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How To Print Double-Sided On Google Docs

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Are you looking to print on both sides of your paper?

Are you trying to figure out how to print double-sided on Google Docs?

Double-sided printing can help you save on printing costs since you are using both sides of the sheet. It’s eco-friendly too, as less paper is used which reduces paper waste and saves trees.

The technique is also used when printing books and other types of conventional texts like newspapers.

The issue is that double-sided printing isn’t a straightforward process on Google Docs. Single-sided printing is the default option.

You must dig through the settings and use the right printer before you can effect duplex printing on the word processor.

In this article, I will show you how to print double-sided on Google Docs and what to do if you don’t have access to a duplex printer.

Can I Print Double-Sided On Google Docs?

The option will only show up on Google Docs if you connect your device with a duplex printer (a printer that supports double-sided printing).

Once you have connected a suitable printer, go to File > Print > More, then toggle “Print on both sides.”

Do All Printers Print Double-Sided?

Not all printers support duplex printing, so you must check with your supplier or the printer manual to ensure you have that option.

If you are stuck with a manual printer, there is a workaround that lets you print double-sided on Google Docs.

What Is Needed To Print Double-Sided On Google Docs

Here are the tools and resources you will need to effect double-sided printing on Google Docs:

  • A Duplex Printer — you can only access the double-sided printing option with the right printer. Duplex printers let you print on both sides automatically, while others may provide instructions that guide you on how to manually insert pages for manual duplex printing.
  • Paper Sheets — this is a given if you are planning on printing documents from your device.

How To Print Double-Sided On Google Docs: Step-By-Step Instructions

I will be explaining two methods that you can use to get your double-sided paper.

The right method for you depends on the type of printer you are using — a duplex printer or a non-duplex printer.

  1. Automatic double-sided printing using a duplex printer
  2. Manual double-sided printing using a non-duplex printer

Method 1: Automatic Double-Sided Printing Using A Duplex Printer

Use Google Chrome to open the relevant Google Doc by importing it from your device or selecting it from Google Drive.

Once the file is opened, move over to the toolbar and press File > Print to access the Print settings box.

Alternatively, you can use the Ctrl + P keyboard shortcut on Windows ( Command + P on Mac).

01 file print print box on google docs

The Print menu box lets you set the destination, number of pages, and text color of your document.

The print settings option we are looking for is under the More settings section.

02 print more settings on google docs

There will notice a number of settings options but nothing related to double-sided printing. That’s because you haven’t connected your duplex printer to your computer.

Once you do that, the “print on both side” option will show up under the More settings section.

03 print on both sides google docs

Toggle the checkbox next to the option, then click the blue Print button to automatically print out your content on both sides of your sheet.

Method 2: Manual Double-Sided Printing Using A Non-Duplex Printer

Open your file in Googles Docs and navigate to File and choose Print. With this method, you have nothing to do in the More settings option.

Head over to the Pages option instead, and click the dropdown button.

Select Custom from the dropdown box, then type in any series of odd numbers. For example; 1,3,5,7.

Click Print and a side of your page will be printed.

04 odd numbers for duplex printing

Once a side of your sheet has been printed, turn it over correctly so the other side can also be printed.

Now, under Pages > Custom, type in a series of even numbers like 2,4,6,8, then click the Print button again.

05 even numbers for duplex printing

I recommend that you diligently follow the instructions I have outlined above to successfully implement the manual method.

Any mistake in the process will lead to failure.

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Wrapping Up

All you need for double-sided printing on Google Docs is the right printer, and the whole process won’t take more than a couple of minutes.

You will only need to work harder and avoid mistakes if you are using the manual duplex printing method.

If you have any questions about automatic duplex printing or the manual method, please feel free to ask in the comments section.

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