5 Proven Ways to Double Your Website Traffic In 30 Days

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When it comes to building a profitable blog that makes money, one thing matters most: website traffic.
Website traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. Unless you’re a professional marketer or growth hacker, it’s difficult to double your website traffic quickly.
There are so many ways you can increase your website traffic but the 5 traffic generation tactics that you’re going to discover in this post are proven to boost your site’s traffic quickly. So let’s get started!

5 Most Powerful Ways to Increase Your Website’s Traffic Quickly

#1. Start writing on Quora

Are you struggling to get more visitors to your blog even if you’re posting regularly? I know how it feels and I’ve been there. If you’re also one among them, I’ve got a quick tip for you: start writing on Quora.
Quora is the #1 Q & A platform where millions of people actively participate in questions and answers across various topics ranging from rocket science to education to psychology. No matter what niche you are in, you can find great topics and writers to follow.
Go to Quora, sign up for free and start following the topics where you’re most interested in (and follow people who are top writers in those topics to improve your Quora feed which will be really helpful later). Here’s how it works.
In the above example, you can see that for the topic “email marketing”, Quora is showing a ton of questions you can answer (you can replace it with any topic that you blog about).
Start writing answers on the topics where you’ve some knowledge. You don’t have to be an expert to write answers on Quora though expertise helps you in fetching more upvotes, comments, and views.
That being said, here’s how you can use Quora to boost your traffic in 30 days.

  • Start writing answers every single day (at least 1 answer a day and link back to your site at the end of the post).
  • Start commenting on others posts that are relevant to the topics you write and connect with people who are active on Quora (through messages, replies to the posts etc)
  • Find questions that are already popular (where most people are already following the topic). That way you can get more views on your answers immediately.

The key is to getting started with writing answers which are relevant to your blog topics (and link back to your blog posts at the end so you can drive more traffic).

#2. Update your top 10 traffic generating blog posts with new keywords

Right now I want you to do this: go to Google analytics to find all your top 10 traffic generating blog posts and pages.
Ignore pages like your website’s home page, about us page etc (they will mostly get a high percentage of traffic) and create a list of top 10 blog posts which are generating more traffic from search engines to your site.
Why should you do this?
The reason is simple: if you want to double your website’s traffic within 30 days, you need to improve your existing posts which are already working well for you.
So what you need to do after finding top 10 traffic generating blog posts?
Here are few things you can do to improve their quality and attract more traffic from search engines.

  • Find more relevant keywords. Do a quick keyword research and find all the relevant and high profitable long tail keywords that you can use in each one of your top 10 high traffic blog posts. You can update your titles, add more information, images, links etc.
  • Make sure to fetch as Google manually by also using the URLs you’re updating. Do this every single time you update a blog post or page so that Google can index your content really quickly.
  • Rework on your headlines and subheadings. Maybe they are not optimized for your main keywords or they might not have compelling headlines to fetch you more click-through rates from Google search. Use free tools like Portent headline generator to come up with really click-worthy titles for your top 10 blog posts.
  • Make sure NOT to change your URLs while updating any of your old blog posts or it might lead to broken links, 404 error pages etc. Also, find and fix broken links within your top 10 blog posts if you have any (so you can perform better in search engines and improve your user experience).
  • Remove all the spam and one-liner comments on your top performing blog posts. They don’t any value to you or your audience. Also, respond to thoughtful comments on your top posts if they are not replied yet by you.

Repurpose your top performing blog content
Most people don’t leverage their existing top performing content well. If you’re also one among them, start giving more importance to repurposing your content that’s already working well for you.
You can repurpose your existing blog posts into;

  • eBooks
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • SlideShares etc

And use those specific platforms (YouTube for videos), iTunes and SoundCloud for podcasts to start attracting new visitors to your site who are interested in your blog’s content.

#3. Build backlinks to your top 10 posts

Do you know how search engines weigh the popularity of any website? By looking at the number of backlinks a website has. Have a look at the following image.
What can you learn from the above study done by Moz team?
99.2% of all top 50 results (top 5 pages on Google search) has at least one link from an external source. Clearly, you can notice that Google gives high priority to the pages with more quality backlinks.
That’s why if you want to double your website traffic in next 30 days, start building more backlinks to your top performing posts and income generating posts.
There are a ton of ways to generate links to your top blog posts but I recommend you;

  • Guest posting on relevant blogs (top blogs will be even better). Here’s a huge list of sites for guest posting.
  • Blogger outreach (works best if you already have connections with other bloggers) and
  • Email outreach (simply start emailing all the potential sites that can link back to your top performing blog posts).

#4. Conduct a site audit and fix your site issues

One of the most effective yet less known ways to double your website traffic in 30 days is to conduct a thorough audit of your website.
Site audit helps you;

  • Find all the issues with your blog (broken links, missing title tags, images with no alt tags, redirection errors, crawling issues etc)
  • Fix all of them by giving you a site audit score (when you use tools like SEMrush)

You can use tools like Seoptimer to perform site audits to find and fix all your site technical and SEO related issues really quickly.
But if you’re looking for a better tool, go for SEMrush, I’m using it for more than 2 years for site audits. It’s one of the best SEO tools out there that helps you with site audits.

#5. Start doing expert roundup posts and interviews

Last but not least: start doing roundup posts and interviews with well-known bloggers.
You must include expert roundup posts and interviews within your content marketing strategy. Why? The reason is simple, they are always popular and go viral really quickly even if you’re running a new blog.
Here are few proven tips that you can use for doing expert roundup posts and interviews that always get more traffic, social shares and backlinks.

  • Start reaching out to other bloggers if you aren’t doing it yet. Email outreach is one of the most effective ways to build a strong rapport with other bloggers and it helps you quickly connect with other bloggers to do expert round-up posts or interviews with them.
  • Follow all the influencers and well-known bloggers in your niche on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Start sharing and retweeting their stuff as frequently as possible. This helps you connect with them easily.
  • Compile a list of all the expert roundup posts and interviews in your niche with URLs using a spreadsheet. Make a list of all the bloggers who you want to include in your roundup posts and interviews along with their website URLs. Then, start reaching out to them one by one.
  • Once you’re done with publishing the content, make sure to email all the people that you included in your interviews or roundup posts and ask them to share your stuff. Most people will do and that can help you get new visitors and leads to your site.

Final thoughts about increasing your website traffic really quickly

Increasing traffic to a website is NOT a rocket science. It’s all about finding the right traffic generation strategies and sticking to the ones that work like a charm.
So what do you think about the website traffic generation tactics mentioned above? Do you have any more tips to double a website’s traffic quickly? Share your thoughts in the comments.
Anil Agarwal blogs at Bloggers Passion where he is writing about topics related to blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing and email marketing. You can connect with Anil Agarwal on Google Plus here.

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