Do you know what it takes to get more blog comments?

Here I’ve made a simple calculation on getting more blog comments on your blog (please don’t†consider me as a Math expert, I’m really poor at Maths.

Great title + Valuable insights (content) + Killer CTA (Call To Action) = More comments

Everyone will suggest, you have to have great content on your blog, you have to have great†content on your blog, blah blah blah.

Yes, you need to have great content, but you should also need to know few things to get more comments.

I’ve few simple strategies which can bring you more blog comments..

Are you ready? Let’s dive in..

You ask – they will give

If you have convincing content or valuable insights for your readers, they will†definitely do what ever you say at the end of the post.

This is simply called CTA (Call To Action)..

A great CTA always produces better results.

Ask questions at the end of your posts by using the words like..

  • What do you think about this post?
  • Would you like to add any extra tip?
  • I’ll be glad to know your views etc…

Don’t scare them

I don’t know why some people use complex CAPTCHA’s on their blogs. The worst part is:†they expect “lots of comments” by using unreadable captcha’s.

My dear friend, if you want more blog comments, don’t make it difficult for your readers to†leave a comment. They are already lazy enough to read your content, if you throw a challenge to make a comment (by using captcha’s), I’m sure you won’t get one!

Use their names

This is one of the cool strategies I use on my blog to get more comments. I always use my commenters names while responding to their comments.

This makes them feel like “Oh, this guy is really cool, my name is being used by the blog author which I rarely notice on other blogs!”

This is exactly what you need to get more comments. Add personal touch!

Offer some incentives

Now, you don’t need to give a pizza or petrol tanker to whomever†comment on your blog, but it’s essential to appreciate their work.

They have taken some time to comment on your blog right? So why don’t you spend some time†to comment on theirs?

Or you can get them back to comment on your site by:

  • Using CommentLuv plugin: This is the one of the best plugins out there to get more comments. This plugin makes to leave your commenters previous blog entries.
  • Using Top Commentator widget: This makes your readers feel special and they will be more likely to leave extra comments on your blog. This works better for the new bloggers (especially)!
  • Making your blog “dofollow”: Everyone is dying to build backlinks to their sites, if you make your blog a dofollow,†you are allowing more people to comment on your blog posts. You can use this plugin to make your blog a dofollow blog.
  • Writing a guest post for the top commentator every month: I used this strategy to get more comments on my blog in the past two months. I’ve written guest posts for those who end up with the #1 commenter on my blog by the end of the month. The result? I got hundreds of comments in no time (most of them were quality and insightful). You can also try this..

Keep the conversation going

Now, if you implement the above tips including the maths formula†which I stated in the beginning of the post, your blog is ready to receive more comments than†ever before.

What else should you do now?

Keep the conversation going by either answering to their questions or by asking some†questions on their comments.

You will soon notice an increase in your comment count. I’m sure, I’ve done it already on my†blog and I’ve been consistently getting more comments for the past couple of months.

Note: Use comment auto responder to notify your blog commenters. Whenever they get a response to their comments, an email will be sent to their inbox notifying about the comment. This is what I personally recommend for those who need more comments.

One Extra Tip:

Try to approve your comments instantly

This can be done easily by WordPress users, using the following steps.

Go to WordPress dashboard >> Settings >> Discussion

In Discussion settings,

Uncheck “An administrator must always approve the comment” and check “Comment author must have a previously approved comment” and save the settings.

You are done.

Hold on, why should I do this?

Most people prefer to see their comments live on the blog immediately when they post something. Moreover, it reduces your time to approve all the comments on your blog.

But here is a problem with instant approval..

You may get spam comments even if you are using Akismet plugin. You can easily get rid of this problem by using GASP plugin, when you use the combination of both of this plugins (Akismet + GASP) you won’t get much trouble with spam comments because the commenter has to tick a check box before they post a comment.

I know, the bloggers who are not getting comments or who are dying to get more comments†on their blog posts are reading this post now.

Anyways it depends on YOU to decide whether or not to approve your blog comments instantly. Thought it’s totally an optional tip, which I use on my own blog†as a way to elicit more comments.

Over to you:

Now, how can I end up my post without having a CTA?

Please tell me one extra tip to get more comments…

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