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How to Build Real Influence and Make Money with It



Last year, I came across the below phrase, and it made me think.

“Wherever there is money, there is influence.”

I can’t remember where exactly I saw this phrase. But I saved it in my Evernote.

When you have lots of money, you can influence people, especially those around you.

Let’s rewrite the above phrase. Let’s put influencer first and money second. Let’s see if it makes sense.

“Wherever there is influence, there is money.”

Makes more sense?

I think so!

Now this phrase resonates better with me.

This is what it means:

When you have influence, you have money.

There’s a HOT demand for influencers

Over the past two years, we’ve seen a significant rise in influencer marketing.

increase in influencer marketing

According to Chute, a content marketing platform, influencer marketing is expected to jump by 75% by the end of 2017.

As interest in influencer marketing keeps rising, you too can take advantage of it. You can build a real influence and make money with it.

According to Forbes, one lifestyle blogger charged $1,500 for a blog post and social shares in 2015.

The same influencer now charges $5,000 for the same blog post and social shares.

The difference?

The influencer managed to increased his reached by a tiny percentage.

The demand for influencers across various channels is growing.

This is the best time ever to become an influencer.

And don’t forget that when you have influence, money follows.

A two top-tier Instagrammer can charge $15,000 for one post.

You’ll wonder how most brands can see the kind of ROI that will justify this sort of investment. But, a lot of brands are willing to pay that price.

For example, travel blogger, Matthew Karsten said he earns between $5,000 – $10,000 for short-term projects that involve a few blog posts and socials shares. He makes between $10,000 – $20,000 for long-term projects depending on what’s involved.

Here’s an example of a sponsored post on his blog.

example of making money with sponsored posts

As you can see, even a national park in Iceland is willing to pay a couple of thousand dollars to get their brand featured on Matthew’s travel blog.

Another blogger, Allison Boyer said she charges $800+ for a sponsored post on a niche blog that receives 30,000 page views per month.

Why you need to apply influence marketing to become an influencer

You need influence to acquire influence.

Think of reasons why emerging artists collaborate with well-known stars.

Upcoming artists need to build their influence. But they can’t do it alone.

Featuring popular artists introduces them to a much wider audience. It gives their names a big boost.

The same thing applies to anyone who’s trying to build their influence on the web.

Who are the well-known stars in the space you want to build your influence?

You need them.

For example, here’s a renowned SEO specialist, Brian Dean sharing a nice article he didn’t write with his followers on Twitter.

receiving a tweet from an influencer

Some Brian’s fans like me now know Money Journal.

Working with an influencer to build your influence will also improve you. Who’s better than an influencer to give you feedback on your ideas?

An influencer has seen it all.

Influencers have experienced a lot of things you haven’t. They can give you one or two ideas that will help you achieve influence, far more quickly.

You can also co-create a content with an influencer or a list of influencers.

co-create content with influencers

Content co-creation is very effective for building influence online. I see some top influencers using it too.

top influencers are co-creating content

Display your influence

After working with some influencers, you should have gained some influence for yourself.

It’s time to grow your influence even further.

One of the best ways to do that is to display your influence.

Your influence may still be small at this point, but it doesn’t matter. What is important is that you have some influence.

Maybe, you’ve managed to get your website or name appeared on popular sites like Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, or the Guardian.

For example, when you visit Sean Ogle’s blog, you’ll see top websites he has appeared.

Where sean Ogle has been featured

Maybe, you’ve gained 5,000 followers on Twitter.

Or, your Facebook page has just hit 10,000 fans.

Or, your Instagram page now has 10,000 followers.

You need to put that on your website.

For example, when you visit WPBeginner, you’ll see this:


Display your numbers where visitors can see them.

Your numbers may not be impressive like that of popular influencers. But, they still tell visitors that you have some influence and should be taken seriously.

When you land on the Twitter profile of Leonard Kim, you instantly know that he’s an influencer.

Leonard Kim

What is content ignition and why do you need it?

Mark Schaefer coined the phrase “Content Ignition.”

What does “content ignition” means?

Content ignition is similar to content promotion but with a different twist. It means always to be one step ahead of the competition.

Unfortunately, many people want to become influencers.

There’s a lot of content out there, and it’s hard to compete.

A few people published on LinkedIn when they first released their publishing platform to the public. Back then, some friends say they average between 500 – 1,000 reads.

It’s a different story today.

Almost everyone is writing on LinkedIn. It’s now tough to gain a good attention on LinkedIn if you have a small following.

Seventy-one percent of Facebook pages lost, at least, 30% of their organic reach from July 2013 to July 2014.

According to Facebook, there is simply too much stuff.

Today, organic reach on Facebook has worsened.

To build a real influence, you can’t just create content and promote it. You need to ignite it.

How do you ignite content?

Consider a creative promotion tactic your competitors aren’t using right now. Or, there aren’t using it well.

Maybe it’s a social channel the competition isn’t using.

Plugin Group created an infographic that shows 15 top social media sites. You can check it if you want ideas.

Some of these social sites receive a lot of traffic. You can leverage them to build your influence.

For example, are your audience on a Q & A platform like Quora?

You can start dominating Quora before your competitors do.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ways to share your content.

The logic here is that, if you can find a new channel and dominate it, you’ll have gained enough influence on the platform before competitors do. And you can always leverage that influence to build more influence elsewhere.

Organizations and individuals who first started marketing on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram in their industries were able to establish influence before many do. This gives them an unfair advantage over their competitors.

Build your site authority and SEO

What do you want you and your site to be known for?

Neil Patel is known as the internet marketing guy.

Michael Hyatt is the productivity guy.

Jeff Goins is the writing man.

Jon Loomer is the Facebook marketing guy.

Creating loads of content on one or two topics will help your site become an authority. Search engines bots and humans will understand what your site is about.

This also helps SEO.

Don’t just create 500 – 1000 words articles and expect to be an influencer. Think creatively. Do things that have never be done before.

Create high-quality content. Raise the bar.

That’s how you become an untouchable influencer and make lots of money with it.

Michael Akinlaby is a Freelance Writer and SEO Consultant. He's the founder of RankRain, a marketing agency that specializes in Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

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When Is It Too Late to Start Blogging?




Ego sometimes clings to limiting ideas. One such idea is the notion that starting a blog at some specific age proves to be futile because of it being too late. I recall hearing Gary Vaynerchuk professing how people in their early 20’s ask him if it is too late to begin a business. Do you see why ego deludes you? Fear manifests as all types of crippling beliefs holding you back. Someone clinging to fear, being 21 years old, asks if being 21 is too old for starting a business. Why? Some 21 year olds observe 14 year olds who create million dollar ventures. Or some 21 year olds see fellow 21 year olds who already became millionaires, when the limited-thinking 21 year old simply has never been an entrepreneur. Guess what? It is never late to begin blogging. It is never too late to begin blogging. I recall a 73 year old new to blogging who bought 4 of my eBooks after I wrote a guest post on Build Your Own Blog. He began blogging at 73 years old. Imagine that? Yet 21 year olds some 50 years his minor fear being 21 is too old for beginning a successful venture.

Fear makes you think silly things. Be beyond fear. Feel fear. Release fear. Move in a direction of possibilities. Move toward opportunities. Now is the time to begin blogging whether you are 21 or 101. Now is the time to begin. Seize the moment. Do you plan to be around for a bit? Blog. Begin blogging. It is never too late to start blogging because you and I sit in the perfect place at the perfect time for our individual journeys. I began blogging in my mid 30’s. 35 years old, to be exact. Being a 35 year old beginner blogger never crossed my mind as being too old because I did not cling to the fear fueling that too old, aged, limiting belief. I saw actual 12 year olds blogging during my newbie blogging days. Who cares that a kid 20 years my junior began blogging? I had 20 more years LIFE experience than he. Possessing 20 more years life experience puts you at a tremendous advantage when it comes to learning the in’s and out’s of blogging the right way. Heck; the 73 year old new blogger may have zero blogging experience but 73 years of life experience. What seems more important at that point in your life? Does knowing how to format a blog post at 73 count more than the fearlessness, serenity and peace you acquired from facing 73 years worth of fears? Dude begins blogging with the mindset of a Blogging Yoda, for all he faced and for all the experience he has. Does THAT sound like it’s too late for blogging?

The only thing I would say is to begin blogging now because blogging experience is your best ally. Do not wait on the sidelines. Even though you can begin blogging at any age, why wait until you turn 45 when you can begin blogging now, at age 40? Why hesitate? Experience benefits you tremendously. Whether you start blogging at 13 or 73, experience earned and learned from, accelerates your blogging success. But you need to see the journey through and you need to begin blogging now. Go ahead. Blog. It’s not too late!


Do you fear deleting your worn out, failing blog to start over? Buy my eBook:

Why Trashing 3400 Blog Posts Was My Greatest Blogging Success

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A Simple Guide to Collecting Feedback from Your Blog Users



Alter exit pop-up

Poor feedback from your readers and customers can spread like wildfire. So sometimes it’s best to go to the route of a problem and fix it before you lose your readers or hear them discuss your site around the web.

By making it easy for people to share their feedback about your website or service you’re providing, you can find out what your site users really think, improve your work and then watch your subscribers and conversions grow.

Prevent the trouble

Before going into much detail on how to collect and address your readers’ feedback, let’s start with the most important aspect of that: Prevention.

Whether you are starting a new blog or setting up a site to promote affiliate products, you can avoid a lot of problems by monitoring your competitors or the brands you are going to advertise on your site.

Let’s say you are going to resell a hosting service, and you may even like it yourself. But have you ever thought of unhappy customers of that brand? How likely are they to accuse you of promoting a poor service? Do a quick Google search and read though the customer review to understand common problems their customers are dealing with.

Run a quick question research to get a better idea of what their customers are dealing with and whether you can answer those questions. Text Optimizer is a great tool for that as it goes right to Google to extract data around any search query. Its question research feature will give you a good idea of the type of struggles your readers may be dealing with:

Text Optimizer

Don’t ignore the numbers

An easy and simple way of honing in on the problems of your site is to keep an eye on the numbers that your blog provides you with.

Web analytics will very clearly show you what pages on your site bring in the clicks and views, and which ones drive your customers away. You will also see what is and isn’t working and what requires your attention.

Get techy with it

If web analytics isn’t giving you all the answers, think about investing in some technology that goes straight to the source and tells you what’s going on in the background of your site.

Exit-intent technology is perfect for collecting customer feedback in terms of statistics so you can see exactly how many people are leaving your site.

Alter is a great option to use here as it uses Artificial Intelligence to personalize exit-intent popups and keep your blog readers on your site.

Alter exit pop-up

Alter needs 1 minute to install and no time customizing it (unless you really want to play with the features). The tool will analyze your blog visitors’ behavior and learn to engage each of them in a most effective way. It is also completely free unless you have too much traffic coming in to analyze.

Survey your readers

Surveys are often the easiest way to get feedback from your readers. The fact that they can be embedded straight into your blog means that they are eye-catching and difficult to miss when positioned correctly. A quick search online can show you many different ways to create surveys that can be attached to your blog, from the simple to the majestic, depending on your budget. Here’s a good option to get you started.

The problem with surveys is that people often get bored of them halfway through and click off before completing, particularly when the questions seem to go on forever, or are too long. So keep them short and sweet. Make the questions open-ended when possible to ensure that the answers you’re getting are not only honest, but also creative. This will lead you to original insight you may never have thought of yourself – and this can be like gold dust when it comes to improving your site.

Incentivize those opinions

Having trouble getting people to complete your survey? Well then make it worth their while! The easiest way to get people to do what you want (especially if it means their taking time out of their day) is to incentivize them, make them want to do this for you.

Make sure to do this by providing them a free gift, template, or entrance in a giveaway upon their contacting you with feedback. The choice depends on you and what your website is about.

Pick an incentive that is relevant to your blog to make sure that it’s something your users will be interested in and watch the feedback coming in… Just make sure to follow through on your promise of incentives or that feedback might end up being entirely negative.

Chat your way to success

If you are looking for a far more personalized form of feedback from your users and want to make sure that they are aware of you being behind the website, you could use a live chat to have a two-way conversation. This will help get to the heart of their opinions and struggles.

Not only is live chat convenient and affordable to utilize, but it also bridges the gap between the reader and the blogger which can help form bonds and ultimately build community around your site.

This also means that if anyone is particularly angry or has a complaint, they’ll be dealing with someone polite, apologetic and enthusiastically wanting to improve their service. So you can win their hearts back. This is something an automatic email cannot always achieve.

If you’re concerned about where to put a live chat, remember to put it somewhere clear that your readers will be able to see it. There are many different forms of live chat software out there for you to choose from. Make sure the one you decide upon is simple to use and won’t intimidate anyone who plans to use it. Here are a few live chat plugins for WordPress blogs.

If you are into lead generation business, it is a good idea to use a CRM solution to collect and organize feedback as well as turn those readers into leads.

What happens after you get your feedback?

Gaining feedback on your site is only useful if you actually go ahead and do something with it! Don’t have an ego about your work and make sure to listen to what your readers are saying. They have no reason to lie to you, so if you listen to them, your business will definitely be improved, even if it stings at first to see negative feedback.

Make an effort to reach out to the people who shared feedback not only to thank them but also to ask them any more burning questions you may have – what led them to their opinion? What do they think will help improve the problems? Make them feel included in the development of your site. They could be a great (free!) resource for you to make the most of.

And finally, declare any positive feedback you get as loud and as proud as possible – highlight it on your website and social media. Show people why other people were impressed with you and why they would be too!

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Do You Surround Yourself with the Wrong Type of Blogger?



Who do you hang out with blogging-wise? Who do you learn from blogging-wise? What bloggers do you seek for counsel? Who do you surround yourself with as far as blogging buddies? Blogging feels challenging sometimes. Surrounding yourself with the wrong type of blogger only increases these challenges in a major league way.

What bloggers do you connect with daily? Most bloggers struggle. Many bloggers have no idea what they are doing blogging-wise. But foolishly, the majority of bloggers surround themselves with failing, struggling bloggers. How can these bloggers teach you to overcome blogging obstacles? None of these folks knows how to overcome resistance. Guaranteed, none of these bloggers teaches you how to succeed because they only know how to struggle, fail, complain or make excuses. Stop surrounding yourself with bloggers who make excuses. Cease surrounding yourself with complaining bloggers. Quit hanging out with bloggers who fail because failures do not teach you, goad you and inspire you to succeed. Connect with successful bloggers.  Learn from these pros. Follow their lead. Model your blogging campaign on their shining example. Naturally, you slowly evolve into the person influenced heavily by your blogging buddy network. Culture shapes your blogging path. Environment plays a chief role in your blogging direction. Successful bloggers surround themselves with successful bloggers. Failing bloggers who wish to succeed lose failing blogging buddies and surround themselves with successful bloggers.

Imagine you drive 4 people to your blog daily. Look at your blogger buddy network. Everyone sits in a similar boat, driving 4 to 20 people to their blogs daily. The only lesson you learn from these bloggers is how to drive 4 to 20 people to your blog daily. Do you aspire to boost your blog traffic to only 20 people daily? Of course, you have bigger dreams than that! Aim higher by socializing only with highly successful bloggers. Learn their ways. Follow their lead. Position yourself to succeed. Learn from the best by surrounding yourself only with the best bloggers. Release everybody else. Never look at this releasing process as being personal or emotionally charged. But do see your blogging freedom, success and happiness as being at stake. I released a few negative nellie blogging buddies over the years for their energetic vampire ways. Suckers need to go. So, you can replace energy vampires with people who give energy, love, support and inspiration to you. Think gain, not loss. Be honest about assessing your blogging buddy network, too. Doing so feels uncomfortable because awkwardness, guilt and other fear-filled energies arise as you assess who needs to stay, and who needs to go.

Be with uncomfortable emotions triggered during these blogger buddy pruning lessons. Your success, freedom, happiness and peace of mind is on the line! Did you ever think of it that way? Let go struggling, negative bloggers. Communicate with happy, free, successful bloggers. Allow these pros to create a positive influence around you. Sponge up their inspiration. Follow their shining example. Take their inspired lead. Learn how to free yourself through their empowerment, and un-learn the victim mentality taught to you by your departed, failing, former blogging buddies. Surround yourself only with blogging heroes. Your success is on the line. Of course, your happiness, freedom and peace of mind is on the line, too. Honestly assess who needs to go and find new, empowered, successful blogging buddies to follow, to learn from and to gain inspiration from.

Where do you find these folks? Start with successful bloggers you follow on Blogging Tips. Virtually all of these bloggers are full time pros. Network with these leaders. Help them generously. Ask for nothing. Allow friendships to take root.

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