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How To Become A Copywriter In 2022: Simple Steps For Success

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Are you a young student searching for the perfect career? Or are you an older adult looking for a career change?

If so, you may want to consider the role of a copywriter.

Here, you can read about how to become a copywriter.

The career is not as simple as applying for a babysitting job.

Applying for copywriting jobs has numerous steps involving interviewing and possible writing assessments.

The guide below should make a real difference when seeking to become one of many copywriters or freelance writers.

Ready to learn the steps for succeeding as a copywriter? Then, let’s get started!

Basics of Copywriting: A Primer

The basics of copywriting can include requirements like marketing skills.

You may need to brainstorm and develop new ideas for advertisements and marketing campaigns.

Copywriters also need to work with other staff members like designers and marketers.

You will need to write copy for a variety of media needs.

You may have to work with clients to whom you will need to pitch topics and ideas.

You can also consider copywriting for blogs.

To become a copywriter, you may need a writing degree from a college or copywriting certifications.

Keep reading for more details about becoming a copywriter.

What Exactly Does a Copywriter Do?

The job responsibilities of a copywriter include the following:

  • Brainstorming and developing creative concepts for the marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Developing a brand voice for every client
  • Researching products, customers, services, industries, and competitors
  • Pitching marketing ideas to clients
  • Writing copy in numerous formats
  • Assessing marketing campaign results
  • Editing and revising your work

A great way to start in the world of copywriting is to try blogging and freelance writing.

If you learn blogging as a foundation, you will have a more extensive portfolio and writing examples to show during interviews and develop your writing skills further.

What Qualifications Do I Need to Be a Copywriter?

Luckily, there are no specific qualifications you need to become a copywriter.

However, you will need a bachelor’s degree at a minimum to begin a career as a copywriter.

The type of degrees you should consider pursuing include marketing, English, journalism, creative writing, or communications.

Furthermore, if the copywriting job is for a specific industry, like healthcare or technology, you may need a background in writing for that field.

Do You Need to Be Certified to Be a Copywriter?

Generally, you do not need to have certifications to work as a copywriter.

However, many certifications are available for the writing field and the copywriting role.

To stand out to hiring managers, you may want to get certified in copywriting.

The type of certificates you might want to consider include marketing certificate programs.

For example, you can get that certification from online education classes, universities, and colleges.

Also, SEMRushAcademy provides search engine optimization (SEO) training.

Lastly, you may want to get a Google Ads certification via Google Skillshop.

Is There a Degree for Copywriting?

Writing is a lucrative niche, and getting a bachelor’s degree is imperative to becoming a copywriter.

Even though copywriting doesn’t have its own major, you can try to get a degree in marketing.

You may also want to major in communications, public relations, advertising, or creative writing.

How Long Does it Take to Learn Copywriting?

Are you having trouble creating copy that produces high-converting landing pages?

It may take longer for you to learn effective copywriting skills.

While it may take only about three months to learn the basic rules of copywriting, it may take a few years or even a decade to become an excellent copywriter.

How Much Money Does a Copywriter Earn?

According to Indeed, the average base salary of a copywriter is $56,304 per year.

If you’d like to make a bit more money, you may want to work as a freelance writer on the side.

To do so, you should start with freelance websites and apply to online writing roles.  

Average Copywriter Hourly Wage

In the United States, the average hourly wage for a copywriter is $26, according to Salary.com.

However, the general range between what you may make per hour as a copywriter can range from $23 to $29.

Average Copywriter Annual Salary

The average copywriter’s yearly salary ranges from around $53,901 to $56,304 or more.

Depending on the state you’re living in, copywriters’ average annual salary changes.

Is Copywriting a Stressful Job?

Copywriting may become stressful, depending on your manager’s style and client demands.

It can become incredibly stressful if you lack any key skills you need as a copywriter, which include:

  • Mastery of the English language
  • The sales skills associated with copywriting
  • Being comfortable with pitching topics

How To Become a Copywriter

There are numerous ways you can become a copywriter.

You can work directly for a company as a full-time employee or start your own business as a freelance copywriter.

Likely, you will need a Bachelor’s degree and certifications in writing.

How To Become a Copywriter from Home

Copywriters can work from home.

Many worked remotely before the quarantines that took place during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can work from home by asking your hiring manager or finding online freelance work.

Become a Freelance Copywriter

The five steps for becoming a freelance copywriter include:

  • Proving that you have good writing skills
  • Learning about the copywriting industry
  • Setting up internal rates
  • Launching a portfolio online
  • Marketing yourself on the Internet and social media (LinkedIn, etc.)

How To Become a Freelance Copywriter

Below, you can read about the basic ways to become a freelance copywriter.

Take a Copywriting Course

The first step you may want to take is signing up for a copywriting class.

Getting certified in copywriting will make your resume stand out and make you more likely to get hired.

Find Your Niche

Next, you should find your niche and figure out what industry you want to write for.

Get Some Practice

Another vital part of succeeding as a copywriter is practicing, practicing, and practicing some more.

After all, practice makes perfect.

So pick out some creative writing topics and write stories regularly.

Build a Portfolio

You can create a portfolio online via numerous websites.

Then, build your portfolio using those creative writing pieces and add those articles you’ve written for freelance gigs or an internship.

Build a Website

You may want to create a blog or a website outlining your writing skills and selling your copywriting ability to clients.

Market Your Skills

You can try pitching your copywriting skills to clients in person or via email.

Also, you may need to market your skills through social media like LinkedIn or via a blog.

How To Become a Full-Time Copywriter

Below, we have gathered information to help you learn how to become a full-time copywriter.

Take a Course or Earn a Certificate

When you’re trying to become a full-time copywriter for a specific company or brand, you should consider getting certification in writing or taking a course.

Try an Internship

If you’re having trouble getting a full-time job as a copywriter, you should try getting an internship first.

That will make your resume stand out to HR professionals and hiring managers.

Build a Portfolio

You should add your best articles, white papers, and brochures to your portfolio.

With a great portfolio, you can put your best foot forward in an interview.

Write a Resume

On your resume, emphasize your education, credentials, certifications, and work experience.

Apply for Copywriting Jobs

Once your resume and cover letter are done, start applying for copywriting jobs, especially those in your niche.

Work for an Agency

You can try getting a job with an agency, meaning you will have multiple clients for which to write sales copy.

Work for a Company

If you work directly for a company as a copywriter, you will only need to write marketing and advertising material for that particular business.

How Do I Become a Copywriter With No Experience?

You may think it’s impossible to become a copywriter without experience, but you can do so with the right amount of education and an internship.

Take a Course

You can take a marketing, communication, or creative writing course to become a better copywriter.

Get a Related Degree

The best degrees needed to become a copywriter include public relations, marketing, English, or communications.

Get a Copywriting Internship

Numerous companies hire interns for the summer or a short period as copywriters.

Get Practice

You can practice your writing skills by starting a blog or finding a copywriting gig as a freelancer.

How To Become a Copywriter Without a Degree

If you don’t have a Bachelor’s degree, you can still follow a few key steps to become a copywriter without a degree. Check out these steps below.

Take an Online Course

Even though you don’t have a degree, you can take an online course in copywriting, marketing, advertising, public relations, or communications.


To prove that you’re a quality copywriter, you must practice your writing skills regularly.

Build Your Portfolio

A strong portfolio with superior articles will help you stand out to a hiring manager despite not having a degree.

Read Books About Copywriting

You should read how-to books about copywriting and textbooks for specific writing and marketing courses.

Sell Your Skills Online

One of the best ways to get a copywriting gig is to sell your skills online through social media sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the most common questions and answers about becoming a copywriter below.

Is copywriting a hard skill?

It is not easy to become an effective and excellent copywriter.

You must be dedicated and work hard to gain the right skills.

Learning about the market and how to write for your audience can get difficult.

Is copywriting a high-income skill?

While you won’t get rich as a copywriter, you can earn a middle-class income.

The average annual salary for a copywriter is more than $50,000.

Also, you will likely make more than $20 per hour as a copywriter.

Wrapping Up

You will need to take numerous steps when learning to become a copywriter in 2022.

That includes taking specific courses and getting a degree in creative writing, English, journalism, or a similar field.

You can also start by working as a copywriting intern and building your portfolio.

If you have questions about becoming a copywriter, comment below, and we will look into it.

Follow the steps in the guide above, and you will soon become a successful copywriter.

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