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How To See Deleted Reddit Posts? 4 Best Ways

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Have you ever been browsing Reddit and saw a post you were interested in, only to find it deleted?

Are you wondering how to see deleted Reddit posts?

Fortunately, there are ways to see deleted Reddit posts.

There are various ways to access an old post on Reddit if you’re a user trying to learn what happened to it.

This article will discuss how to see deleted Reddit posts; with the right tools and resources, you can easily access deleted Reddit posts.

Frequently Asked Questions

When You Delete a Reddit Post, Is It Gone Forever?

Reddit postings can be deleted, but they do not actually disappear from the site’s servers.

It would be preferable if Redditors overwrite rather than delete them.

Can You See Deleted Reddit Posts on Wayback?

Wayback Machine archives web pages, but it’s also a straightforward tool that enables users to access deleted Reddit comments and posts if they’ve been up for a long enough time to be archived.

How To See Deleted Reddit Posts? Step-By-Step Instructions

With more than a billion page views every month, Reddit is a well-known online message board.

Reddit is a great resource for knowledge on a wide range of subjects, both filtered and uncensored, and the greatest part is that you can access it privately without disclosing your name.

The platform’s disadvantage is that deleting a post or comment by a Reddit user, moderator, or admin results in a permanent deletion or possibly shadow-banning of the user.

This could lead to losing crucial information, scrumptious recipes, or entertaining memes.

Luckily, deleted Reddit postings can still be recovered and seen.

How? Read on.

Unddit is among the simplest methods for accessing removed Reddit comments and posts.

To execute it, you’ll need to remember the original URL.

The website will automatically activate the cached version of the page if you change “Reddit” in the original URL to “Unddit.”

Screenshot 2023 01 03 at 4.22.56 PM

Another useful aspect of this approach is that any posts that moderators have deleted appear red, whereas the ones that Reddit users have deleted seem blue. A bookmarklet is available for Removeddit.

Screenshot 2023 01 03 at 4.25.38 PM

Drag this over to your favorites page so you can quickly view deleted entries in the future.

Moreover, Unddit offers a bookmarklet.

Dragging this to your favorites tab will allow you to readily view deleted posts in the future.

When you hit the bookmark next to a removed post, the archived version of the post loads immediately.

Best Tools That Can Help You View Deleted Reddit Posts

You can access online tools and resources to read deleted Reddit comments and posts on your Reddit forum.

It’s simple, but it takes effort because you might need to test these online tools because they don’t always function as intended.

1. Ceddit

The greatest option right now for rapidly examining comments that were deleted on Reddit is Ceddit.

It is a third-party website that provides its own experience browsing Reddit posts.

Screenshot 2023 01 03 at 6.18.56 PM

Most of the deleted posts in a discussion are automatically recovered and highlighted in red.

Although some sorts of deleted comments, including those removed by Reddit’s auto moderator, could not be recoverable.

You can surf it like Reddit and hunt for the posts marked in red if all you want to read are the deleted comments.

Ceddit has retrieved deleted comments that were made on these posts.

There is, however, a quicker method available than manually searching for deleted comments if you wish to read them in a particular post.

Simply open the post on Reddit and change the URL to ceddit.com by taking the “r” out of reddit.com and replacing it with a “c.”

2. ReSavr

ReSavr can be a valuable resource if you’re interested in reading removed comments for educational purposes.

ReSavr automatically saves all deleted responses that are more than 1000 words long.

Screenshot 2023 01 03 at 6.22.05 PM

ReSavr can help you uncover some hidden pearls you would not have otherwise noticed, according to the concept, because longer comments have a greater chance of concealing important information.

All postings with these types of comments are extracted by ReSavr, which displays them in a user-friendly manner.

It displays the post title and the total amount of words in the deleted response.

A curious feature allows you to scan through rapidly and read worthwhile responses by displaying a glimpse of the comment when your mouse hovers over the headline.

3. Un-Delete

You can cache Reddit posts with this Chrome extension and access them later.

Even if a comment is later deleted, it allows you to keep it.

Screenshot 2023 01 03 at 6.55.44 PM

Simply install the extension button after you have opened the Reddit article you wish to cache.

Reddit responses are cached each time un-delete is used so that you can retrieve them later.

By doing this, you will be able to see remarks even if users remove them.

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Wrapping Up

You now know how to read deleted posts on Reddit in the most popular methods.

You won’t need to fear as much if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

Creddit may be the most effective approach, but you’ll need to remember the post’s URL.

Unddit could be a better alternative to exploring a more detailed post.

Reddit responses are cached each time un-delete is used so that you can retrieve them later.

By doing this, you will see comments even if users delete them.

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