Facebook is among the most popular social networking website having more than 750 million users all across the world. It not only helps you to find old friends and connect people, but also is considered as an effective tool to boost traffic over your blog. With tough competition in business world, Facebook engagement is becoming tougher with every passing day. By simply having an account over your Facebook or fan page is not bring traffic to your blog, but you need several tactics and strategies which can attract a number of people or traffic towards your blog. The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and his team has given enough opportunities over this networking site to get traffic at your blogs. The below are some of its tips.

Post Pictures and Videos to Amplify Facebook Edgerank

One of the best ways to boost your engagement levels over Facebook is to post different images and videos. Doing this will help your followers to notice you more and give you more number of likes or comments. This is because the visual stimulation helps in drawing the attention of people and helps them to react. So, people see a more number of likes or comments over any particular post, they are more likely to visit that specific post. Eventually, you get more traffic towards your blog.

Use Several Tools for Brand Promotion

There are several tools that you could find over Facebook which can help you in driving traffic towards your blog. For instance, you can try Timeline Slicer Pro, which helps you in changing the timeline covers for your profile and page quickly using the slicer. Similarly, you have a tool called as PostPlanner which helps you in adding a back link to your blog under all the posts you put across the Facebook. Lujure is a great application which helps you to see your blog without allowing the user to leave Facebook. Lastly, by joining Social Buzz Club, your posts shall be shared all over Facebook by one of the top influencers (marketers) of this social networking site. Once, you join it, you may even add up linking to some big markers over Facebook which can help you in promoting your brand and getting traffic for your blog.

Remaining Active

There are many bloggers who create Facebook profile page or some group and then remain passive by disappearing. However, to find good traffic over your blog via Facebook efforts, you need to remain active over your accounts. This could be in a form of various status updates, sharing interesting and useful content pertaining to your niche area, joining different conversations, and getting engaged with several people. By developing relationships with your Facebook friends, you can certainly end up boosting your traffic to your blogs.

Using Facebook Ads

Another way of driving traffic to your blog could be via Facebook ads. In fact, these ads are pretty affordable and could be easily targeted to boost the awareness about your blog, your Facebook page or any other thing which you want to promote.

Just Being Human

Facebook is known to have an extremely personal edge to it; hence you are supposed to act like human and not promotional always. Considering this element, you simply have to mix your content and status updates with several promotional information and entertaining stuff via the personal touch.

Final Word

Facebook is a great place to bring a tangible amount of traffic towards your blog. However, it requires consistent efforts in the form of the above discussed tips. Trying these tips would certainly give good amount of traffic to your blog.

This post was written by Diana, who is a writer. She loves writing, traveling and chatting on Facebook. These days she is working on Facebook related article.