5 Strategies for Making Money with Your Blog

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Let me guess:
I bet it started out like this…
You started reading some blogs pretty regularly, and you thought “Hey, I could do that! I can start a blog”.
You were full of excitement and plans.

  • You picked a topic that seemed interesting.
  • Bought a hosting plan (after figuring out what hosting really was).
  • And cursed struggled for a week trying to get your blog to look like the demo.

You were so happy writing those first three blog posts that month…
…or maybe you REALLY got into it and posted 33 times in the first six months.
And then the thought finally hit you:
“Now I want to make money with my blog”.
But here’s the Kicker…

You made a BIG mistake

When you started your blog, you thought that the most important decision you’d make was:

  • what you’d write about.
  • or the name of your domain.
  • Or have a great-looking website.

I hate to tell you this:
You Were Wrong

Strategy #1: The Most Important Decision You’ll Make as a Blogger is What Your Business Will Be.

It’s true:
The missing piece in almost every blogger’s plans is just how you will earn money consistently.
But don’t worry. We can rescue you and your blog.
You can create a plan to make money with your blog…
…even if you have sold nothing before.
The first step?

Listen To Your Readers

Your goal is for your readers to see you as a trusted friend and a valuable resource. Before you sell anything, you need to build a relationship first.
And the key to building that relationship?
Focus on your reader’s needs.
When you can put yourself in their shoes…
…you can understand exactly what they want and how to deliver it to them.

Find Online Conversations

To understand your readers’ problems, you need the hard data that they will provide to you themselves.
You need to listen to the conversations they have online.
The easiest way to learn about your audience’s thoughts and feelings is through:

  • Blog posts
  • Blog comments on other blogs
  • Forum postings
  • Social media sites
  • Amazon book reviews

Even better, you can ask for the specific data you need by directly asking your readers to take a few minutes to give you feedback.
Online surveys are easy to conduct and there are free tools, like Survey Monkey, which walk you through it step-by-step.

Understanding Their Problems

So the key is to listen closely to your readers to understand their problems and desires.
Selling isn’t about forcing a product down anybody’s throat.
In fact, you’ll be far more successful in the long run and make more sales if you take a different approach.
When you empathize with your audience, you can create a marketing message that resonates with them and shows that you’re a responsive blogger that listens and cares.
You can then offer the products and services that your readers are already actively seeking, rather than trying to convince them to buy products they never wanted in the first place.

It’s Never Too Late

Start by listening closely. See what your readers are thinking, feeling and saying while you cruise around the web this week.
It’s never too late to turn your blog into a business.

Strategy #2: The Formula For A Profitable, Successful Blog.

If you now agree that you need a blogging business, this will hit home.
Last week I had a coaching call with Sally, a new client with a 2-year-old fashion blog.
I asked how she was making money with her blog and she replied “I have Google ads on it”.
So, just like Dr. Phil, I asked,

“And how’s that working for you?”

She said that in November; she had 83,132 visitors and made $194 from Google. You DID NOT read that wrong – about 83 THOUSAND visitors (NOT page views—actual people) were stopping by her blog monthly and from that; she was making about $200… A MONTH!
Pennies – that’s how Google was rewarding her – just pennies for her high traffic stats!

The Last Thing You Should Do

Here’s the deal:
…putting advertising on your site to make money is the last thing you should do.
Ads make your site look uninviting and pay you practically nothing until you have close to half a million views a month…and how long is that going to take?  Plus they slow down your site and keep your visitors from signing up to your email list.
…what’s the bottom line?

Give It Up

Bloggers that create their own eBooks, teach their own courses or offer one-on-one coaching are making way more than they would make with ads.
Want to know the best part?
If that product, course or coaching solves one of their readers’ main problems, then they make a lot more.

How To Have A Successful Blog

This is the formula I teach my clients…

Great content + Free traffic + A strong offer = a profitable blog.

You’ve already been creating great content and you are building up your traffic every month.
Now you might wonder:

“Just how do you create a strong offer?”.

By listening to your audience – on blog comments, social media, and your own reader survey questions – and building what they already want and need.

Strategy #3: Create a Strong Offer to Make [Even More] Money

Here are examples of strong offers. (And notice how they solve a problem for their customers and clients).
Freelance Services
Corinne offers freelance writing services for blog posts, articles, eBooks, and press releases. to small businesses that are too busy to write.
Tor sells one-on-one coaching so his entrepreneurial clients can set goals, save time and increase their results.
Kyla is a business coach and digital strategist who offers business strategy consulting to passionate, dedicated entrepreneurs.
Jane makes her clients’ best-selling authors without them having to even write the book.
Dre offers solopreneurs visual branding via a DIY course plus she has a one-on-one branding mentorship, freelance design services, and an eBook.
Each of these bloggers has a profitable, successful blog with strong offers…
…offers that make them money month in and month out.

The Truth About Making Money

Ads will not be the answer to making money with your blog.
Instead, focus your efforts on selling your own products, courses, and services so that you can make more money blogging.

Strategy #3: Sell Affiliate Products.

Hands down, affiliate marketing is one of the most proven and effective ways to earn passive income online. There are many successful affiliate marketers, like Pat Flynn, who earn over 100,000 dollars through affiliate product selling every single month. [Yes, you heard it right.] If you’re looking for passive income sources to monetize your blog or website, selling affiliate products that are highly relevant to your blog audience is the best way.
That being said, making money from affiliate marketing is NOT at all easy and most people who jump into affiliate marketing never make even one sale. If you want to make money from affiliate marketing as a beginner, follow these tips.

Choose your niche first

Since you’re promoting affiliate products, it’s always better to define your niche first. That way you can target the right audience and customers to increase your affiliate sales.
Instead of targeting a big market, it’s a smart idea to narrow down your blog topics and stick to 2 to 3 topics so you can serve your audience better and promote highly relevant affiliate products to earn more commission.

Built trust

Let me tell you one thing: people don’t buy from strangers online.
One of the simplest ways to build a rapport with your website audience is to build an email list and educate your email subscribers about the products you promote.

Choose your products wisely

Don’t promote products that you don’t use. The #1 rule of successful affiliate marketing is: promote only those products that you personally use and are satisfied with.

Be patient

Last but not least: always be patient. Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes time plus trial and error to understand how online selling works. Until then, keep hustling and always be learning from other marketers online.
You’ll succeed in affiliate marketing if you’re creating great content and promoting relevant products that your target audience wants.

Strategy #4: STOP Doing These So You Make Even More Money From Your Blog

I love teaching beginning bloggers how to make money from their blogs.
But what I don’t love is seeing new bloggers do things that sabotage their ability to make an income.
Making a sustainable income from your blog isn’t a piece of cake ­ but it is doable, as long as you approach it in the right way.
Which means not doing any of the following things.

  • Waiting Too Long to Sell Something

Too many bloggers wait too long to sell anything -­ which trains their audiences that everything they create is free.
It’s important to sell something ­, even if it’s small, ­soon after you start blogging.
When you sell things with your blog, you train your readers to buy from you.
If you only provide free content, your readers never expect you to sell to them ­and then when you do sell, you will lose subscribers.

  • Selling Something That Your Audience Doesn’t Want

Another huge mistake I see beginner bloggers make is trying to sell something that your audience isn’t interested in.
Instead of creating a product based on helping their readers experience a transformation in their lives (which is the key to making money from your blog), many beginner bloggers create a product that they think is a good idea, but that their readers don’t want.
Before you put a product out there, make sure it’s something your audience wants and cares about.
Do the research to find out what your readers need help to achieve.
In the first email that I send out to my subscribers, I ask them what they’re struggling with in their blogs.
I receive dozens of answers to this question each day, and they help me decide which products and services to launch, ­which is why I’m able to make a steady income from my blog.

  • Spending Too Much Time Creating Content For Your Own Blog ­And Not Enough On Guest Posting And Promotion

I always tell my clients to write 4 blog posts a month, ­2 for their own blogs and 2 guest posts for other blogs.
When you’re a beginner blogger, one of the most important things you can do to make money is to grow your blog traffic. And no one will find your blog if you’re not getting out there and guest posting.

  • Selling Affiliate Products That Don’t Match Your Blog’s Niche

You may love having BlueHost as your web host, but if your blog is about cooking, you probably won’t be getting many people who want to buy website hosting from your affiliate link.
Before you partner with an affiliate program, make sure that they align their products with your brand and your niche. Otherwise, no matter how great their products are, your readers probably won’t be interested in buying them.

  • Not Having A Clear Niche For Your Blog

People buy from people they trust. And it’s very difficult to build trust when your blog is all over the place.
Many beginner bloggers want to blog about everything from dog food to fashion. So when someone new shows up at their blog, they don’t know what the blog is about, and they leave and never come back.
It’s great to have a lot of interests, but if you don’t focus on one topic that helps a specific group of people, you will have a harder time knowing which products, whether they’re your own or an affiliate’s, to sell to your audience. You also won’t build the trust and authority you need for people to buy from you.
Find a niche and stick to it. Then create a product that you know your readers will love. That’s the best way to make money from your blog in the beginning.

Strategy #5: Maximize the Amount of Money You Make Blogging

Here are the 3 important things that every beginner blogger should know before starting a blog or website to make money from it. Get it right and you’ll be on your way to building a highly profitable blog in the long run.

Create a monetization strategy

It sounds really interesting to start a blog and make money from it but in reality, making money from a new blog is hard especially when you’ve zero online reputation. That’s the reason you need to create a solid monetization strategy.
Find out what ways you will use to make money from your blog. Are you looking to monetize through affiliate marketing by selling your own products or services? Or do you have any different plans? Carefully analyze your competitor websites to see what works best for you.

Networking is the key

You can’t succeed alone in building a successful blog online. That’s why networking is essential. You need to connect with other bloggers and build a strong rapport with them if you are a successful blogger.
Use social media sites wisely to connect with other bloggers in your industry by tweeting their stuff, commenting on their posts, linking out to their blog frequently, etc.

Never depend upon one income or traffic source

Never put all your eggs in one basket.
Likewise, it’s not a good idea to put all your efforts on one income source or traffic source. Majority of the people depend heavily on Google search traffic. If you’re just starting out, focus on other platforms such as social media, blogging forums, and guest posting to diversify your traffic sources.
Also, diversify your income sources. Instead of focusing on just one income source, try to monetize your blog in various ways such as product reviews, affiliate products, blog services, etc, to find the best performing sources for your website.

Making Money As a New Blogger

Starting a blog is easy but you need to work extra hard to make it profitable.
If you focus on helping others with your content by attracting more visitors to your site, you’ll find plenty of ways to monetize your blog, even if it’s brand new.
Want some help with this? Here is some info about the Successful Blogging Accelerator Coaching Program – I have one opening for later this month.

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