If you have an online business, chances are you have a blog too. You update it with all your latest news, product launches, special offers, discounts, deals and vouchers. Yet for many businesses, their own blog will only go a small way to building a connection with its readers.

Believe it or not, guest posting on blogs and websites other than your own can not only help by boosting your own brand’s awareness, it has the added benefits of search engine optimisation (SEO), driving more traffic and increasing your credibility as a leader in your field.

With that in mind, here’s a few tips for how you can start boosting your brand online by writing articles for other blogs.

Tip #1 – Find the right website

Before you even start writing an article, you need to find the right blog or website to host it. There’s no point in going through the rigmarole of writing a killer article if it’s going to be hosted on a website which has no traffic and no comments – no matter how well-designed it is.

Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • “When was the last post made?” The more recent, the better.
  • “How many comments are there per post?”
  • “How many subscribers are there?”
  • “Is it well-respected?” Check if it has credible adverts and an archive of posts.
  • “Is it attractive and well laid out?”
  • “What’s its pagerank?” You can check this out through simple online tools.

Tip #2 – Get a feel for the content

Read through a few of the posts to get a feel for the type of content which is popular as you will need to adapt your style of writing to suit. Then think about what sort of topics you could write about which aren’t included – when you approach the blogger it will show them that you’ve taken the time to read their site, rather than sending a generic spam / begging email.

Tip #3 – Making contact

When you contact the webmaster / blogger, be sure to make your opening email personal. Address them by their first name, compliment their website and ask if you can help. Suggest a post and see if they would like to host it for you.  Thank them for taking the time to read your email and let them know you’d be more than willing to write anything they require.

Tip #4 – Personalize your article

If you get the thumbs up, make sure your article is personalized for your business. Let your personality and expertise shine through as it will help your audience understand what you’re all about. Include two or three keywords which you’re often searched for, such as “wood flooring” or “carpets”. This will make sure your company is at the forefront of their minds when it comes to buying your product

Tip #5 – Offer something useful

And finally, rather than a generic sales article, offer something useful in your post. Tips, guides and advice go down very well and are more likely to be shared through social media. Readers who relate to your post are more likely to comment and share with their friends. Greater traffic will make the webmaster / blog owner value your contribution and invite you to write future guest posts too!

This post was written by Liam of FlooringSupplies.co.uk, provider of wooden flooring and carpets. You can find FlooringSupplies on Twitter @flooringadvice.