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How To Make a Picture a Circle in Canva: 4 Steps

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Why make a picture a circle in Canva?

It’s how most social media platforms display the profile picture. Another reason is the effortlessness of making a picture a circle in Canva.

While several tools exist for cropping a picture into a circle, Canva offers a method involving circular picture frames.

It doesn’t require a Canva Pro subscription, either.

In today’s tutorial, let’s find out how to make a picture a circle in Canva in elaborate detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Shape a Picture in Canva?

You can shape a picture in various ways by using frames in Canva. The elements library has numerous interestingly shaped picture frames which can automatically transform the rectangular image structure.

While some picture frames are only accessible by Canva Pro users, many shapes are available for free.

Can You Bend a Picture in a Circle?

Using a circle frame from the elements tab, you can bend a picture into a circle in Canva.

Once you add the frame to your design canvas, drag the picture over it. The shape will automatically fill up with your circularly bent image, which you can then reposition.

What You’ll Need To Make a Picture a Circle in Canva

You don’t even need your own photo to make it a circle. Canva will take care of it all as long as you have the following:

  • A computer or mobile device. You can access Canva online using a web browser on your computer, while the Canva app is available for compatible mobile devices.
  • A reliable internet connection. Canva is an online design tool with all the perks, but it can only be accessed via the internet.
  • A functional Canva account. You can access some limited Canva features online without an account, but it doesn’t include uploading your file or saving your content automatically.

How To Make a Picture a Circle in Canva: Step-by-Step Instructions

While the image crop feature in the Canva photo editor offers various aspect ratios and a handy rotation bar, it doesn’t have the option to crop a picture into a circle.

Using a circular frame element, you can still transform your photo into a circle.

It is available for both Canva Pro and free subscribers.

Step 1: Open Canva and Access the Editor Tool

Go to the Canva website or open the Canva app on your mobile device.

If you need to install the app, head to the App Store (on iOS) or the Google Play store (on Android) and search for Canva.

Screenshot 2023 03 04 at 12.25.33 AM

Enter your account credentials to log in. Then, on the home screen, hit the “Create a design” tab or the Plus/ Cross icon (on the app).

This will enable you to choose a preset canvas size or create a custom page.

You can also create a round photo in a Canva template if needed.

Thousands of stylized templates are available under the “Templates” tab; follow the on-page instructions to use an existing template in your design.

You can also drag a template from the “Design” tab from the left or bottom toolbar of the editor.

Screenshot 2023 03 03 at 11.14.03 PM

Step 2: Insert a Circle Frame in Your Canva Design

Click on the “Elements” tab from the left-sided toolbar on a computer. The option is placed at the bottom of the Canva app.

Type something like ‘circle’ or ‘circle frame’ in the elements search bar. It should be at the top of the screen.

Click or tap the circle frame once found; it should be added to your design.

Alternatively, you can drag it onto your canvas, which is also helpful for placing the photo frame in a suitable position.

Screenshot 2023 03 03 at 11.15.05 PM

Step 3: Drag Your Picture Into the Canva Frame

If you need to upload an image, hit the “Uploads” tab from the left-sided toolbar or the bottom of the app screen.

Next, click or tap on the “Upload files” tab to choose your photo from the device’s file manager. Then, click open.

Screenshot 2023 03 03 at 11.15.39 PM

On the Canva app, you can also upload an image by tapping the “Camera roll” button from the “+” icon.

Once uploaded, you can drag the photo over the circle frame using your cursor. The image will snap into the circle after taking its shape automatically.

On a mobile device, you must add the image to the canvas before dragging it over the frame using your finger.

Screenshot 2023 03 03 at 11.16.53 PM

Pro Tip: Making Circles With Stock Photos

The above method also applies to the stock pictures available in Canva.

Access the “Photos” tab from the left or bottom toolbar, then add and drag a preferred image onto the canvas frame.

The photo will bend into the circle frame in a snap.

Screenshot 2023 03 03 at 11.46.07 PM

Step 4: Fine-Tune, Share, and Download the Picture

Once the picture snaps into the circle frame, you can reposition it as a grouped element.

Of course, all other edit image features also remain accessible.

You can fine-tune the image, apply different effects, crop, or flip it. Adding a gradient layer or other Canva elements, like a text box, is also possible.

Stretching or shrinking the photo by dragging any bordering corners is also possible.

Screenshot 2023 03 04 at 12.39.37 AM

Once you are ready, hit the “Share” button or the sharing icon (on the app). This has several options to present, share a link, download, and schedule a post.

Choose the PNG file type for downloading the photo with maximum quality and editability.

You can also save a different size than your canvas offline by dragging the toggle bar under “Size.” 

Screenshot 2023 03 04 at 12.40.28 AM

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Wrapping Up

Transforming a rectangular picture into a circle can be incredibly beneficial to create a profile picture. You can also use this technique to blend a photo among other design elements.

Despite having no circular crop feature, you can make a photo a circle in Canva. Simply follow the steps in my guide.

Don’t forget to share your experience in the comments section. You can also comment with a question or request further clarification.

You can also help others and my site by sharing this Canva tutorial with your friends and followers online.

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