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How to Erase in Canva: A Method to Erase Almost Any Part of Your Image

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When you’re creating a design in Canva, many times it happens that you feel the need of erasing something from an image.

However, you fail to find the eraser tool in this otherwise-robust graphic design tool, which makes your job complex.

But what if we told you that it’s not so complex after all? What if we tell you that there actually IS an eraser tool in Canva that you can use to erase anything from an image?

Want to learn more about it? If yes, then keep reading. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll know how to erase in Canva.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There an Erase Tool in Canva?

There is an erase tool in Canva, but it’s inside the background remover tool. In short, it works only after you remove the background of an image.

Don’t worry, you can restore your background later after you’ve removed the part of the image that you wanted to remove.

Can You Erase Parts of Text on Canva?

Yes, you can. However, it requires a certain level of skills and a workaround to do that.  

Where is the Erase Brush in Canva?

The erase brush is included in the BG remover tool of Canva. It can erase any parts of an image that you want to be erased.

What You’ll Need to Erase in Canva

You’ll need the following two things in order to erase in Canva:

  • Canva Pro account: Background remover is a premium feature of Canva. Since erase brush is part of this feature, you’ll need a Canva Pro account in order to use it.
  • A computer with a web browser and internet: Although you can use the tool in Canva’s mobile application too, we’re explaining it from the perspective of a computer so we’d advise that you try this on a computer.

How to Erase in Canva: Step-by-Step Instructions

Open the image in Canva by clicking on the Upload icon.


Then click the “Use in a design” button.

This will provide you with a couple of options to choose the size of your post.

You’ve to choose the Custom size option and then enter the exact width and height as the width and height of your image.

pasted image 0 27

Finally, click the “Create new design” button to get started.

Once your image has opened in the Canva editor, select it and click the “Edit image” button. Then from the side panel, click on Background remover.

pasted image 0 28

This will immediately remove the background of your image, but don’t worry because you can restore it easily.

You’ll find two new options in the side panel: Erase and Restore.

First of all, if you wanted to keep the background of your image, click on the Restore option and then click or drag anywhere in the transparent area of your image to start restoring the background that was removed.

You can also increase the size of your brush from the side panel to do this quickly.

Also, you can skip this step if you wanted the background to be removed in addition to erasing a certain part of the image.

pasted image 0 29

Once you’ve restored the desired parts of your image, click on the Erase tool.

Now go back to the image and you can start erasing the desired parts by clicking or dragging, just as you restored them.

pasted image 0 30

Once you’ve erased as much as you wanted, you can download the image by navigating to File >> Download option.

You can also select the file type and image quality before downloading your image.

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Wrapping Up

So that was a brief tutorial explaining how to erase in Canva.

As you can see, it’s a bit tricky to do this when compared to other image editing tools that include a separate Eraser tool, but nevertheless, it can be done.

What do you think about this method of erasing something from an image? Share your thoughts in the comments. We’d definitely love to hear them.

Also, if you learned something useful from here then share this tutorial on your social media handles too.

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