This probably seems like the most hyped-up title you’ll be reading today, but, I promise you, it isn’t!

Without doubt, blogging is definitely one of the best ways to make money online.

For this very reason, millions of blogs are created every month.

And for this very same reason, millions of those blogs are ignored every month.

The “Make Money Blogging” Myth

The reason why a lot of blogs fail, and are shut down, just weeks or months after they’re started is because of the myth being circulated about making money blogging.

It is because of the myth that blogging is easy.

No, blogging isn’t easy.

Most people fail at blogging because they have various unrealistic goals about it.

The failure mostly stems from the fact that most people want to make money without putting in any real effort, and they believe that blogging will make this possible.

In reality, making money blogging isn’t any different from making money offline or via other means.

Blogging is just a platform, and you can’t make any money from it without any real business behind it.

Yes, in the above paragraph lies the key to making money from your blog almost as soon as you start…

Have a Business

Don’t start dreaming about earning passive income you never worked for, and don’t deceive yourself thinking that writing 5 – 10 articles will result in the traffic you need to earn a killing via Google Adsense.

You need a real business, and blogging is just a platform.

A Simple Way to Start Making Money Blogging Almost as Soon as You Start

As the title promised, here’s it…

Start offering your services.

That’s the answer.

It could be as a freelance writer, as a freelance designer, as a marketing consultant, or any other kind of service you could think of.

Look for something you’re very good at, look for a unique angle and way you can contribute value to others, and start offering your services in that area.

Once you start, you’ll soon realize that you don’t need ten thousand visitors to start earning good income from blogging.

3 Ways to Get Clients Who Are Interested in Your Services, from Your Blog

Once you’ve determined what service(s) you will offer to your people, here are a few quick ways to start getting clients no matter how small or big your blog is.

1. Lead by Example: Having a blog is no guarantee that you’ll get someone to hire you, and putting up a whole post is no guarantee either. However, you can get clients without actively asking for it by leading by example.

If you want people to hire you to help them with their marketing, you need to show them first that you’re good at marketing. There is no point in being a marketing consultant if you can’t even market your brand.

If you want to be hired as a professional copywriter, you need to first demonstrate your ability to write persuasively.

To clients, results is what matters, and they could care less if your blog is a day old or a year old. If you can prove to them that you can get results, you won’t have a problem getting hired.

2. Document Your Process on Your Blog: I’ve talked about leading by example, but the next step is actually making people aware of what you’re capable of.

This process is actually called writing a case study.

The first step is to look for a problem that is very common in your niche, and that potential clients are probably already experiencing. Solve this problem in a way unique only to you, and share the results.

Most case studies are written in the following format: Problem >> Approach >> Results

What I mean by the above, is that you have to document your process for identifying the common problem experienced by potential clients, and why you think it needs to be solved. The next step is to share your approach towards solving this problem for yourself or for someone else, and the final step is to show them the results you got.

The most important thing of all this is your results, as it will be the main factor to convince people that you know what you’re doing.

3. Ask for the Hire: You can call this “selling”, marketing, or whatever, but it is a very essential part of the system explained in this article.

No matter how great an expert you are, no one will hire you if they don’t know you’re available for hire.

Create a special hire me page on your blog focused on getting clients, include one or two testimonials from people who are getting results from your service, give an idea of the kind of clients you want to get, and make it extremely easy to get in touch with you; this means making your form as simple as possible, and even making your email address available on the page if necessary.

That’s It!

This process is what I use for my blog, and it has always worked for me.

My entire freelance writing career is built on this approach, and more than 95% of the clients I work with today discovered me through my blog.

A More Comprehensive Slide on My Approach

I recently created a 29 pages slide on my approach to getting clients from my blog. This approach made me 5-figures in 2011 alone, and my freelance writing income will probably increase this year.

The slide is titled How to Use Blogging to Fuel Your Freelance Writing Business, and it is very informative and comprehensive.

I have embedded it for you to view below.