personal development niche, you can succeed in the technology niche by writing very short articles several times a day but you will have more chances of success in the personal development niche by updating once or twice in a week with a more detailed article.

The Length of the Article

Another important factor you should consider when deciding how often you will be updating your blog is the length of the article. It can be really boring to your readers if you keep writing several thousand words article everyday but they will be far okay with two or three of these in a week.

Your Capacity as a Blogger

It is also very important to know how effective you can be when trying to choose how often you will be updating your blog because consistency is very important and should be factored in when you’re doing anything as a blogger. If you plan to be updating your blog with longer articles once in a week and you suddenly stopped updating for a month your users will have the impression that you’ve stopped blogging or that something is wrong with you so they might stop reading your blog. It doesn’t matter how often you want to be updating your blog or how long you want your articles to be, always make sure you’re consistent with it.