How to Add Custom Links to Gallery Images in WordPress

By: | Updated: March 25, 2021

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Do you have some great content on your website, but are unsure how to add a link from your website to others by clicking on the images or photos? Do you need to be able to do this for an entire gallery of images, but aren’t sure how to do this for each image? Here is how to take care of these needs. You can Add Custom Links to Gallery Images within your wordpress very easy.

When you need to add images to WordPress, if you do so individually, the links from each image can take the browser to a specific page, however this does not work with a gallery of images. The choices you face with a gallery of images are to link to the attachment page or media file so how do you add custom links to a gallery of images?
To start with, if you need to upload a single image, simply use the media uploader in WordPress and upload the image. Once the image is uploaded you can then add any link to a url of your choosing. It’s really that simple with a single image, but what if you need to upload an entire gallery and have separate links for each image or at least for some of the images?
To allow you to add custom links to your gallery of images the first thing you need to do is install the WP Gallery Custom Links Plugin. This plugin works separately so there is no configuration required all you will have to do to start is go to a post or a page and create a new gallery. Once this is done the gallery editor will open and you can then begin to add links or posts to your images.
Choices you will have with this plugin will be to allow you to open links in the same or a new page, it will also allow other plugins you are currently using to continue to work with this new plugin. It also allows you to keep or disable your on click options for either individual images or the entire gallery, very useful for any gallery of images in WordPress.
With these simple instructions you will be able to quickly and efficiently add custom links to add Custom Links to Gallery Images in WordPress. The plugin will assist you and give capability not previously able to be used in your website and allow you to get your website or blog singing with picture and images.


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