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How To See Who Saved Your Instagram Post: Possible or Not? (answered!)

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Are you curious about who saves your posts on Instagram and don’t know how to find out?

Many businesses and individuals would like to know too. Instagram, however, doesn’t make this readily available.

You can see the number of people who saved your posts but not their identity.

For this reason, a lot of people let go of this inquisition.

In this article, we’ll discuss the “how to see who saved your Instagram post” conundrum to see if it’s possible or not and what alternatives exist. 

We have provided answers to some of your most burning questions regarding how to see who saved your Instagram post.

Is There an App That Allows You To See Who Saves Your Instagram Posts?

No app gives you insight into who saved your Instagram posts. At best, most third-party apps help you see and track the accounts that interact the most with your profile. However, note that the insights do not tally saved post data.

What You’ll Need: How to See Who Saved your Instagram Post

To follow this tutorial on how to see who saved your Instagram post, you’ll need the following:

  • Instagram business or creator account: While you cannot see who saved your posts, you can still gain useful insights into how popular a post is by learning how many people saved that post. You’ll need a business or creator account (more on creating these account types later) to see this insight.

How To See Who Saved your Instagram Post: Step-by-Step Instructions

We’ve established that you cannot see the accounts that saved your posts on Instagram; you can only see the number of people who have.

To do the latter, your Instagram account must be a creator or business profile.

How to set up a business or creator account on Instagram

You can convert your existing personal account to a business or creator account. You can also create both types of accounts from scratch.

Instagram notes that this process will take your account public if your account was initially private.

To switch your account from a personal to a business or creator account, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Log into your personal or business account, and open your profile.

Instagram 3

Step 2: Click the “Edit Profile” button.

Instagram 5

Step 3: From the next window, scroll down and click the “Switch to professional account” option under “Edit profile.”

Instagram 7

Step 4: Choose the type of account that best describes your needs and click “Next.”

The “Creator” account is “Best for public figures, content producers, artists, and influencers,” while the “Business” account is self-explanatory.

Instagram 9

Step 5: The next screen will show you some of the benefits of a creator account, such as access to more growth tools. Scroll down a bit and click “Next.”

Instagram 11

Step 6: Choose the category that best describes the type of content you create or intend to create, and click “Done” to complete the process.

You can also select if you want the category visible on your profile.

Instagram 13

The process above is for Instagram on the web. The process is replicable on your mobile app.

Simply click the “Edit Profile” from your profile and click “Switch to Professional account.” Follow the prompts just as above.

How To See How Many People Saved your Instagram Post

If you have a creator or business account, you can see how many people saved your post, amongst other Instagram insights.

To see this number, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Click on the post you’re interested in.

Instagram 15

Step 2: Click the “View Insight” link on the same line as the “Boost post” button.

Instagram 18

On the Instagram app, the “View insights” button is just beneath the post.

Instagram 21

Step 3: You should see a new insights window pop up on top of the existing post.

Instagram 23

Step 4: The number under the ribbon icon shows the number of saves the post received. Exactly 1073 Instagram users have saved the post in this example.

Instagram 1

You can see other insights, such as the number of profile visits by those who saw the post and how many accounts the post reached.

A Note on Third-Party Insight Apps for Instagram

Many third-party apps proclaim the ability to show you multiple insights. For the most part, most of these apps don’t show you much more than what Instagram already offers.

Plus, you risk a massive breach of privacy by handing out privileges to some of these apps. The risks outweigh the potential benefits.

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Wrapping Up: You Cannot See Who Saved your Instagram Posts

Except you’re Big Brother, there’s no way to see the identity of users who saved your Instagram post. There’s equally no third-party app that’ll provide this information to you.

You can, however, see the total number of users who saved your post. To be able to do this, your account has to be a professional account, that is, a creator or business account.

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