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How to Become an Enchanting Story Teller in 5 Steps




I’ve had professional screenwriters tell me my life would make for a darn interesting movie.

I regularly pitch Netflix on an idea to make a series about my wildest travel stories.

It’s one thing to live a wild life.

It’s quite another thing to be able to tell an entertaining, captivating, humorous and sometimes dramatic story about the experience.

If you can tell enchanting stories through your blog you will strike an emotional chord with your readers.

You will also stand out from the masses of bloggers who simply share practical tips from a cut and dry, third person perspective.

Follow these tips to become a better story teller.

1: Paint a Pretty Picture

Paint a pretty picture to become a better story teller.

Readers think in pictures.

Do their mental legwork for them.

I add mondo details to my wild travel stories.

Makes it easier for you to imagine and follow the story line.

For example, consider this travel story.

“Give me rupee for buttered roll!

The man stared at me, wild-eyed.

He begged for money. For a buttered roll.

After I politely declined his request with a pleasant smiled I turned toward the Thamel section of Kathmandu, Nepal.

Kelli and I took 2 more steps before I felt a gentle nip on my right biceps.

The initial tame bite turned into a sawing, gnawing motion.

The wild man sunk his slimy chompers into my taut man flesh.

Like a great white shark tearing into a hunk of tuna, I felt the nut job dig into my biceps aggressively.

After jerking away from this loon I swiftly jogged into the center of the road, getting lost in a maze of tuk tuks, tired tourists and honking cars.

Just another day in Kathmandu.”

#1: Yes, this really happened to me (I told you my life was wild).

#2: See how I painted a vivid picture to tell a more enrapturing, attention-grabbing story?

Imagine your story.

Pain the image with words.

Reel readers in with your picture painting talents.

2: Add Details

Add as many details to your story as possible.

You can’t add too many details to your story.

Be generous.

Tossing in as many details as humanly possible makes it easier for readers to follow your story.

Imagine if I recounted my Nepali Wild Man experience with these 2 lines:

“I went for a walk in Kathmandu, Nepal one night.

A crazy man bit my arm.”

Not only is this as boring as hell but I missed the opportunity to tell the actual story as it unfolded.

I can vividly remember the crazed look in the guy’s eyes as he sunk his fangs into my well-muscled biceps.

I recall violently jerking my arm from his chompers as threads of saliva hung from my arm.

The details make the story.

Go nuts on details.

Tell a wickedly entertaining story.

3: Read Voraciously

I read 30 to 60 minutes of fiction every night before going to bed.

Reading fabulous story tellers like James Patterson and Lee Child helps me tell a better story through osmosis.

Learn from the best.

Strengthen your imagination.

Take a cue from the best story tellers on earth.

4: Add a Pinch of Humor to Your Posts

Check out this blog post of mine.

See how I led off with a funny story?

I dissolved any writing-related tension immediately.

When you’re less tense you can weave a mean blogging tale.

Inject humor into your posts.

Stop being so serious.

Reading your blog shouldn’t feel like I’m listening to a funeral dirge.

I should feel like I’m dancing at Carnival after checking out your latest post.

Be funny. Write funny stories.

At the very least add a dash o’ humor to every post you write.

Ease writing tension.

Let the storyteller in you come out.

5: Observe, Observe, Observe, Observe

Practice watching life to tell more in-depth, detailed, entertaining stories.

Carry a pen and pad to record your day to day experiences.

You don’t need to be accosted by Thai lady boy prostitutes in Bangkok, or face down bullet ants, army ants and poison dart frogs in the remote jungles of Costa Rica or cheat death in India like me to tell an entertaining story.

Observe your daily experiences.

Write down 3 to 5 stories from today.

Flesh out 1 experience.

Link the story to your blogging niche.

I do this often through my blog and through my eBooks on Amazon.

People like helpful blogging tips but LOVE a good story that makes it easier to remember a particular tip through the power of analogies.

Are you a skilled story teller?

How are you telling stories through your blog?

What tips can you add to the list?

If you want to know how to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging you can check out my eBook here.

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4 Ways to Respond to Blogging Critics




We all have ’em.

Or, if new to blogging, critics will pay you a visit eventually. Being seen online means being criticized sometimes. Part of your successful blogging tax.

Fools waste precious time and energy engaging critics in some way, shape or form. Avoid doing this. Paying, loyal, loving fans deserve your energy. Go to where you are loved.

Follow these 4 tips to respond to blogging critics effectively.

1: Ignore Critics Completely

If I come across a nasty 1 star review of my eBooks, I ignore the barb completely because miserable, angry, unhappy people cannot think clearly and tell the truth. Why trust a raging, mindless, idiotic bull? Ignore these people. Buy my critics eBook too to begin spotting these fools.

2: Listen for a Shred of Stinging Truth

OK guys; following this step feels uncomfortable but you need take the step to become a successful blogger. Listen closely to critic feedback. How does it feel to you? Upsetting? Embarrassing? Does a critic anger you or annoy you? Do you want to debate or debunk those morons? If any negative emotion feels triggered by receiving criticism you believe some or all of their critical feedback. I did tell you; this step/tip feels unpleasant. But how could you ever sell a bunch of eBooks and help people and make money if you genuinely do NOT believe in the value of your eBooks? How can you become a pro blogger if you believe you will always be amateur hour?

Critics trigger false beliefs you need face, feel and release to reach the next stage of your blogging growth. I never had powerful break throughs until a critic tossed some nasty barb my way, triggering some fear I needed to release to gain enough clarity and confidence to reach the next stage of my growth.

3: Psyche Homework

Critics see you as a mirror. What criticism seems doled out to you, on to you, is a critic speaking of themselves. We are connected; all of us. Critics never seem to see this and choose to speak of self via their criticism of you. Do your mindset homework. See how criticism serves as a projection of individual onto you? Relax. Prep yourself for future criticism. Consider writing blog posts discussing problems critics see in self if this topic applies to your blogging niche. Turn criticism into help and profits, too.

4: Never Gang Up

Ganging up on critics with your friends only shows your weakness. Critics fear. Critics are in pain. Imagine taking time to rile the troops and kick a wounded dog? This is what it’s like to get your tribe rounded up to gang up on and belittle critics. Plus, try getting featured on world famous blogs by building a bully image these days. I dare you.

Relax. Critics have issues. Ignore these folks outright. Leave them be, and you will be happier, healthier and wealthier, too. Never waste your time fighting critics; especially with friends. Do something uplifting and enriching with your time, energy and efforts.

Help people. Do not try to hurt, hurt people. Give your attention and energy to love, generosity, abundance and service to experience the greatest blogging success.

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How to Self-Publish eBooks for Increased Blogging Profits



Have you bought my blogging eBook?

Well; this is one of my 100 plus eBooks:

How I Published 10 eBooks in 4 Months and How You Can Too

I thought 10 eBooks in 4 months was cooking in 2014, as a newbie author. Boy, was I off. I eventually went on a blitz including publishing 1 eBook daily for 3 months in a row during one of my trips to Bali, in 2015. Anyway, I want to help you self-publish eBooks to boost your blogging profits because every blogger loves registering sweet profits, right?

Follow these tips.

1: Solve Common Problems

Solve common problems in your blogging niche. Earn profits by solving problems through eBooks people need solving. If they need the solution they buy the solution. Does it get any simpler?

2: Keep It Short and Sweet

Gone are days of 50,000 word eBooks being the norm or a bit more normal. Kindle short reads and other short, sweet numbers seem resonant with our ever-increasing microwave culture. Note how folks love watching videos and getting the latest updates via phone. People enjoy getting what they want quickly so if you solve a pressing problem fast people buy the eBook-solution.

I span 6000 to 15000 words per eBook; find your sweet spot.

3: Be Prolific

I think too many bloggers eat into their eBook profits due to holding back. Do not be stingy. Self-publish freely to increase your exposure and to better increase your blogging profits. I shipped 100 plus eBooks and promote a fair chunk daily. Being prolific helps me to help more readers; smart way for boosting your profits.

4: Help People for Free….A Lot

Do you see how many guest posts I publish daily? Quite a few, folks. I publish guesties to help you and to increase both my presence and eBook sales. Profits flow to leveraging bloggers. If self-published authors guest post heaps, all the better for increasing your blogging and eBook sales.  Keep helping people via blog posts, videos and podcasts too. Do not be shy. Increase your skills, exposure and eBook profits by generously helping people for free through content creation.

5: Show Off 5 Star Reviews

I recently began showing off my 5 star reviews for my eBooks, via my blog and social media. People sometimes buy based on word of mouth marketing. Observe the review below in response to the eBook above.

Seeing positive reviews makes it easier for a reader to buy your eBooks and pad your profits. Show off 5 star reviews. Go to where you get love to get more love and to increase your eBook profits.

6: Keep It Simple

Short and sweet eBooks sell.

Simple eBooks sell even more frequently.

I always simplified my eBooks as much as humanly possible to both reach maximum readers and to increase my eBook profits. Why do people buy solution-eBooks? Authors who offer simple, easy to follow reads find few issues selling a nice volume of eBooks. Keep eBooks simple. Imagine yourself writing for a small child. Be clear and simple. Resonate with readers. Sell more eBooks.

7: Persist in Promotion

I did not begin selling eBooks until I promoted the heck out of these reads. Often this involved mentioning 1 eBook per every blog post and guest post I published for months at a time. Such is the effort of a self-promoter who drives increasing eBook profits.

Tap into this prospering blogging income stream.

Being writing and selling helpful eBooks today.

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How Did You Pick Your Blogging Niche?



Be honest.

Did you pick your blogging niche mainly to make money? Or do you blog mainly to follow your passion? Be straight with yourself. Being honest makes the difference between happiness and misery, and, the difference between success and failure.

10 years ago I chose my blogging niche mainly to make money. I had little interest enjoying the ride and helping people. I did have a wee bit fun, freeing driver, but that intent shifted fairly quickly. I figured it’d be easy to make money blogging because top pros showed it’d be easy. Pros I followed back then, at least.

But I quickly learned being a pro blogger was no joke.

I picked the wrong niche because profits mainly drove me. Big mistake.

In my eBook: How to Pick the Right Blogging Niche

I explain how to pick the proper niche for you. Most bloggers struggle because they do not pick a niche for themselves and for their enjoyment; these folks chase money, so the niche is for money, not self. Money never arrives fast because money arrives after you practice writing, improve your skills and build your network. Why do you keep blogging if you make no money and money is your prime driver? You don’t keep blogging. Or you fail terribly, until you blog your passion versus mainly blogging for profits.

Choose Passion Over Profits

Choose your blogging passion for your driver; make the work, the reward. Profits feel like extra, which needs to be the case because you will not make money for a while. Remember; you need to practice for a long time to develop the skills, content and connections to command money for your premium offerings. Nobody makes money right away because no new blogger has a complete blogging skill set. Perhaps you have industry knowledge but you have no clue how to create content and build connections. Practice, time and trust factor deeply into the blog monetizing equation.

From my trip to Oman.

Pick your niche based on what you love doing. Do you dislike covering your current niche? Trash the blog. Do yourself a favor. Avoid the nightmare of spending years struggling, doing something you do not enjoy doing. You may as well work a job. Quit blogging, get a 9-5 job offline and at least get a steady paycheck and some comfort, if you are going to be miserable.

How Did You Pick Your Niche?

Most bloggers lie to themselves on niche selection because most bloggers claim to follow their passion on some level but in the next breath, these bloggers struggle for years. Guess what? If you struggle for a long time, you are chasing profits, not following your passion. Passionate bloggers put in the time, practice writing, build meaningful connections and publish helpful content. Check all those marks for 6-12 hours daily and you will begin making some solid coin over years.

Do you genuinely love your niche? If not, trash it. Start quickly and intelligently from an abundant, generous, powerful energy. Blogging From Paradise took off fairly quickly because I trashed on old blog and my old niche and followed my passion. Nothing held me back. Nothing pulled me back. Nothing held me down like an anchor.

Trashing a losing venture and blogging money obsession beats holding onto a losing venture and wasting your blogging time for years. Nobody succeeds from a happy, abundant energy trying to squeeze cash out of a blog because you cannot get big bucks unless you render big time service. Bloggers who follow their fun and make profits feel like bonuses are the exact folks who render the greatest service online.


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