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How To Buy A Blog: Easy Steps To Take [& What To Avoid]

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Purchasing blogs can be a fantastic way of making money, whether for passive income or reselling at a profit.

While blog buying is widespread on the Internet, it requires knowledge, experience, and skills to undertake successfully.

Else, you can easily fall for a scam!

In this post, we’ll respond to common concerns on how to buy a blog and what to expect during the acquisition process.

Read on to learn more.

Can I Buy a Blog?

Yes, you can buy an already established blog.

However, it’s not as easy as it seems, especially if you’re a newbie.

Purchasing a blog is ideal for people who have some blogging expertise, as experienced bloggers will be confident in their commitment and tenacity to transform the blog they acquire into something spectacular.

Why Do People Buy Blogs?

One main reason people purchase blogs is that they have a high return on investment (ROI).

Also, unlike other investments, your returns are immediate.

Another reason people buy blogs is to avoid the hassle of starting a website from the ground up.

The blogging process is a lot of work, so buying saves time, and once you build the blog, you can resell it at a higher price.

How Do I Purchase a Blog?

Here’s a preview of the step-by-step guide on buying a blog:

  • Define Your Objective: the “why” of buying a blog: Have a clear goal for why you’re purchasing a blog
  • Determine Your Budget: Have a clear-cut budget
  • Find a Blog For Sale: Source a blog that aligns with your goals
  • Do Some Up-Front Due-Diligence: Don’t rely on the seller’s information; conduct your research
  • Place an Offer: Assess the return on investment when securing a deal
  • Transfer the Blog: Change all credentials to assume full ownership of the blog
  • Grow the Blog: Adopt various blog development strategies

How To Buy a Blog (A More Comprehensive Outlook)

Purchasing a blog requires not only money but also research and consideration.

Check out the information in this section to ensure you make well-informed decisions.

Do People Sell Blogs?

Yes, bloggers will sometimes sell their blogs for different reasons.

One common reason is that they don’t see their current blog aligning well with their direction or future goals.

People will also sell their blogs simply because they’ve lost confidence or interest.

Other commitments like work or family also compel people to sell their blogs.

How Much Do Blogs Sell For?

There’s no specific way to value the types of blogs that make money.

The general rule of thumb is to value blogs according to their average monthly earnings for the past year or less if your blog hasn’t been active for a long time.

Take this average monthly earning, then multiply it with a specific multiple, ranging from 12x-50x, depending on the business owner.

Other factors that might affect a blog’s pricing include its growth potential, size of its mailing list, niche, amount of organic search engine traffic it receives, conversion rate, revenue streams, etc.

Buying a Blog vs. Starting a Blog

The answer to the question of whether buying a blog is better than creating one boils down to capabilities, time, and finances.

How Much Does It Cost To Start a Blog?

The start-up cost varies according to the blog you want and your long-term objectives.

On average, starting a blog costs around $100-250.

This cost covers web hosting, a quality site template or web builder, and domain names.

Benefits of Buying a Blog Instead of Starting One

There are numerous benefits of buying a blog instead of developing one, including:

1. Saves Money and Time

Buying an existing blog allows you to bypass the start-up process and start operating a business with traffic, revenue, and content.

This process saves you the start-up costs and time necessary to make a blog profitable.

2. Eliminates a Fair Amount of Risk

Building a blog without the right money blogging skills, knowledge, and dedication is difficult.

In such situations, likely, your blog won’t grow or become as profitable as you’d wish.

3. Proven Cash Flow, From Day One

Buying an established blog guarantees you passive income right from day one.

For other investments, like real estate, it takes time for the owner to enjoy profits.

Is Buying a Blog Worth It?

Yes, buying a blog is a worthy investment. You’ll save the time it would take to develop a blog.

An established blog also has a proven performance record, which means you avoid the risk of creating a blog that doesn’t become successful.

You’ll also begin earning money immediately, unlike other investments.

So, if you have the right budget to buy a blog, it’s better than developing one from the ground up.

Can You Make Money From Buying a Blog?

Yes, you can make money with a blog.

First, you’ll instantly begin earning the passive income the blog makes.

And with the right blogging skills and knowledge, you can grow the blog and resell it at a higher price.

image showing how much money do bloggers make - illustration on a screen for this post on bloggingtips.com

How Do I Generate Passive Income on My Website?

There are various ways to earn passive income from your website, including:

1. Advertisements

Placing advertisements on your website is a great way to generate revenue.

Ad network tools like Google AdSense give you full control over your site’s advertisements.

2. Sell Products and Services

Sell various online products and services, including ebooks, courses, coaching and consultation services, etc.

These digital products and services should provide value to your clients to attract more people.

3. Sell Recurring Memberships

Create a membership website for your blog.

Your site’s members pay an annual, bi-annual, or monthly fee to access exclusive content.

4. Sponsored Posts and Placements

Sponsored posts and placements are article advertisements that include a link to the advertiser’s site.

Feature already-written posts on your blog, or use blog writing content to market another website.

Where Can I Buy a Blog?

Numerous alternatives exist where you can buy quality blogs, including:

1. Website Marketplaces

Online web marketplaces are reliable places to buy blogs as numerous buyers and sellers are trading through these platforms.

Top marketplaces to consider include flippa, motioninvest, etc.

2. Website Brokerage

Website brokers are companies or individuals that act as intermediaries between site sellers and buyers.

Buy blogs from reputable web brokerages like empire flippers, lighthouse, FE international, and more.

3. Private Facebook Groups

There are numerous Facebook groups devoted to selling and buying blogs.

If you have a specific topic or niche you’d wish to target, join groups devoted to those subjects.

4. Off-Market Deals

You can join a blog flipping email list or contact somebody you know who trades blogs.

5. Private Offers

Not everybody wants to list their blogs with an online marketplace or broker.

If you find a blog you’d like to buy, just email the blog owner and ask if they’d sell.

Often, this is the best deal since the person running the site doesn’t know the value of their website.

What To Look for When Buying a Blog

vector graphic showing a man looking at a handful of niche products to sell

There are numerous considerations to make when purchasing a blog; they include:

1. Steady Traffic and Audience Growth

Check the Google Analytics of the blog you want to buy.

Here, you’ll find crucial information like the monthly traffic, traffic sources, bounce rate, top pages, average time, etc.

2. Steady Cash Flow

Always confirm the earnings stated in a blog’s listing.

Request the seller to provide actual screenshots.

Invest if this information guarantees steady cash flow.

3. Room for Growth: Not Pidgeon-Holed Into a Certain Niche or Topic

A good blog shouldn’t limit itself to a specific niche or topic unless that’s what you’d like to target.

Greater growth potential is beneficial for both prospective flipping and passive income.

4. Original Content: Content Shouldn’t Be Plagiarized

Before purchasing a blog, you should carefully examine the site’s content quality.

Your blog should have plagiarized or duplicate content, thin pages, or spammy links.

Update-proof: Has the Blog Been Hit by a Google Penalty or Update?

Verify the site’s history to ensure that it isn’t shady.

Check whether the blog has any past or outstanding penalties or updates.

5. Turn-key Asset: There Isn’t Much Work To Do Once Acquired

Check the site’s existing condition.

Essentially, buy a site that doesn’t require much work to get it running once acquired.

6. Understanding of the Niche and Operations

Don’t invest in a blog that doesn’t target your desired topic.

A niche-specific blog is easy to manage and grow.

How To Buy a Blog in 2022

First, you should understand specific terms.

vector graphic showing an illustration of how to buy a blog

Terms To Understand When Buying a Blog

Let’s take a look at some common terms you need to know when buying a blog:

  • Migration: Site migration involves huge changes that hugely impact a blog’s search engine visibility. It includes changes in the website’s domain name, website content, location, design, structure, etc.
  • Escrow: Escrow is a binding legal arrangement where a third party acts as custodian of the blog until the seller and buyer finalize their transactions.

The Steps Included in Buying a Blog

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to buy a blog.

1. Define Your Objective: The “Why” of Buying a Blog

First, you should determine your goal of purchasing a blog.

Do you want to avoid the hassle of creating a start-up blog?

Or, you can buy a blog and resell it later for a profit.

2. Determine Your Budget

Buy a blog that you can afford.

Ensure you can cover the monthly expenses.

Also, assess the potential return on investment.

3. Find a Blog for Sale

Don’t rush into buying a blog.

Select one that fits your criteria, including targeted niche and goals.

Check the trustworthiness of the sellers to avoid scamming.

4. Do Some Up-front Due-diligence

Don’t assume everything your seller tells you is accurate.

Check the site’s history, income, traffic record, and niche.

If you identify red flags, try to find another better deal.

5. Place an Offer

Make a proposal.

This offer slightly varies based on your seller.

Assess whether it’s a sensible deal and make your offer.

If the negotiations fail, find another seller.

6. Transfer the Blog

Transferring the blog provides you with full control of your site.

You should change all necessary credentials, including the email address, set a new admin, etc.

If you don’t have the necessary skills, you’ll need to employ a skilled person to handle this transfer process.

7. Grow the Blog

Growing the blog is a priority for every website owner.

Site growth means you’ll attract more customers, improve listings, lead conversion rates, etc.

The more a blog grows, the better its revenue generation.

The Best Ways To Grow a Website After Purchasing One

Here are some ways to grow your blog.

1. Adding Blog Posts and Content

Adding quality content to your blog is great for search engine optimization.

Quality content provides value to your site visitors, which improves site traffic and revenue generation.

2. Doing Blog Outreach and Link Building

Blog outreach and link building involve developing valuable links from other sites by contacting the online community and requesting that they link to your website.

This strategy enhances brand recognition and expands your target audience.

3. Buying More Blogs and Merging Them

Increasing blog traffic is easy by acquiring more sites and merging them.

This approach ensures you tap into a broader target audience because it becomes easier for them to navigate.

Merging blogs also allows you to focus your SEO efforts on one area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the commonly-asked questions.

vector graphic showing a trendline up and to the right to demonstrate how to increase website traffic

Can I buy blog content?

Yes, you can buy blog content from professional writers.

These writers develop quality blog posts to keep your site updated, which is good for SEO.

Who is the highest-paid blogger?

Arianna Huffington, the co-founder of the Huffington Post, is the highest-paid blogger.

Established in 2005, Huffington Blog Post has an average monthly revenue of $2.3 million.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you now understand how to buy a lucrative blog.

Purchasing a blog is a quick approach to creating a profitable blog.

Takeaway: Before buying a blog, check whether it meets the desired criteria.

Don’t rush!

Otherwise, you might lose your money to unprofitable blogs or scammers.

You can double up your site’s revenue generation if you have the necessary blogging skills.

Do your due diligence on how to buy a blog, and everything else will fall into place!

If you have any questions or comments, reach out!

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