This tutorial will show you how to install WordPress if you’ve already set up your hosting account and domain name. Most web hosts include free installable software, including WordPress, in your control panel.

Step 1

After logging into your website’s control panel (you would have received information to access this after setting up your hosting), look for a script area that contains WordPress. Sometimes this is under a separate icon called “Softaculous”, while other times it will be right on your dashboard like this:



Step 2

Clicking on the link for WordPress will open up an informational page with version numbers and such. Click on the Install button:

Step 3

Fill out the required information. You will need to choose which website you want it installed on from the dropdown menu, as well as where on your server (“In Directory”) you would like it stored. Leave this area blank if you want WordPress installed to your root directory (main website), or if you would rather install it in a sub-directory, enter a name for your directory here, for example entering “blog” would install it to You can leave the default info for the other options.


You will also fill our your admin details including username and password. I strongly recommend choosing something other than “admin” because there are hackers out there who try to use this default username to gain access to your site. Make it unique. You can change your actual post display name in the Settings later.

Step 4

The software will install and you will be given a link to your administration area! Use the login information you created previously to login to your dashboard and get creating!

The hosting link above uses a BlueHost affiliate link in which this site earns a commission on each sign up, at no cost to you. This ensures you receive the premium hosting rate we are able to offer.

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