The best kind of page to collect the contact details of visitors is the squeeze page. It’s the most effective kind of web page today and it’s guaranteed to produce results if created in the right way.

It’s not just a mere sign up form but its main purpose is to capture the name and email addresses of website visitors

Back then in the blogosphere, not many people know about  the importance of creating squeeze pages, but today you can find that almost everybody has a capture page.


Because many of them have found out that traffic and making sales the first time isn’t the first thing; but the list!

The saying that ”money is in the list” is very true because  building a list gives you the opportunity to market to the same set of people over and over again.

I’ve heard of some squeeze page that converts at the rate of 40 to 50% and some even higher

How, why?

The answer is going to be revealed later on in this article because I’ll be showing you step by step how to create a high converting squeeze page from scratch.

Now that we have clarified what a squeeze page is, let’s move on to the factors that are necessary in creating a high converting squeeze page. You must understand that there are principles that apply to creating a squeeze page and I’ll be taking them  one after the other.

The headline.

The first thing the visitor sees on your blog or squeeze page is the headline.

The headline is the magic salesman that stores up the information of people that comes to your blog or page. It should be captivating– heart provoking and compelling– clear– concise and direct— and it should be attention grabbing.

Any headline that does not portray what I stated above is not worth calling a headline.

Note this.

Your headline should communicate what you’re presenting and it must connect with your visitors in an emotional way. It should make them want for more…

The Headline should include benefit driven words and it should show what’s in for your visitors.If the visitors see that there’s something in for them, they will gladly read and release their contact.

The body text

The body text is as important as the headline, and it should reveal what you offer to your visitors. It should reveal how crucial and important it is to get your product or services.

Although this is important, there are some basic things the body text should have and I’ll be taking them one after the other. There’s a principle to follow when writing the body text of a squeeze page and here is a guide in following the steps.

1. The text should be short and direct.

Learn to keep the body text short because all that the visitors want is to get things that will satisfy their needs. You can’t satisfy them by beating around the bush; instead, focus on the main things your market needs and present the solution that will meet or satisfy their hunger.

Keep the body text simple and short

Yeah. You need to include small paragraphs and a few bullet points to make the  text readable. This is very important.

2. Include bullet points.

The bullet point is like a compelling remote that controls the mind of the visitor. It is as important as  as the headline and body text; therefore, evoke curiosity in your bullet points.

What do I Mean?

The bullet points should pinpoint what the visitor will get by purchasing the product and it should make them want to know more about what you offer.

3. The action phrase.

One vital component that can really  affect the conversion rate of your squeeze page is the words that appear below the ”submit button”.

The words you use there are like your selling button. Therefore, use catchy and heart compelling words.

Don’t use words like subscribe with me, submit, etc. No don’t. Instead, use action words like ”click this button to get access to my free report or get a free copy of my product that’s worth $97, or get instant access to my program”, and so On.

Are you with me?

Pro tip: Subscribe to some top marketers email list and check out the words they use under their ”submit button”,  you’ll get a good idea of what I mean.

4. Simplicity+ Professionalism= Mega Results!

I believe you now know the basic principles of creating a squeeze page, but that’s not all.

You need simplicity.

You need to make things simple as possible. Test fonts and colors–make the squeeze  page simple and professional.

As for me, I prefer a light background ( It’s a good one to start with If you’re a newbie who’s just learning how to create a squeeze page).

What a lot of people don’t know is that the main cash is in the simplicity, not the complex design.

Now that you know all these, What will you do?

Will you just sit down there and watch this opportunity on how to create a squeeze page pass you? No. The result is in the doing and nothing will happen unless you act.

The results that you expect depends on how submissive you are to instructions.

This guest post was provided by Daniel Adetunji, who is a freelance writer, avid guest blogger, blog writer, and  blog ghostwriter who offers blog ghostwriting services for busy entrepreneurs who do not have time to update their blogs with quality contents. He’s also the CEO of infowland, where he shares practical sales and traffic generation tips for online entrepreneurs. Daniel has helped Mid-sized home business owners ( online and offline) and corporate organizations grow their businesses and there’s no doubt he’ll help you do the same if you HIRE him.