Why You Should Try Guest Posting (And 3 Steps To Get Started)

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Guest posting is a popular method of promoting your business, and for good reason. 
A high-quality post in a popular niche site can boost your credibility, increase your followers, and generate more traffic for your business. 
For example, Gregory Ciotti – a content marketing lead at Shopify—used guest posts to generate 36,733 email subscribers. 
Bryan Harris published a guest post in Okdork and got 1,782 total visitors within the first two days of publication. His success in guest blogging helped him build a loyal following. So, his recent product launch got $220,750 in invoice sales.
These success stories may inspire you to publish your own series of guest posts. But if you’re still not convinced about guest posting? Here is a list of benefits that you need to know. 

1. Guest Posts Can Increase Traffic

Guest posts can attract more visitors to your online store or website. 
Publishing actionable advice that’s relevant to your target customers will generate publicity for your business.  
Buffer—a social media management software—used a guest blogging strategy to acquire over 100,000 subscribers in a span of 9 months. They published around 150 guest posts and gradually increased their signups as more posts were published. 

2. Boost Credibility

Imagine that you’re an entrepreneur and your article got featured in Forbes or Bloomberg Businessweek. We bet that you’d feel a sense of accomplishment or pride for being recognized by a prestigious publication. 
In addition, prominent publications have thousands of subscribers. This means more publicity and the potential to grow your network. Executives and businessmen in your industry may discover your business and reach out. 
For example, Brian Dean—founder of Backlinko—published more than 200 guest posts in his career. His works have been featured in Entrepreneur and Inc. 
Needless to say, his series of posts led him to attract thousands of visitors to his website. 

guest blogging 3. More Brand Mentions in Social Media

Guest posts can drive social shares and brand mentions. 
Some readers who love your guest posts may share it with their followers, which will undoubtedly lead to more traffic on your website. 
If it is shared by a prominent influencer in your niche, then expect to reach more readers. Studies show that influencer marketing can generate 11 times the return on investment, which could be in the form of traffic. 

4. Build Links

Many marketers love guest posts because it can boost SEO. 
The more links that lead back to your site, the better your page rank. When websites are crawled, those that have more links are perceived as more relevant. Each link that you get from an external website can eventually boost the performance of your web page and lead to higher positions in web results.
However, note that there are two types of links that you can find in guest posts. 

  • DoFollow link. Links that can pass on link juice and contribute to your site’s page rank.
  • NoFollow link. Links that cannot pass on link juice and will have no impact on SEO rankings. 

Of course, DoFollows links are more preferred. If you want to get a DoFollow link on external sites, then let the editors know beforehand. This way, you get the guest blogging perks for your SEO.  

How to Get Started with Guest Posting

Publishing a guest post doesn’t involve rocket science. Now, how do you launch you create guest blogs that let you reap benefits and grow your business?  Here is a three-step process to help you get started. 

1. Find Sites to Publish Guest Posts

First, conduct a Google search. 
Find sites that accept guest posts in your industry. 
For example, if your business is in the marketing industry, then here is a list of sites that accept guest posts:

You can also use Alltop.com to find the most popular sites in your niche. 
Another alternative is searching on Twitter. Type your “niche” + “guest post” in the search bar. You may find posts from editors that are looking for contributors on their website. 

2. Write a Pitch Email to Editors

The next step is to pitch an idea to the editors. 
You can share their website’s content on your social media account to get noticed by their marketing team. 
Alternatively, you can post insightful feedback of the article in the comments section. Submit a critique or provide additional information that may be useful for the article.
Once you’ve successfully reached out, send a pitch email. Brian Dean—founder of Backlinko has a tried and tested pitch email that you can use for your website. 
guest blog pitch
The email begins with a specific action that the aspiring blogger accomplished on the site. Next, he directly conveys his motives for sending the message. 
Since a single pitch may not be enough, the message has 3 specific topics that the editor can choose from. 
To prove that he is qualified to finish the article, they provide examples of posts that have been published in the past. 

3. Submit a Relevant Guest Post

The final step is to start writing the article. 
If you’re having trouble finding a perfect topic, take a look at their most popular articles. What are the topics that their audience loves? Do they like how-to articles or listicles?
Look at the most recent guest posts on the website. This will give you an idea of the types of posts that readers will love. 
Once you get a go-signal from the editor, ask if the site has a specific style guide. This usually includes a set of guidelines regarding formatting such as the font, headings, capitalization, punctuation and writing style. 
A good tip is to mimic the tone of voice and structure of their articles. Ideally, your submission should look like it fits on their website. 

Ready to Try Guest Posting?

Guest posts provide a lot of benefits to your website. You can grow your traffic, audience or network and build backlinks to improve your SEO. 
Creating a guest post may seem like an intimidating process. However, you can easily follow this three-step process:

  • Find sites to publish guest posts 
  • Write a pitch email to editors 
  • Submit a relevant guest post

It may take some time until you get approved for prominent websites like Forbes or Entrepreneur. However, if you start small by reaching out to business blogs in your niche, you’ll be able to consistently publish successful guest posts. 
How are you getting your guest posts published? Let us know in the comments below.
Emil Kristensen is the CMO and co-founder of Sleeknote: a company that helps e-commerce brands turn their website browsers into buyers—without hurting the user experience. 

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