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Ever felt very low or lost confidence in blogging and achieving success? Have you ever had a feeling that you are not good at blogging just because you didn’t earn enough money in the first few months? Many people come across this situation in their blogging career. If you are looking for a few ways that will help you to get over from this and gain confidence, take a look at your blog and do one of the following things:

1. Celebrate A Mile Stone
Let it be small or big, it doesn’t matter. You have to celebrate a mile stone you have achieved. This self encouragement will give you a confidence in blogging. If you are thinking what to celebrate about, you should just look at your blog’s statistics. If you have 50 or 500 or even 5000 subscribers, celebrate it. Write a post about how you feel for having that many subscribers. 50 maybe a less number but I tell you people will congratulate you for achieving it. Every blogger knows how hard it is to get the first 50 subscribers.

2. Read Your Previous Posts’ Comments
Go through your previous posts and read the comments made by your blog readers in them and you will realize how well you have done in blogging. This is sure way to build confidence. Even negative comments will give you a hunger to achieve something through blogging. Look at the comments and see how many people have loved your writing. If this doesn’t get you back to blogging, almost nothing will. Wouldn’t you gain confidence when you read something like “I have been searching for this so long and glad you posted. I have been browsing through your blog and find it interesting. Keep up the good work”?

3. Add Something New To Your Blog
You have your blog looking the same way and as a result of that you might have become bored. What about changing a little bit or adding something new to your blog? How would you feel if you see your blog in a new theme? Wouldn’t your fingers fight to write a blog post? Or how about adding a new source of making money? I would surely want to drive traffic and see how the new source earns me money. That is the way most of the bloggers think.

4. Host A Competition Or A Blog Carnival
You have been getting very little traffic. Would you mind hosting a competition? You surely won’t get a lot of traffic but you will get a good quality of people to your blog by hosting a competition or a blog carnival. These people might even subscribe to your blog if you have good content. Hosting a competition maybe a tedious work but hosting a blog carnival isn’t tough with services like People will talk about the competition or blog carnival you have at your blog and you know how powerful this can be.

5. Giveaway A Freebie
After all who doesn’t like freebies? Would it be 1% of the world population? Now I don’t want to go into statistics as I’m not good at it. If you are giving away something for free, people will get it and remember to visit your blog sometime later. People will also help you by voting your blog in many social media sites like stumbleupon. This will bring a surge of traffic.

You may or may not have lost confidence in blogging before but what if in future this happens? Be prepared for everything. I have lost confidence at some point in my blogging career too. Have you tried any of these methods when you have lost blogging confidence? Do you think these methods will work? Please share your views in the comments.