This seems to be a rather easier topic to blog about isn’t it? Well, I too thought so before sitting down to write this article, but in fact, it is a difficult topic to write, believe me. So what are the things that will make you not pay a second visit to a new blog?

A lot of things actually, it’s difficult to categorize and prioritize each but I’m sure all of us can give ‘n’ number of reasons from our own experience.

  1. The Layout and template
    Having a bad template affects you negatively more than anything else. People don’t like to visit poorly designed pages. Even if the content is great people will not find it attractive because the template does not look good or simply it doesn’t allow them to take a good look at the content. We’ve seen lot of blogs that use stupid templates with lot of decorations and pictures that really obstruct the content(unless if it’s a radio station, port folio etc..). A template should be able to promote your content more than anything else. It’s graphical part should be secondary and should complement the content, rather than being too bright and not selling the content properly. (Having said that, please note that I’m assuming that you have a blog that has lot of content and is intended for reading.)
  2. Less or no content
    Another factor that fails to attract readers is the lack of content in the blog. When there are lot of quality websites around, if someone has to really come back to your blog looking for information then you got to show them that you have the info with you. Having less posts and articles is the first and foremost thing that will give a bad impression about you. Also, there are some blogs that fails to show-off their content. they may have great content in their archive pages but none of them would have been displayed properly. Hence they fail to impress the readers.
  3. Number of feed subscribers
    If you have less than 100(It depends on what you think is a healthy number) RSS subscribers it’s better that you don’t show off your feedburner status to the world. Wait until you get more than 100 or a healthy number of RSS subscribers and then you can show off the feed count. Provide a feedcount of less than 100 and your visitor can easily make out how successful your blog is.People don’t want to come back to a blog with less subscribers, if people have not been subscribing to your blog, there’s a valid reason to it and a new visitor would like to stand by them unless he finds something very compelling.
  4. Too many ads
    Yes, we all are in the same game and would love to put all those affiliate links and ads to the blog. But have you ever wondered why Darren Rowse or John Chow does not put them all together? Or if they do, they arrange and categorize them in to a corner or in a non- obtrusive place. Reason – they value the readers and don’t want to take away their comfort. But young inexperienced bloggers try to put  in as many ads as possible and spoil the whole show. A visitor can easily make out that the blog is a struggler and the blogger just want to earn some money from the ads and does not really care about what you read or how comfortable you are.
  5. Less links to resources
    A visitor can easily make out if you are an island or not. If you are not linking to other blogs, where ever resources are available, you might not be seen as a credible person by the visitor. Especially when they know that there are more info on the topic you just wrote about available elsewhere. So refrain from linking to genuine resources and it will help your visitor to know if you are a credible guy or not.

There are more factors that helps you to shoo-away your first time readers, and many of us do it just so cool !

I’ve shared my experience (Didn’t have to try too hard! ). Do you know of better ways to drive away visitors?