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How To Make a Logo Transparent in Canva: Pro Method

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Looking to make a logo transparent?

You can easily do that in Canva, especially if you have a Canva Pro subscription.

A Canva Pro user can get access to the one-click background remover tool to create a transparent background. You can also download the logo with a transparent background for future use.

In this post, let’s find out how to make a logo transparent in Canva in a few quick steps. I also discuss a free alternative method.

What Is the Best Way To Make a Logo Background Transparent in Canva?

The background remover tool is the best way to make a transparent logo in Canva. Although you will need a Canva Pro subscription to use this tool, its effortlessness makes it worth upgrading. You will also get an eraser and restoration brush to fix the logo background.

What You’ll Need To Make a Logo Transparent in Canva

Canva designing tool is one of the best logo makers available online that can make a logo transparent with just the following:

  • Canva Pro Subscription: The tools required to make a logo transparent and download with the transparent background requires a Canva Pro subscription.
  • Compatible Device: Canva is a powerful designing tool that can be accessed from any smart computing device, including PC, laptop, iPhone, iPad, etc.
  • Web Browser: Unless you use the Canva app on your smartphone, you will need a web browser like Google Chrome to access the Canva designing platform.
  • Internet Connectivity: As a cloud-based software, Canva needs a reliable internet connection to function properly, whether on the Canva app or the web platform.

How To Make a Logo Transparent in Canva: Step-by-Step Instructions

You can create a logo in Canva and download it with a transparent background.

It is also possible to upload your logo and use the background remover tool to make it transparent.

While the BG remover tool is accessible on the app and web platform, you must have a Canva Pro account.

Step 1: Log In to Canva Using Your Canva Pro Credentials

If you already have a Canva Pro account, head to the Canva website or the app and log in using your username and password.

Various designing tools are available for users with a Canva free plan, but that won’t enable you to make a transparent logo.

The background remover tool is only available to Canva Pro users, so you need to upgrade your free account before making a transparent logo.

Check the subscription fees and upgrade your account. You can also use the Canva Pro trial (for a limited time) to make a logo transparent.

You must provide a valid billing method (PayPal or Card details) even for the Canva Pro trial, although it won’t be charged for the first month.

Screenshot 2023 02 16 at 5.58.52 PM

Free Alternative to Canva

If you don’t want to pay to make the logo background transparent, you can use a free image background removal tool available online.

Some of the free tools include:

  1. Remove.bg
  2. Fotor
  3. Adobe Express

Most of these free tools offer manual fixing, although you may need to create a free account depending on your preference.

Step 2: Create or Upload Your Logo To Make It Transparent

Once you log in to Canva, you have two options:

  1. You can design a logo from scratch or start from one of many aesthetic Canva templates.
  2. You can upload your already-designed logo to make its background transparent.

If you need to design a logo, you can explore the templates from the Canva home. The Template option is on the left menu bar.

You can also start by clicking on the “Create a design” button and choosing “Logo” from the available options.

This will give you a blank page with all the logo-creation tools and templates placed on the top and sidebar.

The latter is also applicable for uploading your logo for background removal.

Screenshot 2023 02 16 at 6.21.31 PM

2.1: Design Your Logo in Canva

Click on the “Elements” tab from the left sidebar to create your logo from scratch. You will find numerous shapes, lines, graphics, icons, photos, charts, and whatnot here.

After that, you can click on “Text” to add the name of your business or brand to your logo.

I find using the templates much more manageable, which you can find under the “Design” tab of the left toolbar.

Explore the various templates and click on your preferred choice to add them to the design page.

You can also drag it over to the blank page before making changes.

Screenshot 2023 02 16 at 8.46.48 PM

2.2: Upload Your Logo in Canva

If you want to make your existing logo transparent, upload it to Canva first.

Click on the “Uploads” tab from the left sidebar, then hit the “Upload files” button.

Navigate to the file location in your device and select it in the pop-up file explorer. Then click “Open.” 

Once Canva uploads your logo, click on it to add it to your design page. Next, you have to remove the logo background.

Screenshot 2023 02 16 at 7.03.56 PM

Step 3: Remove the Background of Your Logo in Canva

See how the white background of my logo protrudes out of the aqua canvas? You can fix it in a few clicks.

This step is crucial to make an existing logo transparent, but you can skip it if you just created your logo design right in Canva.

Click on your logo image to select it. Then hit the “Edit image” option from the top toolbar.

Next, click on the “Background remover” tool. It should be at the top of the image editing panel.

Canva should take a few seconds to remove the logo background, with the progression displayed over your logo image.  

Check if your logo is in perfect shape once completed. If not, use the “Erase” and “Restore” brushes from the left panel to fix the logo.

To save your changes, hit the “Apply” button from the bottom of the background remover panel.

Screenshot 2023 02 16 at 7.31.18 PM

Pro Tip: On the Canva app, you will find the background remover under the “Effects” tab, which you can tap to apply to your image.

Step 4: Download Your Logo With a Transparent Background

Now that you have the logo ready (whether uploaded or created), it’s time to download it with a transparent background.

Click on the “Share” button from the top right corner. You will find various options to share your design on different social media platforms.

Hit the “Download” button. Then choose PNG as your file type and drag the toggle bar to set your desired size.

Check the selection box right before “Transparent background” by clicking over it. A tick mark should appear, which is crucial for making the background transparent.

Next, select the correct page if you have multiple, and then hit “Download.”

Your transparent logo should be downloaded on your device in no time.

Note that you may have to select a drive location for the downloaded file if you don’t have a default location set for all downloads in your browser.

Screenshot 2023 02 16 at 7.44.06 PM

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Wrapping Up

Canva makes it straightforward to create a transparent logo as long as you have a Canva Pro subscription.

Whether you create a logo in Canva or upload an existing design, you can make its background transparent by following the steps in my guide.

Ask for further clarification in the comments if you struggle to apply any steps. Like reading my tutorial? Please share it with others on social media to help my blog grow.

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