How to Setup WordPress in Cpanel | Follow These easy Steps

By: | Updated: July 23, 2021

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If you are ready to set up a new blog or website and want the easiest and currently the most used web hosting system, you need to set up WordPress in cPanel. Cpanel is currently the most widely used administration system for web hosting and WordPress is the most used content management system in existence today, so this is your best choice for success.

Setup WordPress in Cpanel

A couple quick no no’s of using WordPress, do not use the one click install options. This option is offered frequently, but usually has many issues or security problems attached to it and will make utilizing your web page difficult and frustrating.
Assuming you have already signed up for a hosting account from FatCow -(coupon code at checkout), the first step is to log into your cPanel account go to the databases panel and click on MySQL Databases. Next type in the name of your database in the new database block, there will be a prefix automatically assigned if you are using a shared hosting account, it will be important to have this prefix for later so either write it down or copy and paste it to a file for memory.
After the database is created, click go back at the confirmation page, we have more to do to get this set up right. Next you will create the MySQL User account by scrolling down to the MySqL Users section and entering a username and password for your account, after clicking create user, you need to click go back at the confirmation page once again.
Now that you have created your user account, you need to give yourself permission to use the database. Under the add user to database section, select your username and database from the dropdown sections, at the next screen select the all the privileges box and then make changes. At this point the database is ready for WordPress.
Search for and download the latest version of WordPress to a zip file, then unzip the zip file which will have WordPress as the folder name. Go to the main page of your cPanel account and click on File Manager under the Files panel to open the cPanel file manager in a new window. Click on the public_html folder in the left sidebar, then the upload button in the tool bar, and select the zip file and open.
Once the upload is finished close the uploader window and click the reload button to refresh the file list. Locate the file you just uploaded and select extract and extract the contents to the public_html domain.
Now the heavy lifting is over and time for you to fill your website with content and get your message out on the internet. As you can see you can setup WordPress in Cpanel with just a few easy clicks. Good luck and god speed.

by Brett Helling
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