I recently signed up to Twitter. And I love it. It’s short, simple and sweet.

I’ve been reluctant to immerse myself in social networking because I simply don’t have the time it takes to devote to it. Even though I have a MySpace page, and am LinkedIn, between client projects, writing and promoting my own ebooks, blogging, and updating my website, I barely have time to invoice clients to get paid – that’s just how busy my days are.

But, Twitter is a social media marketing outlet that works for me. FINALLY, I feel like I’ve joined the party with my peers.

As social networking is here to stay, it’s something that every internet marketer, blogger and entrepreneur (online and off) should integrate into their marketing plan. But, you must choose one that you’re really going to participate in.

So following are some guidelines – from my perspective – that will help you choose the right one.

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Social Media Marketing Outlet

Personality: As in, choose one that fits your personality. Professionally, I tend to be more of a loner (socially I’m a wild child who can’t get enough of my friends). This is why I love my job, as most of my work is done via email. Twitter suits this part of my personality because it doesn’t require in-depth interaction.

What’s your personality? Do you like in-depth, ongoing interaction? Or, are short interactions more suited to you?

Choosing a social media marketing outlet that matches your personality is important because it foretells how successfully you will be able to leverage the medium.

Time: Social media marketing – if done right – can be very time consuming. So choose one that you can allocate the proper amount of time to to make it effective.

Again using Twitter as an example, many there don’t expect an answer. And, if they do, it’s short (after all, you only get 140 characters to say your piece).

Objective: What’s your objective? Some social media marketing outlets lend themselves to more overt marketing; others are more for just staying plugged in.

As an example, I recently “unfollowed” someone on Twitter because he was an overt marketer. And, as someone who’s been accused of this on more than a few occasions — this wasn’t what I objected to totally.

What I objected to in this particular case is that there was no balance. Twitter, to me, seems to be more of a place to share helpful information — mixed in with a few personal bits – with others. It’s not a place to simply push your agenda (eg, sign up to my class, here’s my blog, here’s my new ebook).

My point is, the social media marketing outlet you choose should match your objective. Otherwise, you can do your online business more harm than good.

Now, go get LinkedIn and Twitter your way over to MySpace so you can get your Facebook social media marketing campaign off the ground!