How to Register a Domain Name with FatCow

By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

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Web hosting companies play a key role in the success of your website. They provide you with a web server, and a connection to the internet. This allows everyone to see your site. If you do not have your website hosted, it will not be indexed in search engines. It will basically just sit there on the internet, and no one will be drawn to it. We will show you How to Register a Domain Name with FatCow and get the domain name for free and cheap web hosting.

A hosting company provides a number of services that will help generate more traffic to your site. FatCow is one of the leading hosting companies available. They offer free web building tools and a free domain when you purchase a hosting package.

How to Register a Domain Name with FatCow

Registering your domain name with FatCow opens up a number of opportunities, including Automated Domain Renewal Service and Domain Privacy. You will need to sign up for an account with FatCow, and then register your domain name.

Here are the steps to registering a domain name with FatCow.

  • 1. Log into account.
  • 2. Navigate to Domain Central.
  • 3. Enter your domain name in the Reserve a New Domain Name box. Click on Check Domain Name. It will let you know if your domain is available.
  • 4. Choose the domain name.
  • 5. Choose when to register.
  • 6. Select Domain Privacy, if you want your domain name to be private.
  • 7. Choose to Add to existing account if you logged in, or New Account if you want to add the domain to a different account.
  • 8. Enter Payment details.
  • 9. Select Continue.

Once this is complete, FatCow will automatically email you a receipt of registration. In your account, the Domain Name page will show the progress of your registry.

Domain Name

You want to make sure that you have a good domain name, as this will help bring visitors to your site. Your web address will break down into different parts. Let’s take for example. All websites will begin with www, which stands for World Wide Web. FatCow would be known as the domain name, and .com is the extension.

Domain Name Extensions

Up until this point there were only a number of extensions for you to choose from, such as .net, .com and .org. Now the extensions have been opened up to the general public, and there are a number of new ones being offered. These new extensions are being called top level domains or TLDs.

FatCow is proud to announce that the first rounds of domain extensions are live. More will be added weekly. However, these new domain extensions are offered on a first come basis.


Pre-registration is being offered, and you will want to sign up now. The new domain extensions will go quickly. When you pre-register for a TDL, you are securing your chances of getting that extension.

These extensions are highly sought after, which will make it hard for those wanting a very popular extension. You can search extensions by entering a domain name or keyword into the search box.

No Guarantee

Even with pre-registration, there is no guarantee that you will get the domain extension that you want. There will be an auction for domain extensions that multiple individuals sign up for. The winner of the auction will receive the extension. Registration fees will be returned to those who do not win. How to Register a Domain Name with FatCow and get the domain for free , buy the cheap hosting and get your domain for free.

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