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How to Overcome Long Term Employee Momentum As a Blogger



Do you feel a bit shackled by having an employee mindset?

I did. For years.

Sometimes, if you have been an employee for years or even decades, the momentum of thinking, feeling and acting like an employee seems overwhelming in moments. How can you work for free, for years? You need to get paid for your work! You HAVE been getting paid for your work, for decades. Making this shift feels scary. But you need to make the shift if you ever plan to be an entrepreneur, a blogger.

First, buy my blogging mindset eBook:

Creating the Mindset of a Successful Blogger

Then take these steps to think, feel and act like a blogger, not an employee.

Own Employee Tendencies

I just received a Paypal payment a few moments ago. A few days ago, I transferred another Paypal payment I received recently. Both payments arrived because I generously helped people, developed my skills and built my friend network. Neither payment arrived because I worked for 5 days per week. Employees expect payment for time worked. This is not the case as a blogger; money flows to you based on your skills and friend network; not hours worked. Own all employee thinking-feeling. Begin the process of shifting from long time employee to pro blogger.

Increase Mindset Work

You release employee tendencies by becoming fully aware of the fears you cling to regarding letting go employee ways to make room for blogging ways. This involves doing deep mindset work, following habits like meditating, doing yoga and taking time for serious introspection. My life changed the moment I dug deep and spend significant time daily working on my mindset. I had a tough time with thinking like an employee up until I became aware of these thought patterns, hugged the feelings and released many of my employee habits, for good.

Spend time working on your mindset. Be diligent. Let go old ways of thinking, feeling and doing to become a successful blogger.

Be Patient with Yourself

I had zero entrepreneurial bones in my body 10 years ago when I chose to become a blogger. I only thought like an employee. Changing my employee ways required time, patience and compassion in dealing with myself. I firmly believed you get money based on a specific amount of time you worked, as employees do. How could I quickly and easily shift from that thinking to expecting to work months without receiving a penny? Impossible.

Be gentle and patient with yourself. Going from employee to entrepreneur takes time and mental vigilance.

Surround Yourself with Successful Entrepreneurs

Sue-Ann Bubacz is a highly successful blogger who has been a successful entrepreneur offline too. I have learned a great deal from her about building bonds and noting the small details of running a successful venture. Follow her. Learn from her. Leave your employee level thinking behind by immersing yourself in the wisdom of thriving entrepreneurs.

Lisa Sicard made a smooth transition from employee to entrepreneur, becoming a full time blogger recently. She embodies the entrepreneur mindset of creating immense value, networking tirelessly and building strong bonds with people.

Sue-Ann and Lisa are both pro’s pros; follow them, to learn from the best.

Please be gentle with yourself. We are all human. I have blogged for 10 years and still uncover employee tendencies on the regular, popping up in my silly mind. Follow your fun. Nudge into fear. Free yourself through blogging as you think less like an employee, and more like an owner.



Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Lisa Sicard

    October 3, 2019 at 4:00 pm

    Hi Ryan,
    Thank you so much. It’s amazing what we can all learn from one another, isn’t it? You really have to change your mindset to change your habits and then your life. It’s a step by step CONSCIOUS process. Thanks for everything Ryan! Have a great evening.

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Do You Judge Your Blogging Day by Numbers on a Screen?



One of the genuinely most bizarre things that bloggers do is judging their entire day by numbers on a screen. I just checked my email inbox. I saw one email. I received money from PayPal. Cool. Did I worry or stress out or fear that I received one email versus 20 or 30 or 40? Of course not. I don’t want email. I want to have fun helping people and make passive income all day long. That is my intent. Email pulls me away from that intent which pulls me away from a passive empire which pulls me away from a life of Fun and Freedom. Do you see how reframing your thinking and clarifying your intent helps you be free and successful? Do you also see why it’s a huge mistake to judge your day by numbers on a screen?

I recall panicking in the past when I felt that I did not receive enough emails in a day. This was silly but it was fear, too. Resisting fear makes you do really silly stuff. Like judging your blogging day by numbers on a screen. The only way you succeed online is by generously helping people, trusting in yourself and in the blogging process and opening multiple streams of income. Be this person and you will succeed. But the split-second you begin judging numbers on a screen, you screw up that entire process because generosity becomes stinginess. Bloggers hold back because they fear giving too much away in a universe of abundance. The split-second you hold back, traffic and profits are held back from you. This is why most bloggers never make more than $100 during their online career.

Never judge your blogging day by numbers on a screen. In most cases you will feel like the numbers are not enough, which leads to feeling bad, which leads to failure. In a few cases you will become excited at big numbers then crash at the end of the day. In a few cases you will feel average or mediocre, which is not a good emotion. Stop judging numbers on a screen. Blog your passion, have fun helping people, trust in the process and open multiple streams of income. This is a successful blogging formula.

Be a process focused blogger versus being an outcomes focused blogger. Stop basing your life on numbers on a screen. This is almost a form of insanity when you think about it. You have such unlimited potential to help people and live your dreams but staring at numbers scares you? This makes zero sense. Stop staring at numbers on a screen and judging them, feeling like you are not enough or you are not getting enough. You are enough. You are whole and complete. Follow your passion. Be generous. Help many people for free every day but open multiple income streams through which you receive money. This process is simple but uncomfortable sometimes because it requires facing fears, feeling fears and developing your emotional intelligence. Most people would rather judge their day by numbers on a screen vs. facing deep fears and feeling these fears. I was in that lot for a long time. This was not a pleasant of my blogging career.

But facing fears by owning that I judged numbers on a screen and felt really bad about it most of the time helped me feel these fears and release these fears, creating the generous, abundant blogger you see today. Blogging is easier for me these days because I judge a little and give a lot. I also trust more deeply in the blogging process. I trust in myself too. Everything moved in this direction when I stop judging my blogging day by numbers on a screen.


Do you need branding help?

Buy my eBook:

7 Online Branding Boo Boos (and How to Fix Them)

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Do You Get Lost in Blogging Busywork?



My prime business intent going forward is to get my 124 ebooks in 1 billion places. That’s it. I will promote other opportunities of course and prosper through multiple channels but it is a billion with my 124. Hold me to that. Wait a second. You won’t have to hold me to that. I’m pretty good about being accountable to myself.

Anyway, it’s been fascinating to see moments of my mind attempting to pull me to blogging busy work. You know exactly what I mean. For me, my day is largely about promoting my ebooks through Twitter, Facebook, blog posts, guest posts, Live broadcasts on Facebook, my podcast, and videos on Twitter as well. Other than promoting a few other opportunities, I do not intend to do anything else. But of course my mind tries to pull me toward blogging busy work at times. How does my sidebar look? Is my sidebar converting enough? What about blog comments? Should I open comments on specific old blog posts? Each question indicates some type of busy work that is not genuinely important or business building for your blog. Of course, most bloggers spend a fair chunk of their days on busy work and wonder why they struggle and fail so horribly. If you spend most of your time doing what does not matter, you will fail. But if you spend most of your time doing what does matter, creating and connecting and opening multiple streams of income, you will succeed. Blogging is that simple.

But blogging is not comfortable at all because even though we intellectually know to avoid busy work, our fears pull us in towards the silly activities. Some bloggers spend weeks or months or even years doing stuff that ultimately does not matter. Why spend hours on your blog design when it’s the content you create and the connections you build that lead to your greatest blogging success? You have to be honest with yourself when it comes to blogging. Being straight with yourself makes the difference between success and failure.

I usually catch myself within seconds to minutes of being engaged in busy work that does not really make a difference. I scan my email in seconds. I am down to that number now. But I recall my struggling days when I would be in my email for 20 minutes or an hour or longer every day. I tried to read every word of every email. I tried to engage every silly sponsored post pitch. Huge mistakes. I wasted so much time on what didn’t matter. You know what matters? Creating helpful content and building genuine connections with human beings by helping other bloggers. Do these things and you position yourself to succeed. Add income streams and you position yourself to become a full-time blogger, just like I discuss in this eBook.

Blogging is simple but uncomfortable. Creating and connecting feels uncomfortable when your fear pulls you toward busy work. Ego is like that. The mind is like that. It makes a mountain out of a molehill by pulling you away from core, business building blogging activities towards stuff that waste your time. I have never looked at a heat map in my blogging life yet I’ve circled the globe for the past eight years as a professional blogger. Feel free to spend a few moments checking out heat maps but when moments become hours, you’re messing up. You’re too engaged in blogging busy work. Help people freely and generously. Trust in the process. Open multiple streams of income. Promote your core opportunity the most, like me promoting my 124 ebooks. Success will find you.

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Do You Reject or Accept Opportunities for Growth?



I just wrote and self published this ebook in a little over 24 hours:

7 Things that Inspired Me to Go from Scared Security Guard to Smiling Island Hopper

 not bad, eh? I asked my readers for ebook ideas.  I received answers. I wrote the ebook. I really hustled on this one. I’ve already generated a quick sale. How? I accept opportunities for growth immediately. Do you feel the same way? Or do you reject opportunities for blogging growth? Be honest with yourself. This is not a comfortable process for bloggers to follow because your ego may sting a little bit.

 Blogging struggle is borne of rejecting opportunities for growth. Blogging success is born of accepting opportunities for blogging growth immediately. I opened another income stream within 24 hours based on seizing an opportunity immediately. No hesitating. No hemming and hawing. No delaying. Other than sleeping for a handful of hours I did nothing else other than write the ebook, proofread the ebook, add photos and publish the sucker during that 24-hour stretch. Oh yeah. I also did some networking and content creating and yes, I promoted a handful of my 123 books. But I wrote ebook number 124 during that time frame too. Why? I love blogging. I love freedom. I love seizing opportunities for blogging growth.

 Emerson said all life is an experiment and the more experiments you make the better. This wise man knew the secret to success. Seize the moment and squeeze all you can out of the moment by accepting opportunities for blogging growth fast. If a reader nudges you to write an ebook, write the darn ebook. Do not delay. Unless you despise writing, and you probably don’t because you blog, write the ebook, help the reader and make money. If one reader has that issue than 50 million readers have that issue. We are all human beings with pretty similar problems when you break everything down.

 How quickly do you reject opportunities for growth because you fear something or someone?  My most lucrative freelance writing client basically had to beg me to work for him. I so deeply feared I would not be worth the money he was paying me and I also feared his criticism, even though he was such a nice, warm, genuine dude. After he would not accept me saying no, I accepted the job and made a pretty penny over the course of our relationship. I learned my lesson. Now I gobble up opportunities for growth so quickly it’ll make your head spin.

 I could go to bed right now to take a quick nap. I just worked for the long stretch to write the e-book and release it. But I gobble up this opportunity to write a guest post. Again guys, I accept opportunities for growth and grow like a stinking blogging weed.

 Do not ignore opportunities because you fear seizing blogging opportunities because ignorance leads to struggle, failure and quitting. Seize the moment. Seize opportunities for blogging growth. Write the guest post. Broadcast live on Facebook. Upload a video to Twitter. Write the ebook. Convert it to audiobook. Create a course. How do you think I retired to a life of island hopping? I did not sit on the sidelines folks, waiting and waiting and waiting for opportunities. I seized opportunities for growth quickly and more opportunities flowed my way. Opportunities seized, multiply fast. Opportunities rejected disappear immediately.

Seize the blogging moment! 

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