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How To Choose A Blogging Niche

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If you love to write, starting a blog in 2022 can be a meaningful, profitable experience.

Millions of people search the internet daily to ask questions and find solutions to their problems.

Blogs are a reliable resource to answer these questions, and you can play a critical role.

This article explains everything you need to know about how to choose a blogging niche, the essential considerations, and some examples of niches you can explore.

What Is a Blogging Niche?

A blogging niche is a specific topic you will create content in.

As you build your blog or blogging website, every piece of content should provide value in the niche you specialize in.

The more specific your blogging niche, the more effective your content will be.

Having a specific blogging niche will also enable you to build a trustworthy brand in the long run.

What Is a Niche Website?

A niche website is your website that pinpoints a specific topic and area of expertise.

The website’s goal is to provide value through content, drive qualified traffic, and convert the traffic into a sustainable audience.

The more traffic your niche website earns, the more you can monetize.

A niche website will produce revenue and monetize through affiliate marketing, advertisements on a page, and digital products like e-books and courses.

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Why Is a Blogging Niche So Important?

The goal of a blog is to share your ideas, thoughts, and aspirations with the world.

Focusing on a niche and creating a platform will allow you to accomplish this at scale.

However, the world wide web is a busy place with millions of pieces of content, advertisements, and distractions.

Therefore, your blog must capture the attention of these people waiting to hear your thoughts.

The best way to capture this attention is to get micro-specific.

Pick a blogging niche you are knowledgeable and passionate about.

From there, it will be easier to build an audience because they know what to expect from you.

Focusing on a specific niche will build trust with your audience and enable you to create a sustainable online community through your blog.

Most Popular Blogging Niches

So, what are most people writing about in their blogs in 2022?

Below we highlight the best niches for blogging in 2022, the most popular blog topics, and the best blogging niche for beginners in 2022.

vector graphic showing a man standing in front of a giant computer screen building a niche website

What Is the Best Niche for Blogging in 2022?

“Best” might mean different things for bloggers, but here is a list of the most profitable niches to explore:

  • Digital marketing – SEO techniques, lead generation, advertising campaigns, email marketing, and other ways to scale a business online
  • Health and fitness – nutrition and diet tips, mental health best practices, physical exercise strategies, relationships, and other topics to enhance overall well-being.
  • Making money online – there is a huge audience of people who wish to make extra money or money on the side, so you can provide tips, strategies, and websites for them to accomplish these goals.
  • Investing and personal finance – investing strategies, budgeting, and sound financial decisions.
  • Food and recipes – create your digital cookbook with your blog.
  • Self-care, personal development, or career development – mediation techniques, resume writing tips, interview preparation tips, how to be a better communicator or relationship builder.

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What Is the Most Popular Blog Topic?

Before we list the most popular blog topics, it is critical to note you should not choose a blogging niche only because it is popular.

The topic should be something people care about, but you should be passionate about it too.

Here is a list of some popular blog topics to explore:

  • Fashion – massive global audience and opportunities to attend events, earn perks and receive the merchandise and other business deals.
  • Food – many readers will gravitate to your blog to find recipes, healthy eating suggestions, fine dining options, stories, and other ingredients.
  • Travel – people love to live vicariously through others when it comes to traveling, and they may search for destination guides, advice, and other travel tips.
  • Lifestyle – you can engage readers on interesting subtopics like local news, culture, arts, and politics.
  • Fitness – many people look to become the best version of themselves, making a fitness blog a popular topic.
  • Sports – every country or geographical area has its start and sports of interest.
  • DIY blogs – for people who love at-home projects, you can build content in woodworking, metalworking, arts and crafts, and construction.
  • Parenting – this topic will bring a passionate, engaged audience who want to hone their parenting and life skills.
  • Business blogs – entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, and college students will love to hear about career development, interesting small business stories, and other value-added material to become better communicators.
  • Finance – everyone can improve on their financial management skills, enabling you to talk about budgeting, investing, and other decision-making best practices.

What Niche is Best for Beginners?

While the above topics are a great starting place for beginners, here are some other exciting niches you can explore if you are new to the blogging industry:

  • Technology – there are several emerging trends and exciting technological advancements that your audience will love to hear about.
    You can explain these advancements to beginners through guides, tutorials, and other avenues.
  • Health and wellness – people prioritize health and wellness.
    You can provide straightforward tips on stretching, exercising, meditation, diet, and more.
  • Career advice – there are millions of job seekers looking for advice on career changes, advancing at their current company, interview preparation, resume writing, LinkedIn profile building, and more.
  • Entertainment – if you love staying up to date on the most recent trends, you can cover series, movies, drama, music, sports, and more.
  • Gaming – there are over 3.2 billion gamers across the globe, making this a perfect niche for beginners to share new video game launches, tricks, tips, news, and top picks for specific genres.

Is Blogging Still Profitable in 2022?

Historically, blogging has been highly profitable and will continue to be lucrative for individuals who master competitor analysis, leverage keyword research, and consistently post at least two pieces of content per week.

However, profitable blogs are far and few between because a small percentage of people have the work ethic, consistency, and resiliency to push forward when things do not look good.

If you follow the tips and tricks from this article and execute consistently, you will achieve your goals.

graphic illustration showing how to make money on social media

Niche Selection Criteria

So, how do you select the best niche for your blog?

Below are six questions you need to answer before narrowing down your blog niche and topics.

1. How Narrow Should Your Niche Be?

When creating a profitable blog niche, the narrower the better.

There are millions of people asking questions on Google every day.

If your content addresses a specific problem, people will turn to you and trust you more.

2. Is Your Niche Evergreen?

An evergreen blogging niche is an industry with sustainable, long-lasting, and everlasting interest to your target audience.

It does not rely on gimmicks or seasonal trends to gain viewers or attract customers.

An evergreen niche provides insights, solutions, services, and products that people will always need or desire.

Evergreen niches share the following characteristics:

  • They produce money every year
  • You do not need to aggressively advertise or market them because your audience is already aware
  • Long-term potential for profit

3. Have You Considered the Seasonality of Your Niche?

Is your topic only relevant during certain times of the year?

As you evaluate your niche, you should not only analyze the need for your topic but also assess “when” people need your topic.

If your topic is seasonal, you should understand the risks of posting in non-seasonal periods.

You must have a content plan for the down months.

4. Does Your Target Audience Like the Topic?

While your blog should inform your audience, it should also entertain the audience.

Your readers should not only feel educated and empowered after reading your topic, but they should also have fun learning about it.

5. Do You Like Writing About the Topic?

As you build a successful blog in 2022, remember this important thing: enjoy the process.

If you do not like writing about your topic, you cannot expect to grow your blog into the future.

Content is great, but consistency is even better.

Your content will also resonate with your audience once it senses your enthusiasm and passion behind the topic.

If you write content to check off a box, your audience will perceive the lack of passion behind your words.

The best thing to do is to identify a topic area, activity, or hobby that you would do for free.

From there, you can develop meaningful content with no pressure.

When you produce content you are passionate about, it will translate into better quality for your audience.

6. Does Your Blog Niche Fill an Unmet Need?

Every piece of content from your blog should provide value.

To accomplish this, you need to offer insights that solve everyday problems.

Are there problems to be solved involving your blogging niche?

When you can produce content that addresses your target audience’s needs, you will build trust with them.

Niche Selection: How To Choose a Blogging Niche

We provided you with examples and criteria for choosing an optimal blogging niche.

Below is a systematic process you can use to put it all together and launch your blog.

vector illustration of how to choose a blogging niche

1. Brainstorm Topics

The best thing you can do to start is to write your thoughts and ideas down.

Do not worry about formatting because you can organize your notes later.

Jot down your list of niches, revisit it, and then narrow down the list.

If it helps, refer to the example niches we listed above, prioritize them, and then evaluate the pros and cons of each for your plan.

2. Do Keyword Research

Performing keyword research accomplishes the following goals:

  • Understand what people on the internet are searching for
  • Pinpoint specific keywords people use to locate that information
  • The number of people using these specific keywords
  • The type of information people want

As you perform the keyword research for your blog niche of choice, the keyword research should check two boxes:

  • The data should validate your desired topic
  • People should find the topic important

There are two keyword research tools you can use to perform your research:

  • Google – a useful feature that presents the frequency of a given search term in Google.
  • Ahrefs – an SEO software that provides solutions for keyword research, competitor analysis, link building, site audits, and rank tracking.

3. Do Competitor Research

Competitor research is a marketing strategy where you gain knowledge on competing blogs.

Here, you can pinpoint best practices, effective strategies, and tools that you can incorporate into your strategy.

You should constantly improve your writing quality, but competitor research is important to keep up with trends.

4. Can You Make Money on the Topic?

Another thing to consider is whether you can make money on a topic.

Will there be enough interest and audience size to capture?

A profitable niche is important because it means you are providing solutions for a wide range of people, and you can make a living off your passions.

Here are three easy ways to monetize a blog:

  • Affiliate marketing – for each of your blog posts, embed links to external product or service pages.
    When someone follows the link and makes a purchase, you earn a percentage of the sale.
  • Display ads – companies or brands will pay you to display their information on your blog site.
  • Sell a product or service – if you offer a product or service on top of your blog, you can embed internal links to these pages.

5. Start Creating Blog Posts

Now, it is time to start building your blog posts.

Be strategic with your time and establish time blocks dedicated to writing.

Find your “zone,” whether this is a specific location, setting, or environment.

Everybody’s writing style is different but put yourself in a situation that fosters creativity and innovation.

Once you write the posts, share them and ask for feedback.

You can use an existing page to share your posts with your friends and go from there.

You can also ask for feedback on other social media sites and via email.

Once you get the validation you’re seeking, you can start building leverage to make the best of your niche blogging.

6. What Niches Will be Hardest To Compete In?

The hardest niches to compete in are those that are already oversaturated.

Likewise, if you’re starting a blog on a topic you’re unfamiliar with, you’re likely to struggle with producing content.

Google’s E-A-T update will also make it difficult to compete with niches like health or finance because of existing content.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are still wondering about starting a blog, here are some frequently asked questions.

header image for why start a blog post on bloggingtips.com

How much does it cost to start a blog?

You can start a blog for as little as $0 because several website builders have a free option.

however, you might want to upgrade certain website building services, SEO tools, and other programs to get the word out about your blog.

What are the most oversaturated niches?

Broad niches are usually oversaturated, and this is also the case in 2022.

Avoid them and try to pick sub-niches instead.

Similarly, you should avoid topics that are already covered by multiple bloggers.

A simple online search can show you that topics like “adorable cats” or “best plants for gardens” are oversaturated and you should provide exceptional content to stand out.

Can you make money from starting a blog?

Yes, once you build an audience, you can leverage the power of the affiliate market, display ads, and plug your product or service.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider before starting a blog.

However, it comes down to one concept: leverage your passions to create content, solve everyday problems, and enjoy the process.

If you are looking to start a site of your own but don’t have the time, check out Niche Website Builders, an industry leader in outsourced niche website development.

What are your thoughts on niche blogging?

Leave us a comment if you have any questions or would like to provide feedback!

The sky’s the limit for your blogging niche, but you need to start today.

There are millions of people waiting to hear your insights.

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