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How to Get More Comments for Every Post that You Write?




Do you know what it takes to get more blog comments?

Here I’ve made a simple calculation on getting more blog comments on your blog (please don’t consider me as a Math expert, I’m really poor at Math).

Great title + Valuable insights (content) + Killer CTA (Call To Action) = More comments

Everyone will suggest, you have to have great content, you have to have great content, blah blah.

I’ve few simple strategies which can bring you more blog comments..

Are you ready? Let’s dive in..

You ask – they will give

If you have convincing content or valuable insights for your readers, they will definitely do whatever you say at the end of the post.

This is simply called CTA (Call To Action)..

A great CTA always produces better results.

Ask questions at the end of your posts by using the words like..

  • What do you think about this post?
  • Would you like to add any extra tip?
  • I’ll be glad to know your views etc…

Don’t scare them: I don’t know why some people use complex CAPTCHA’s on their blogs. The worst part is: they expect “lots of comments” by using unreadable captcha’s.

My dear friend, if you want more blog comments, don’t make it difficult for your readers to leave a comment. They are already lazy enough to read your content, if you throw a challenge to make a comment (by using captcha’s), I’m sure you won’t get one!

Use their names: This is one of the cool strategies I use on my blog to get more comments. I always use my commenters names while responding to their comments.

This makes them feel like “Oh, this guy is really cool, my name is being used by the blog author which I rarely notice on other blogs!”

This is exactly what you need to get more comments. Add personal touch!

Offer some incentives: Now, you don’t need to give a pizza or petrol tanker to whomever comment on your blog, but it’s essential to appreciate their work.

They have taken some time to comment on your blog right? So why don’t you spend some time to comment on theirs?

Or you can get them back to comment on your site by:

  • Using CommentLuv plugin: This is the one of the best plugins out there to get more comments. This plugin makes to leave your commenters previous blog entries.
  • Using Top Commentator widget: This makes your readers feel special and they will be more likely to leave extra comments on your blog. This works better for the new bloggers (especially)!
  • Making your blog “dofollow”: Everyone is dying to build baclinks to their sites, if you make your blog a dofollow, you are allowing more people to comment on your blog posts. You can use this plugin to make your blog a dofollow blog.
  • Writing a guest post for the top commentator every month: I used this strategy to get more comments on my blog in the past two months. I’ve written guest posts for those who end up with the #1 commenter on my blog by the end of the month. The result? I got hundreds of comments in no time (most of them were quality and insightful). You can also try this..

Keep the conversation going: Now, if you implement the above tips including the maths formula which I stated in the beginning of the post, your blog is ready to receive more comments than ever before.

What else should you do now?

Keep the conversation going by either answering to their questions or by asking some questions on their comments.

You will soon notice an increase in your comment count. I’m sure, I’ve done it already on my blog and I’ve been consistently getting more comments for the past couple of months.

Note: Use comment auto responder to notify your blog commenters. Whenever they get a response to their comments, an email will be sent to their inbox notifying about the comment. This is what I personally recommend for those who need more comments.

One Extra Tip

Try to approve your comments instantly

This can be done easily by WordPress users, using the following steps.

Go to WordPress dashboard >> Settings >> Discussion

In Discussion settings,

Uncheck “An administrator must always approve the comment” and check “Comment author must have a previously approved comment” and save the settings.

You are done.

Hold on, why should I do this?

Most people prefer to see their comments live on the blog immediately when they post something. Moreover, it reduces your time to approve all the comments on your blog.

But here is a problem with instant approval..

You may get spam comments even if you are using Akismet plugin. You can easily get rid of this problem by using GASP plugin, when you use the combination of both of this plugins (Akismet + GASP) you won’t get much trouble with spam comments because the commenter has to tick a check box before they post a comment.

I know, the bloggers who are not getting comments or who are dying to get more comments on their blog posts are reading this post now.

Anyways it depends on YOU to decide whether or not to approve your blog comments instantly. Thought it’s totally an optional tip, which I use on my own blog as a way to elicit more comments.

Over to you

Now, how can I end up my post without having a CTA?

Please tell me one extra tip to get more comments…

This post was written by Rahul Kuntala, who is a full time blogger from India and writes about content marketing at

My name is Foxy, and my job is to sniff out the good guest bloggers from the ones who aren't. This post was written by a contributing author to Blogging Tips. If you would like to learn more about becoming a writer (not one-time guest blogging) for, please contact us.

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Why Does It Take Time to Be a Successful Blogger?



Successful bloggers implore you: it takes time to succeed.

I advise following your fun, helping people generously, trusting the process and seeing the blogging journey through. I mention in my eBook how time saving tips make your journey easier.  But in the same regard, this journey takes time. Impatient bloggers weed themselves out. Generous, patient, persistent bloggers succeed. Sometimes, successful bloggers realize not the time element and how it works, and never explain in detail why it takes time to succeed. Why do you need to be patient? Why does it take time to succeed? I uncovered 3 reasons why it takes time to be a successful blogger.

1: It Takes Time to Practice a Skill So You Become Really Good At It

Today, I can write 10 to 20 blog posts daily if I so desired. I could easily create 20 videos daily.

10 years ago, I could write 1 blog post weekly and feared doing videos, to where, I never recorded videos as a newbie blogger.

Generous practice plus time made me prolific. Nobody gains skills in 1 day. Humans gain skills practicing 1 craft daily for months, then years. I love basketball. A handful of NBA players disclose how terrible they played after picking up a ball for the first time, 5 or 10 years, prior. Patient, persistent practice and time polished their skills to the point they became successful enough to go pro. Blogging is no different. Successful bloggers practice daily for years before being skilled enough to become a pro.

2: It Takes Time to Gain Big Exposure

Gaining big exposure for success takes time. Every creative act expands your presence a little bit more but those little bits add up over time. New bloggers blind themselves to this concept, believing 1 day and 1 blog post gives them successful exposure enough to make money and gain clout. Nope. Time reveals persistently generous bloggers because getting massive exposure requires months to years of generous, patient, persistent service.

No human can begin blogging at 8 AM as a new blogger and land a Forbes appearance by 12 noon. Nobody knows you. You have no exposure. Humans require time to create and connect in enough spots to gain success promoting exposure. Relax. You are on the way. But allow for time and generosity to leverage your presence. Time is required to be seen in many places.

3: It Takes Time to Uncover and Feel and Release Fears

Do you want to know why I wrote this post? I uncovered this reason a few moments ago. I noticed one income stream yield lesser amounts over the 2 days prior and felt a tiny but palpable surge of fear. Aha! I got you. Feeling fear, I released it and proceeded. I blogged for 10 years. I still feel tiny fears if an income stream yields less money, day to day, based on my expectations. But I needed to face this fear to make more money. New bloggers generally have deep fears concerning money, success and freedom. It takes time to feel and release fears concerning making more than $1 a day until you vibe at the $100, $1000 or $10,000 monthly – or more – level of blogging income.

Time unearths fears for feeling and releasing, to reach the next level of blogging success.

Be patient.

Time is a great blogging ally.

All you need flows to you over time.

Generously create, connect, follow your fun and nudge into fears.

Success is yours.

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What Does Your Blogging Network Look Like?



I do nothing on my own.

Everything is a team effort.

As I teach in my blogger networking eBook, the way to increased, ever-expanding blogging success is to look for, grow and tap into a huge, loyal network of blogging friends through the power of generosity. Be generous. Help people. Shout out fellow bloggers. Release expectations. Get super connected. Most of us understand this is how to succeed online; be generous and get connected because 100 is better than 1. 100 friend efforts are far better than your effort alone.

One basic problem arises for most new or struggling bloggers: overcoming the deep fear of networking. For odd reasons, humans cling to pulsating fears concerning reaching out to other human beings. Bloggers fear being rejected, failing, being criticized or giving up credit for their blogging success. Honor that fear. See how far you get on your own steam. Not only that, the agony of micro-managing makes you sick, broke and quite dumb, if you are honest with yourself. How silly of you! Why do everything on your own today? Why not comment genuinely on a few blogs, retweet a few blogger blog posts and mention a few bloggers on your blog? Begin networking. Build a network. Succeed online.

What’s It Look Like?

Be honest, my blogging sweet robbins. What does your network look like? Is it even there? Do you even have a network? Many bloggers publish a post, share it to Twitter and Facebook and sit there, dumbfounded. Do you honestly believe your network just materializes out of thin air? Nope. But if you buy my eBook, follow my 13 steps and build your blogger buddy network by being generous, you can land on famous blogs, earn coin and drive traffic to your blog, too. Everything hinges on your honesty. Admit having only 1, 3 or zero blogging buddies. Truths set you free to network generously and successfully.

How to Grow Your Network

Simple. Be generous. Begin now. Publish a thoughtful, personalized comment below. Be seen. I cannot read all comments but the thousands of people who read blogging tips tend to read comments. Somebody eventually reads your blog comment if you comment genuinely and generously every day on Blogging Tips after reading posts. Someone clicks your link because they love your comment and want to meet you. One visit to your blog later, you may have a blogging buddy, or even a client or customer. Or maybe you have a loyal reader. This is networking 101; be generous, engage people and you build your network.

But do not stop after commenting on Blogging Tips. Branch out. Go wide. Read and comment genuinely on other blogs in your niche. Make more friends. Life gets easier and easier if you have more blogging friends in your corner because these folks inspire you to keep going, plus your friends amplify your presence exponentially.

Be generous and genuine. Reach out to more bloggers every day. Networking is a bit uncomfortable sometimes if you look for immediate returns but gliding through these temporary feelings helps you tap into something special with your blog. Connected bloggers have no issues growing their blogging business because 100 is better than 1. Remember that they next time you try to go lone wolf with your blogging campaign.


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Are You Leveling Up with Your Blog?



Play up.

Every time I reach a new level with my blog, I notice another level invites me. I do not work harder. I never work longer. I love what I do and keep generously helping people but think of how to go wide as I level up. Think of that one for a moment: consider how to go wide, and what it means.

I write and publish multiple posts to my blog. Each post gains views. Going wide. 4 quality posts beats 1 quality post. But I go even wider by writing and publishing multiple guest posts daily. I speak to 2 or 3 or more different blogging audiences, going wider and wider, increasing my exposure and expanding my presence online. But I go even wider as I level up; I contribute on Quora and on the Warrior Forum daily. Leveling up is uncomfortable sometimes but always freeing. Leveling up helps you see greater success versus hitting blogging ceilings.

Be More Generous to Make More Money and to Avoid Lulls

I speak to bloggers who suffer lulls. One client signed up 4 months ago but no clients signed up since. The appearance of a 4 month client drought, or lull, simply indicates a lack of leveling up and a lack of generosity. Even if no clients signed up during your 4 months of leveling up, your eBook sales would triple. Audio book sales would jump, too. Plus you would open 2 new income streams. This just happens. Be generous and blogging will be generous to you.

Being more generous by helping more folks across multiple platforms feels uncomfortable sometimes. Who wants to go wide when doing so means leaving your comfort zone on a daily basis? I love blogging. But I feel uncomfortable writing my third post on a  train ride to Connecticut. I will go super wide when I reach the destination though, publishing a combo of posts and guest posts to level up effectively, reaching more people in less time.

Most Bloggers Never Level Up

Most bloggers write and publish a post to their blog weekly. Struggles ensue because they never level up after publishing weekly for 3-6 months. Be more. Serve people generously. Go wide. Publish blog posts and guest posts more frequently to expand your reach. Increase blogging traffic and profits.

Why do you think most bloggers never make $100 during their careers? Few bloggers regularly level up, playing small to be comfortable, dodging their fears. Of course, their fears manifest as 0 dollars and 6 blog visitors daily for the next 12 months UNTIL they level up, go wide, be generous, leave their comfort zones and face their fears. This is not a fluffy, pleasant process but we all pay a fear tax to level up and to become successful bloggers.

Pay Up to Level Up and to Play Up

Pay up by spending time and generous energy reaching as many people as possible through blogging. Guest post. Publish more frequently to your blog. See increased blogging responsibility as more fun and freedom and service. I enjoy freedom offline because I level up online. I pay up, level up and play up in higher blogging circles because all top bloggers paid the same dues to reach the top. Why do top bloggers hobnob with one another? Top bloggers respect how other top bloggers pay their dues on this blogging journey and connect deeply with one another, co-promoting each other’s success.

The fun and freedom you experience through blogging is well worth the effort and discomfort of leveling up.

If you need a guide for facing blogging fears, grab my blogging mindset eBook on the way out.

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