Do you want to know how to improve writing skills?

You must start with the headlines.

how to improve writing skills by watching the news

By now you should know that headlines are very important. If you can’t create headlines that capture attention, then you’re toast.

As a writer, this is a skill you desperately need to learn first. Well-crafted headlines will generate more views, engage readers and convert clicks. That’s the reason why writers could spend as long as several days to come up with the best headlines.

If you want to know how to improve writing skills, start watching (or reading) more news

How can it help you write better headlines?

Newscasts have compelling headlines. They’re shocking, completely ear-perking, and sensational at times but they always work. Notice how even if you’re doing something in the kitchen or living room with the TV on and one bit catches your attention and makes you stop what you’re doing?

And you’re not even 100% focused on the TV!

That’s how powerful well-crafted headlines are.

You don’t need to buy books on how to improve writing skills to perfect the art of crafting headlines

You simply have to turn on the TV.

You learn how to write concisely

Newscasts are short yet they’re packed with relevant stuff. They’re like 30-second commercials. They finish quickly but you get a lot of information from them. That’s because news writers know how to write concisely.

They get rid of the fluff and put only the things that matter: the what, when, who, where, why, and how.

The lead is direct to the point. It jumps right into the news.

As a blogger, you must learn the importance of writing concisely. Don’t risk losing readers by going around the bush. Say what you have to say right now.

Pick up a newspaper every morning and study how each article is written. Then practice writing like that.

You learn how to research like crazy

News writers have one of the most difficult jobs in the world because they can’t risk giving out wrong information. Even incomplete data can get them in big trouble and that’s why these people are very meticulous in research.

Doing a lot of research is one effective way on how to improve writing skills. How so?

First you’ll become more familiar with your topic. The more you know about something, the better and quicker you’ll be able to write. Second, it will teach you how to filter fluff. You will be able to identify which data to include in your posts, which is very important because you can’t just throw information to your audience. You need to give them only the information they need.

You learn how to edit really well

Because news needs to be fact-checked and proofread for errors, editors work really hard to ensure that whatever they publish or announce on TV is flawless. The news report may only last a few seconds but the work that goes into making sure it’s perfect takes a lot of time.

Bloggers must know how to edit very well because posts must be short and accurate.

There you go. 3 benefits of watching and reading more news.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll soon be churning out one awesome headline after another.

How to improve writing skills by reading and watching news