Content is still the king of a blog and it will always be.

Having a blog with great readership gives better results than a blog with huge traffic yet no engagement. If you’ve noticed blogs like BasicBlogTips, AdrienneSmith etc., each of the blog posts gets hundreds of comments and the discussion keeps going. It is because, they engage with the readers.

Even Google loves blogs with good readership and engagement. We all know, after all, it is content that makes up a blog.

We’ve been reading the same write-epic-content articles since ages.

When I was a newbie, just like most of the others, I Googled several times with different keywords to find some ways to create some extraordinary content, so as to get readership, engage, rank well and everything. Fortunately, I found dozens of articles and ironically, none of them worked with my blog. I experimented with my blog and then, I got some results. My latest blog, which is just a baby, is getting around 20 and more comments, which is not bad at all. Moreover, ignoring the traffic stats for a second, my bounce rate is very low- which indicates that READERS ARE ACTUALLY READING my blog.

An average person who lands on your blog while searching for something, just wants an answer to his query. Most of such people do not entirely read the article. They just scan it. It has sometimes become hard to keep them reading the series of your blog posts.

It is actually not so difficult to engage with readers when you write so. But how?

Use Catchy Headlines

Write Super Epic ContentLike discussed earlier, when a reader lands on your blog while searching for something…wait! Why should someone land on your blog?

There are two obvious reasons for a person to visit your blog through search engines. Out of the top ten results, why did he/she chose your blog?

  1. You are either familiar/famous
  2. Your post title dragged the person

The first point completely depends on the hard work you do and the strategies you follow. Well, let me complete this too. Start guest blogging, build a loyal audience, be active on social media, interact with readers and promote yourself. These points will obviously create a brand for your blog.

Now, let’s get back to the point. When you have a killer title, the subconscious takes over the conscious part. Because, you don’t actually know what’s inside the post and still, you are likely to read it.

Always write the MOST attractive headline to grab readers. If you notice the term MOST; I want you to use the superlative degrees in your post titles so as to grab readers’ attention. Here’s an example.

  1. 10 Good Ways To Promote Your Blog
  2. 10 Better Ways To Promote Your Blog
  3. 10 Best Ways To Promote Your Blog

Among the three, which one tells you that it has the BEST content. And, no one would ever like to read something which is useful, everyone wants the MOST useful, EASIEST, SIMPLEST; in short, the BEST content.

I’ve recently written an article for ProbloggingSuccess. I’m sure, you’ll change the way you write titles.

How To Write Killer Headlines

Have A Writing Style

Why do you think Seth Godin has such a massive following?

Of course, his writing has the richest value. Also, he has his own unique style of writing, which no one else has.

In his recent interview published on Copyblogger, read his response.

I seldom read his blog and if I were asked to list out three blogs that I regularly follow- he stands top!

So, the ultimate point is- have a write style of your own. Let others inspire you, never let them influence.

Write like you talk! The users will so get connected with your content. Eh, connection! This reminds me of Ravinder Singh, a famous Indian author. If you have never believed in the fact that a piece of writing can make someone cry, I highly recommend reading his books.

Use Short Paragraphs

Refer above paragraphs.

It is because, human brains have a tendency of stepping back on seeing something which takes time or which looks tough.

And, longer paragraph always fall in this category. They might not actually fear. But, they’ll definitely (mostly) skip reading it.

Use short paragraphs and no matter how long your post is. You still have shorter paragraphs and so does the reader keeps reading your content.

Add Humor

Content that Makes People LaughWho doesn’t like to laugh? Kristina Stewart, this one is not for you.

A human brain always looks for refreshment and laughter is one of the best, you could do. When you add a little humor to your blog posts, you may soon go viral too.

Please keep in mind that forced-humor is always different from the humor. Yeah! I know, Hollywood movies have taught this as well.

Start With A Bang

People who STILL read newspapers know the structure of an article. The important thing is all covered in the very first paragraphs and then, they continue with the details.

But, it is not the same in case of writing for the web. We should first create an impression and carry on the recency effect till the end and, put the stuff in the end (I hope, you understand what STUFF means).

The format, while writing for print and the web are completely different.

Key Points

It is already proved that having something catchy at the beginning, makes the audience read the entire post.

Either put up some relevant quote or an interesting statistical date to grab the audience attention. Asking question also isn’t a bad idea, is it?

Use Images

Even while putting images in a blog post, have a style. Some people never add stock images, while some others like me do.

Some bloggers always like to use textual graphics and some others go with vectors. And, TheBadBlogger? You know what he puts.

Read my interview with him either on or (Yes, it is on both the blogs).

But, why should you use images in your blog posts?

Because, sometimes, you may not have words to exhibit data and most of the times, graphics always speak better than words. Infographics can be the best ever example.

Moreover, when you have a page full of content without any headings, images or highlights, I’m gonna mistake it for a thesis paper and so do the readers. We are not here to write reports, we have blogs, write posts and, it needs a format.

When you have a relevant image in your blog post, it attracts more readers.

Even on social media, the great impressions and clicks go to those posts, which have a featured image.

Use Subheadings

As I said earlier, people just look for answers. So, when you use subheadings in your blog posts, it will make it easier for them, to understand and for you, to increase readership.

Make sure, you are not completely giving out the whole contextual message in the subheading. Give them a clue and leave.

They’ll definitely read the entire thing.

Ask Questions

What’s your take?

What do you think is the most important thing to create engaging content?