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How To Add A Text Box In Canva: A Complete Guide For Beginners

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Are you wondering how to add a text box in Canva?

The secret weapon of many content producers is excellent graphic design.

Graphic design, however, is sometimes too time-consuming or too costly for content producers to handle in-house or to hire freelance designers.

Thankfully, Canva has significantly simplified the process of making your own unique graphics.

We’ll discuss adding a text box to Canva in this guide.

Does Canva Do Text Boxes?

Yes, they do, and adding a text box to your design only requires that you press the T key on your keyboard.

Can You Add Text to a Shape in Canva?

You can, and all you need to do is select Elements from the editor’s side panel. Click on a shape underneath Lines & Shapes to include it in your design.

Double-click on your shape and enter your text there by doing so.

What You’ll Need

Using Canva is quite simple, whether you want to alter a graphic or make a unique design. Creating tables in Canva simply needs the arrangement described below:

The Canva app requires a computer or smartphone. If you don’t want to install anything, use the Canva online tool in your browser.

The ability to upload, create, and download data over a dependable internet connection. It is impossible to use Canva offline, not even with the downloaded app.

A Canva account with a legitimate username and password. Either a Facebook account or a working email address must be used to register.

How To Add A Text Box In Canva: Step-By-Step Tutorial

If you have Canva Premium and have imported your brand’s typefaces, they will be displayed at the top of the menu. The same is true of any typefaces you have loaded into Canva for usage in your creations.

Otherwise, Canva’s pre-designed font combinations or your most recent font usage will be used to start the document. When you choose one, the design canvas will receive it.

Step One: You can add any of the text available options in the preceding section as plain text.

There are three primary categories of plain text. You can choose the text for the body or paragraph, the heading, and the subheading.

Screenshot 2023 02 10 at 12.52.39 PM

Step Two: Then, you can change it as desired, such as by enlarging it, moving it, or altering its color. Across the top menu are these controls.

Screenshot 2023 02 10 at 12.52.51 PM

Tip: You can also modify the type by altering the font and the alignment and adding bold or italics if the font supports it.

Use of keyboard shortcuts is the alternative method of adding a text field. When the canvas is highlighted, simply press “T,” and a text box will appear.

The one on the canvas will display the same layout if there is one already there.

There are several built-in font possibilities in Canva. Additionally, they have what are referred to as font combinations.

Fonts, colors, and effects are already present in this instance. These are similar to templates, but for font pairings. They may have added effects to make it simple to produce something eye-catching.

Screenshot 2023 02 10 at 12.53.45 PM

If you want to make adjustments, you can ungroup the two text boxes, which are grouped together.

The words can then be changed while the formatting is maintained. Alternatively, use the color selector to change both the color and the effects.

Variety Of Text Affects Available & How To Edit Text

By choosing the text and using the text toolbar, you may manually alter the font, color, and other aspects in your project if you want to!

To learn how to modify the look of your text, follow these steps:

Step 1: Select the text you wish to alter, and a new toolbar will appear at the Canva’s menu.

You’ll notice that the toolbar has a number of options for modifying the current font on your board.

Step 2: To alter the style of your text while it is still highlighted, click on any of the toolbar’s buttons.

The text toolbar has the following options:

  • Color
  • Spacing
  • Text
  • Size
  • Effects
  • Animations
  • Bold
  • Italics
  • Alignment

Additional choices to alter your text can be found by clicking on the three dots at the end of the taskbar, including:

  • Copy Style
  • Transparency
  • Underlining
  • Uppercase
  • Link
  • Lock

Effects is a significant additional method for customizing text boxes. Regardless of whether you use Canva Pro or the free version, these are one of the most recent features and are accessible on all accounts.

Screenshot 2023 02 10 at 12.53.15 PM

To make a text box stand out and be more intriguing, they enable you add various effects to the entire text box. The following effects can currently be added to text:

  • Shadow
  • Splice
  • Glitch
  • Neon
  • Echo
  • Lift
  • Hollow

Additionally, in the same panel, you may choose to create text that is curved or even have words form a whole circle.

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Wrapping Up

Canva is well known for being one of the simplest design programs with all the required capabilities. From all of these capabilities, adding a text box is as simple and offers a variety of custom possibilities.

Canva includes a ton of capabilities that you can use to alter the text in a design and give it a more polished appearance. Canva offers a variety of customization choices in its free versions, but some capabilities are only available in the subscription version.

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