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How To Repurpose Content In 2023: Your Complete Guide

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With ever-changing trends on social platforms and search engine guidelines, your content needs constant revision and revamping. But as a marketer, creating new content pieces every time can be daunting.

Enter Content repurposing. With content repurposing, you can bring back your old content stronger than ever. It can also save you from creative block.

But mind you; repurposing isn’t just copy-pasting.

Continue reading for an in-depth guide on how to repurpose content for broader reach and engagement.

What Does It Mean To Repurpose Content?

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Repurposing content means revisiting your good old content pieces and remodeling them according to current market trends.

It could be those content pieces that performed well back in time or hold the potential to perform well now if given the right direction.

For example, you wrote a terrific article on pollution a few years back, but you have found some different statistics now. You can repurpose that old blog into a Twitter post with the current stats and alterations to grab more reach and attention.

To clearly understand what content repurposing is, let’s look at what content repurposing is not:

  • Lazy Reposting – Copying your old content without revision and posting it again with a changed description.
  • Content Stealing – Picking up content from another website without modifying it according to your website or brand.
  • Cross-channel Marketing – Posting the same marketing campaign on different social media platforms.

Why Is Repurposing Content Important?

As a marketer, you constantly experiment with different types of content to see what works for you and your audience. So, content repurposing or recycling allows you to revise your old content and alter it according to the current scenario.

Here are some benefits:

  • Reaching Audience With Diverse Tastes: As some people like reading and some prefer to watch videos, you can repurpose your written content into video format to leverage audience diversity.
  • Easy To Scale: You do not have to waste time brainstorming or making content from scratch, as it is already ready to use. Instead, simply remix or restyle it according to the platform or audience demand to increase engagement and reach.

What Is The Benefit Of Repurposing Content?

People consume so much daily content that they forget what you posted a few years or months ago. It gives you the advantage of redesigning the same content without damaging your content standard so that they find it different from the last time. If your content has value, it’s a win-win for all.

Here are some more benefits of repurposing content:

Work Towards Multiple Goals

You don’t have to limit your content to a single space or platform. Instead, repurposing content with a content syndication strategy helps you publish your best content piece on multiple platforms in multiple forms to maximize attention and achieve numerous goals.

For example, you can repurpose a popular blog into a bit-sized Instagram post or YouTube shorts. It helps you gain multiple audiences and use those performance insights to generate inbound leads.

Helps You Improve Content That Wasn’t Successful

Many-a-times, content creators make content that doesn’t perform well. They blame it on themselves and leave it aside for good.

However, you must realize whether a content piece performs well depends on many factors besides the creator.

That is where content repurposing comes in. Do not underestimate your abilities or get disheartened by the poor performance of your content.

All you need to do is direct it in the right way, at the right time, for the right audience, on the right platform again.

Allows You to Reach More People

We all know that social media platform algorithms support content that follows current trends.

So over the years, as you come across new audiences and understand what they like, it is wise to revisit your old content and see if it will work for them now. The good news, it mostly does.

Explore new platforms, search for your target audience, and deliver your previous content in a more power-packed format (like clipping your 1-hour podcast into bite-sized shorts). It will boost your reach and helps your content go viral.

Maximizes Your Time and Effort

Content repurposing saves time and effort as you apply new marketing ideas to the same old content piece and generate more remarkable results.

In addition, the time you save here can be utilized to focus on other tasks like customer service.

Boosts SEO

Among other factors, search engines favor fresh and updated content. So you can add an infographic or a free tool to match search intent and earn backlinks.

Maybe your old keyword has lost search volume. In such a situation, revising your old content with new keyword trends can bring more traffic (at comparatively less effort).

How To Choose Content To Repurpose

The first step to repurposing is to choose which content to repurpose. Here’s your handy guide:

Strongest Pieces of Content

While you might not be the best critic of your work, good quality cannot go unnoticed. You can easily judge which piece of content is strong or has the potential to perform well based on its previous engagement and reviews.

Then, redesign that content and publish it again in the best way imaginable.

Content That Didn’t Perform Well

It is always a bummer to know that a piece of content you worked hard on didn’t catch up with the audience as you expected.

But don’t worry; it only gives you the experience so you don’t repeat previous mistakes and approach things differently.

So, pick that content and repurpose it for the desired platform and target audience.  

Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is the information that stays relevant even after 5 or 10 years.

It could be a guide on gardening, travel essentials, or your original literature pieces. So, revisit all your old content pieces to look for topics that are relevant till now.

Then, stack them aside and repurpose them later on different platforms in a new way.

Content That Easily Converts to Another Format

You can pick up those content pieces for repurposing that can fit the format of other platforms. For example, you can easily convert the quotes you post on a blog into Instagram posts.

Additionally, you can easily incorporate your YouTube video’s content into a blog post.

How To Build A Repurposing Content Strategy

While content repurposing can prove very useful for your brand or business, it may not generate the expected results if not implemented strategically.

Here’s how you can plan a solid content workflow:

  • Figure Out What Content You’ll Repurpose: Look at the format of content you wish to repurpose to estimate how long it will take. If you want to repurpose written content into video, start early, as it requires more time and effort.
  • Figure Out the Best Way to Repurpose Your Content: Look for the best tools, references, and platforms to make your work easier. Software like Canva, Adobe, and Audacity can come in handy to convert your content into different formats.
  • Set a Content Schedule: Lastly, make a schedule of all the repurposed content, declaring their publishing timelines. You can schedule according to your previous performance statistics. Stick to this schedule to gain the most benefits and maintain consistency.

How To Repurpose Content

Converting an existing content piece into a different yet acceptable format is a skill. Let us see how:

How To Repurpose Content On Social Media

Social media is all about visuals. People love scrolling through images and videos.

  1. If you want to repurpose written content on social media, imprinting it on an image is best. Then, use a high-quality background photo and resize it as required.
  2. As people on social media have a short attention span, avoid posting long videos. Instead, post high-resolution snippets of your video content and divert the audience onto the next platform.  
  3. Share user-generated content such as customer reviews, tweets about your product, works of writers who participated in your writing competition, or the success rate of your campaign.
  4. Post infographics that the audience finds relatable, knowledgeable, or helpful.

How To Repurpose Marketing Content

Marketing content is precious to every brand and should be repurposed repeatedly to enjoy maximum benefits.

  1. Test different strategies on your website, collect data, and evaluate the response. Later, share this data as case studies with your audience to increase interest and engagement.
  2. Repurpose your old presentations into slide decks by uploading them on platforms like Slideshare. Later, embed those slide decks in your blogs or web pages.

How To Repurpose Content in SEO

People like to stay updated with recent articles or findings, and search engines know that. So, it keeps the latest articles on top of dated pages.

So, here’s how you can repurpose your dated content:

  1. Identify evergreen content on your website and remold it. Incorporate trending keywords in that niche from top-ranking websites and update your content accordingly.
  2. Break down your well-performing content into bite-sized pieces in the form of images, infographics, video snippets, etc. They will ultimately increase the reach of your website content.
  3. Publish content on other platforms with a link redirecting towards the original channel to increase reach and make it rank better.
  4. Keep your most well-performing content updated with the latest information from time to time. Review it to ensure it’s error-free and all the links on that page work perfectly.

How To Repurpose Video Content

Videos have become the most consumed content in this digital world. It packs everything to keep the viewer engaged, like visuals, audio, sound effects, and information.

For the same reason, video content creation is more time consuming and requires more effort. Therefore, repurposing it is the best way to derive maximum benefits:

  1. Convert your YouTube videos into blogs. It helps your content reach more people, who can also be directed back to your channel to increase subscribers.
  2. Make Pinterest pins from the snippets of your video. Video pins are a recent feature added by Pinterest. So, leverage their feature and vast user base to attract more audience.
  3. You can make attention-grabbing teasers and post snippets of your video content on Instagram and TikTok to increase reach.
  4. Embed video content on your web pages.
  5. Convert informative or explanatory videos into webinars, e-books, or guides.
  6. Track video testimonials of your products posted by your customers on different platforms and repost them to support your campaign.

Best Content Repurposing Service

As a business, it often gets hard to manage everything at once. If buying a service helps you increase your productivity and results, it’s a good investment.

Here are some best services for content repurposing:

Content 10x

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Content 10x is a content repurposing company founded by Amy Woods. Their team can help you convert or create video content, blogs, posts, podcast, audiobooks, email sequences, slide decks, and testimonials from your existing content to boost their performance. You can check out their case studies on the website.

Hire a Freelancer

When you hire a skillful freelancer to perform the job, it not only takes the burden off your shoulders but also boosts your productivity. It helps you focus more on tasks that require your expertise, and the hired freelancer can work on repurposing old content.

To identify and approach the right freelancers:

  • Analyze the skills needed.
  • Look for people on your team, workplace, social media, inbox, or DMs with those skills.
  • Shortlist a few candidates and assign them a sample task for testing. You can also interview them to analyze their actual potential.
  • If they meet your expectations and look promising, hire them under a contract or personal understanding.

Your Creative Content

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‘Your Creative Content’ helps you repurpose your existing content for different platforms for maximum results. However, they’ve content writing and social media marketing services too. You can join the waitlist and check the price guide on their website.


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ContentWish is an in-house team of writers, editors, and SEO specialists that help you write content for your website that ranks better.

This company can help you with written content for your business on your chosen topics at reasonable prices. You can request work samples from their website before purchasing their service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although I have tried to cover everything about content repurposing in this article, you might still have some questions. Scroll down as the following FAQs may resolve your queries:

How Often Should You Repurpose Content?

There is no fixed rule. You are the boss of your content marketing strategies. Content repurposing is just a way to fuel your progress with less effort. You can incorporate repurposed content into your schedule to save time and maintain regular engagement.

Is Repurposing Content Good for SEO?

Yes. If you also add fresh statistics, visuals, data, and strong backlinks, it can significantly boost your online rankings.

Wrapping Up

Repurposing is a clever content marketing strategy to get more eyeballs to your new content and revive your old pieces.  

The best way to repurpose content for SEO is to re-publish your old content after optimizing it with the latest keywords and updated statistics.

You can also convert long podcasts and webinars into video snippets to get social media engagement at a scale!

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