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How To Send Canva Newsletter In Emails

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Are you wondering how to send Canva newsletter in Emails?

Email newsletters are a cost-effective and efficient way to communicate with your clients and keep them updated on your goods and services.

Canva is a powerful and user-friendly tool that makes it simple to design eye-catching and interesting newsletters that will draw in your audience.

To connect with your consumers and expand your business, follow the step-by-step instructions in this tutorial to learn how to use Canva to create and distribute email newsletters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Send a Newsletter From Canva?

No, you cannot send emails directly from Canva. However, you can use their incredibly user-friendly design tools to alter various design components, including photos, fonts, and colors.

Send your newsletter directly from Canva to your email list by downloading it as a print-ready PDF or PNG.

Can Canva Create Email Newsletter Graphics?

Canva houses hundreds of free and premium newsletter graphics to choose from and customize according to your brand and content and save it as a PNG or PDF file for email marketing.

Can I Send Canva Designs Via Email?

Yes, after you’ve customized your newsletter template as per your brand and material, you can save it as a PNG and PDF and send them via email.

What You’ll Need To Send Canva Newsletter In Emails

Adding Canva newsletters in emails only requires the following tools:

  • A computer or smartphone is required to use the Canva app. Use the online Canva tool in your browser if you don’t want to install anything.
  • A reliable internet connection is required to upload, create, and download data. Canva cannot be used offline, even with the downloaded app.
  • An active Canva account with a proper username and password. Thankfully, you don’t need a Pro Canva account to create newsletters in Canva. A functioning email address or a Facebook account is used for registration.
  • A Gmail account or access to email marketing platforms.

How To Create Newsletters In Canva: Step-By-Step Instructions

Let’s look at how to create your own newsletter using Canva.

Step 1. Launch Canva

Access your Canva account. Enter “Newsletter” in the search box.

Screenshot 2023 02 23 at 9.57.21 PM

Step 2. Choose a template

You have a variety of options to pick from in Canva’s template collection.

Use the proper keywords to find the template you’re looking for that will be most effective for your company newsletter.

Once you’ve located the ideal template, select it to begin designing.

Screenshot 2023 02 24 at 11.49.01 AM

Step 3. Customize the design

You will have access to various crucial components like illustrations, graphics, and free photos on Canva. To perfect your design, use the drag-and-drop tool.

Screenshot 2023 02 24 at 11.49.15 AM

Step 4. Incorporate your own branding

To make your newsletter unique, include brand components. For instance, you can include eye-catching icons and pictures that represent your company.

Step 5. Write interesting content

An effective newsletter requires more than just a beautiful design.

You must also pay attention to the substance. Consider adding a compelling subject line and email header to draw readers to your email.

How To Customize Email Templates in Canva

Once you’ve chosen a template you like for your email newsletter, you’re ready to start customizing. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow:

Add elements: After selecting a template for your newsletter, you can start including text, graphics, and other components. You can use various fonts, colors, icons, and other components from Canva to make a unique and captivating design.

Change the design: Now that all the components have been included, you can alter the newsletter’s design by altering the colors, fonts, and other components.

Include a call to action: You should also include a call to action in your newsletter, such as a discount coupon or a link to your website. Your readers will be encouraged to act as a result of this.

Preview and save: You should preview the newsletter before sending it out to ensure everything appears as you intended. If you’re happy with the layout, you may save the newsletter and be ready to distribute it.

Screenshot 2023 02 24 at 1.25.02 PM

After you’re done, select “Share” from the menu in the top-right position. Click “Download” after selecting “PNG” as the file type.

Screenshot 2023 02 24 at 1.25.13 PM

How To Send Canva Newsletter In Email: Step-By-Step Instructions

Once you have your PNG, you can start writing your email. For this tutorial, we’ll use Gmail as an example.

Screenshot 2023 02 24 at 1.25.58 PM

Step One: After clicking the Compose button, upload your downloaded newsletter png file by selecting the insert photo icon.

Screenshot 2023 02 24 at 1.26.14 PM

Step Two: Send it by clicking the “Original size” option under “Select photos to upload” on the Upload Tab.

Screenshot 2023 02 24 at 1.28.24 PM

Be advised that you may have a few problems using Canva to send a newsletter using Gmail.

Screenshot 2023 02 24 at 1.28.49 PM

First, Gmail restricts the number of emails that can be sent through its platform at once, so you might need to batch your emails if you have a big list of subscribers and there is a mail attachment max size error as Gmail only allows 25 MB of upload limit.

Also, Gmail might classify Canva newsletters as spam, so regularly check your spam folder.

Have a contingency plan in case you need to distribute your newsletter in another way because Canva is a third-party service, and there is always a chance that it could go down or encounter technical issues.

4 Tips On Designing Attractive Newsletters Using Canva

Here are some pointers for designing newsletters that will grab readers’ interest now that you know how to make one using Canva:

  • Keep things simple: Less is more when it comes to newsletters. Try to keep your newsletter straightforward and uncluttered, with lots of white space and a few well-written topics.
  • Employ visuals: Including images in your newsletter can help it stand out from the crowd and help you engage readers. Make sure the images you choose are high-quality and pertinent to the newsletter’s content.
  • Choose a legible font: Be sure the fonts you use for your newsletter are readable and won’t strain your readers’ eyes. Choose timeless fonts like Georgia, Verdana, and Arial.
  • Make good use of colors: Adding color to your email may be a terrific way to give it personality. But make sure you do it correctly. Avoid using too many bright colors since they can be overwhelming; pick complementary hues instead.

Top Tips for Increasing the Effectiveness of Email Newsletters

You should follow a few best practices to make sure that your newsletter is optimized for optimum efficacy, in addition to monitoring the success of your email. Here are a few pointers:

  • Make it brief and to the point: Try to keep your newsletters brief and targeted on a single subject. Doing this may prevent your viewers from being overloaded with information.
  • Personalize your newsletters: Make your newsletters more relevant to your subscribers by personalizing them. You can accomplish this by putting the reader’s name in the email or creating information specific to their interests.
  • Use content upgrades: Readers can access additional content upgrades after reading the newsletter. This is a terrific method to motivate people to interact with your material and take action.
  • Try out a few different subject lines: Your newsletters’ subject lines will determine whether they are opened and read. Try experimenting with various options to determine which subject lines are most effective.
  • Add a call-to-action that is crystal clear: Ensure that each email contains a crystal clear call-to-action, like a link to your website or a coupon code. This will encourage readers to take action.

3 Best Email Marketing Platforms Where You Can Add Canva Templates

Sending emails via Gmail may be limiting as your subscriber list grows, so it’s best to switch to other email marketing platforms designed to handle this function.

The email marketing software you use will significantly impact your ability to be successful with email marketing because they are in charge of ensuring that your emails are delivered.

Here are the best ones you should check out:

  • Convertkit: The special ability of ConvertKit lets you effortlessly provide incentives and content upgrades with email registration forms. It also has simple-to-use auto-responders that let you send drip emails from their emailing platform.
  • Mailchimp: Mailchimp has a simple drag-and-drop email builder, autoresponders, grouping contacts into categories, and basic tracking for analytics. Additionally, you can set up customer segmentation based on geography and delivery schedules based on the time zones of your users.
  • Moosend: Moosend provides in-depth email analytics that displays crucial stats like email openings, clicks, bounces, product views, transactions, custom event monitoring, and even projected demographic information.

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Wrapping Up

Creating and sending newsletters with Canva is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and keep them informed of your products and services.

You can quickly and easily make eye-catching and captivating newsletters that will keep your readers’ attention using Canva’s user-friendly interface and powerful features.

By following this step-by-step guide, you can create and send newsletters with Canva and start reaching out to your customers and growing your business.

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