You’re a blogger, so you know.

You know how it feels when you rely on your blog for income and you’re on a tight budget. You built this thing for fun as well as money, but the fun starts to dry up when you focus on cash, and the money isn’t flowing fast enough to lift your spirits. You get tunnel vision from thinking about your blog all the fricking time.

It’s OK. There’s a way out of here (and right up to the clear sky at the top, if you want it).

Stop Fretting Over Your Blog

First of all, let’s sum up what you don’t need right now.

  • You don’t need to place more ads on your blog.
  • You don’t need to post more often.
  • You don’t need to write longer posts.
  • You don’t need to start video blogging.
  • You don’t need to redesign your entire blog from scratch.
  • You don’t need to join a new affiliate marketing network.
  • You don’t need to spend hours labouring over brilliant posts, only to give them away for free as a guest blogger in exchange for a link back to your blog.

You can do all of those things if you want to, of course. Some of them may work for you, and some of them probably won’t. The problem is, none of those things guarantee that you will make money or improve your blogging future.

Make Guaranteed Cash from Other People’s Blogs

Have you thought about selling your blogging skills for cash? There are a lot of blogs and websites that pay freelance bloggers to contribute some or all of their content.

Not all of them pay well, but I know of some blogs that pay hundreds of dollars for a single blog post. And if you become a well-known freelance blogger, you can name your price.

The beauty of freelance blogging is that you agree an amount you’ll be paid for each post of yours that’s published on someone else’s blog. It may be a fixed fee per post, or a rate per published word, but you know exactly how much money you’ll make when the post goes live.

This is a lot more reliable than publishing posts on your own blog and hoping they make enough money to keep you going. Let the site owners worry about monetizing the blogs you sell your posts to. As a freelance blogger, that’s not your responsibility anymore.

How to Break into Freelance Blogging

Becoming a freelance blogger doesn’t have to be hard work. In fact, the path for you is clearer than for a lot of people.

As a blogger, you already have one or more niches that you’ve chosen to focus on. And you already have some writing samples online on your own blog, so you’re streets ahead of many writers who lack published blog posts in their portfolio.

If you’re already making income from your own blog, then you already know how to handle taxation and other business necessities. If you’re not making money yet, or you don’t know what to do about taxes, don’t panic – there’s a lot of useful advice here on Blogging Tips about that too.

Pitch, Write, Sell, Repeat.

All you need is a list of blogs that pay for published contributions on the topics that you know best. You can start building your list by checking for a “Write For Us” or “Guest Posting” page on all the blogs you regularly read.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time writing full drafts for these blogs immediately. Most of them are happy to consider a short pitch and let you know if it’s worth your while to write it up.

Send them a brief summary or outline of what you’d like to write about, with a suggested post title and any other relevant information about your sources, supporting media and so on. If they OK it, then you can write and submit your post, confident that it has a good chance of being published and paid for.

And that’s all there is to it. You’re a freelance blogger!

Recapture Your Love of Blogging

Most of us got into blogging because we enjoy writing and online communication. Sometimes, that joy leaves you when you spend too much time working on your own blog without making much money.

Freshen up your blogging and bring back the fun by writing for other websites. When you write a freelance blog post, you get to reach out to a whole new audience and figure out the best way to communicate your idea to them. That helps you to find interesting new angles to approach your topic, and leaves you with more ideas to develop into future posts.

Boost Your Online Recognition

By developing a reputation not only as a blogger on your own site, but also as a contributor to other sites in related niches, you’re hitting a double target.

Your own blog will start to pick up extra traffic and subscribers that find you through your freelance posts. Meanwhile, you’re becoming known as a freelance blogger in your niche, so blog owners will start contacting you when they want a piece written for them by a reputable freelancer.

Freelance blogging is a win-win way to work. And for most bloggers, it’s easier to get started than you might expect. So let’s get you going right now! Here are your next steps:

  1. Find 5 to 10 relevant blogs that pay and pitch them your ideas.
  2. Be patient. It may take a couple of weeks for the editor to get back to you.
  3. Write up any pitches that are approved, get paid, and then do it all over again.

Let me know how it’s working out for you! I believe that almost every blogger has the potential to become a great freelance contributor to other people’s blogs. That includes you, so don’t put it off – get your freelance blogging career started today!

This post is by Sophie Lizard, a successful freelance blogger on a mission to help bloggers increase their income and authority by blogging for hire. Visit Be A Freelance Blogger to get her big list of blogs that pay good money for your posts!