If you are impatient like me you probably hate spending countless hours diagnosing your website to figure out what plugins may be slowing it down. When your website is not performing at its best it is usually due to the overcrowding of plugins you have installed. Personally I am a self-described Plugin addict. Anytime there is a new plugin that’s out I do not hesitate to install it. Like a true addict I disregard the repercussions and later I am reduced to remorse and regret for my actions. You see as great as WordPress plugins are they can be a real pain for your website. You see the biggest disadvantage of using WordPress plugins is that it slows down your site. In addition, your website also faces penalties from your website provider and in some cases can be taken down. However all that is about to change with the new plugin that I discovered that can save you a bunch. A new plugin called P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler). It scans websites to inform the users how much weight their plugins are pulling and how it is affecting their website.

How does it work?

Just like most plugins it is pretty simple to use and doesn’t require a degree in quantum physics. First you install the plugin like you would do for any typical plugin. From there you will go to the settings page and select the scan option where it will do a thorough scan of your website. Once the website is scanned it will generate reports that illustrate which plugins are not working. Some of the plugins that faired pretty well for me were my contact 7 and Wp-commerce plugin. Which is great for me considering I use those the most? I had quite a bit of different AdSense plugins that really slowed me down. I have a habit of installing multiple plugins with the same capabilities if I am indecisive about which one to choose (Very bad Habit lol). Another cool feature of this plugin is that you can email the results to yourself or even your hosting company. For bloggers that are not that tech savvy you could easily email these results to your webmaster and make their job a whole lot easier. Speaking of hosting companies, the plugin was created by Go Daddy: one of the top hosting companies in the nation. I really hope they continue their efforts in making WordPress maintenance as simple as a plugin. This could be a new revolution for internet bloggers and designers alike. Now that you have discovered a new tool to help you maintain your website this still doesn’t nullify the common sense tactics you should use when configuring your site. Like I mentioned earlier in the post I have a knack for installing multiple plugins of similar capabilities. This is a fool’s game that will quickly humble you into submission. Be wiser about your plugin choices and choose the ones that you feel will suit your blog/website the best. If you can’t decide between two or more plugins then switch between the two (or Three) for a short duration of time and see which one compliments your site the best.

This post was written by Chris, who is a college student who has just started in the world of Blogging and affiliate marketing in the T-shirt niche.