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How To Hide Likes on Instagram in 3 Steps

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Do you constantly compare the likes count of people’s Instagram posts?

You are not alone. This is a common struggle for many social media users, which can severely disturb your mental peace.

You can easily avoid this by hiding likes on Instagram content – both for your post and other people’s posts.

In today’s post, I will show you how to hide likes on Instagram with detailed steps and instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can People See My Likes on Instagram?

If they are not hidden, people can see your Instagram likes count on their feed. However, other users can hide likes for people’s posts, preventing them from seeing them.

Even when you hide like counts, other social media users can tap to view counts and see your likes.

Can Everyone Hide Likes on Instagram?

Everyone can hide likes on Instagram by utilizing the hiding likes option. This feature is reversible, meaning you can hide and unhide likes and view counts.

In addition to hiding likes for your Instagram post, you can also avoid seeing the likes and view counts on other people’s posts.

Does Hiding Likes Count on Instagram Hide It for Everybody?

The likes count will be hidden from everybody if you hide it for your Instagram post. Instead, other Instagram users will see one or two usernames who liked it and group the rest under “others.

You can hide likes, and view counts for all posts individually.  

What You’ll Need To Hide Likes on Instagram

Likes and views are an integral part of using Instagram.

If you prefer not to see the likes and view counts, you can do so by toggling a few advanced settings.

It would need the following:

  • The Instagram app on your phone. You can download it on an iPhone or any android phone by visiting the respective app stores.
  • A valid username and password. Collect the log in credentials if you want to hide likes for a business account.
  • A reliable internet connection. As Instagram is a web-based app, you will need an internet connection to access its settings and features.

How To Hide Likes on Instagram: Step-by-Step Instructions

Hiding likes and view counts only requires a few steps. It is so easy that just about anybody can do it.

While you can hide likes for both your posts and other people’s posts, you have to do it separately.

Step 1: Hiding Likes on Instagram for Other People’s Posts

The best way to stop comparing your likes with an influencer’s Instagram posts is to hide likes for other people’s posts on your Instagram feed.

Simply open the Instagram app and tap on your profile picture at the bottom to go to your account page.

IMG 8018

Click on the hamburger (three lines) icon at the top-right corner and tap “Settings.”

From the Instagram Settings, navigate to Privacy > Posts. You will find several options for likes, view counts, and tags.

IMG 8020

Notice the “Hide likes” option near the top? Toggle it from left to right, and the likes count will be hidden on your feed.  

IMG 8022

Instead, you will see “Liked by [a username] and others” under a post’s content. This also works for Instagram Reels.

Step 2: Hiding Likes Count for a New Instagram Post

You can hide likes, and view counts for every new post you make on Instagram. This can be done by accessing the advanced setting before publishing your post.

Create a post with your preferred content like you usually do. It can be a photo post or an Instagram reel.

Hit “Next” until you reach the “Write a caption” page. Then, find “Advanced settings” and click on it.

IMG 8037

Under “Like and view counts,” you will find a toggle bar next to “Hide like and view counts on this post.”

Tap on the bar or slide it from left to right and return to sharing your post.

IMG 8038

The likes count for this post won’t be visible on the Instagram feed.

The account holder can still check the Instagram likes for this post by clicking on the “Liked by…” section.

Step 3: Hiding Likes Count for a Published Instagram Post

Hiding Instagram likes is a relatively new feature.

You may have posts published before this feature became available or simply forgotten to hide likes for a new post.

Don’t worry; hiding likes is also possible for a previously published post, although you have to do it individually.

Go to your Instagram account page and tap on an old post to view it.

After that, hit the three-dot (…) icon at the top right corner. You will find it right above the post content.

IMG 8033

From the pop-up options, tap on “Hide likes.” You can repeat the steps for each of your old posts and hide their likes.

IMG 8034

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Wrapping Up

Hiding likes can hugely benefit establishing a brand in a new Instagram niche. It can also help personal account holders to stop comparing their performance with others.

It is quick and straightforward to hide likes for new and old Instagram posts. You can also avoid seeing the like counts for other people’s posts on your Instagram.

Enjoyed reading the tutorial? Please comment below with your feedback and share this post with others.

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