How to Set up the iThemes Security Plugin for WordPress

By: | Updated: April 5, 2021

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If you’ve decided using the iThemes Security plugin is the best choice for your WordPress site, you need to know how to set this plugin up. The plugin will give you more than 30 different ways to protect your website. This is very important since about 30,000 new websites get hacked on a daily basis.

iThemes Security Plugin-What Should You do First?

The first thing you want to do is back up your entire website. This is recommended before you make any major changes to security or any other part of your website. If anything were to go wrong, during the process, you’ll be happy you have a backup.

How to Install and Activate the Plugin

Just like any other WordPress plugin, you can install and activate the iThemes Security plugin automatically or manually. Just go to the “Add New” section of your WordPress dashboard, under Plugins, and upload the .zip folder you downloaded for the plugin.
Once the plugin has been installed, you can activate it through the “Secure Your Site Now” button found within the actual plugin.

What are the Most Important Steps to Follow?

When you install the iThemes Security plugin, you want to follow a few important steps. We already discussed making a full backup of your site and here are a few other steps to follow:

  • Allow File Updates
  • Use the One-clock Security Option
  • Help the Plugin Improve

The plugin will walk you through each of these steps before you do anything else. Make sure you follow all of these steps so that your WordPress site will be fully secured.

Understanding the Plugin Dashboard

After you’ve set up the plugin, you should familiarize yourself with it’s’ dashboard. The dashboard includes the following tabs:

  • Dashboard – Main page for the plugin
  • Settings – Change how the security settings work for the plugin
  • Advanced – Find any advanced settings you need to change within this tab
  • Backups – You can create a full backup from this tab
  • Logs – This tab will show the information the plugin has collected
  • Help – You can use this tab to find information and answers to all your questions


Understanding the dashboard of the iThemes Security plugin will help you do more with this plugin. You will also want to familiarize yourself with the “Security Status” section found under the dashboard tab. This section will give you the “Fix It” button for any issues and will show you all the issues with the priority assigned.
After you’ve installed and activated the plugin, you just need to learn how it works. Make sure to spend a little bit of time going over each section of the dashboard. This will help you understand where to go when you need to make changes and will help you feel more comfortable with the plugin.
With the ability for hackers to easily get into WordPress websites not using any type of security, it’s important to secure your website. The iThemes Security plugin is one of the top choices and will help you get the security you need.


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