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How To Split a Table in Google Docs Quickly

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Meta Description: Splitting a table can help you organize data better or add a page break. Learn how to split a table in Google Docs the easiest way possible. 

Did you know that you can split a table in Google Docs?

Unlike the split cells button, there is no dedicated function in the table properties to split tables in a Google Docs document.

Don’t worry; you can still split multiple rows and columns into a second table. It can be excellent to organize your data and text as you prefer.

In this tutorial, let’s find out how to split a table in Google Docs.

Can I Split a Table in Half in Google Docs?

You can split a table in half in Google Docs with a few quick steps.
It involves selecting half of the rows and columns before dragging them out of the table. Instead of half of your cells, you can split just one row and column the same way.

What You’ll Need To Split a Table in Google Docs

In addition to having a table to split in your document, you will need the following:

  • Edit access to a Google Docs document. You can also split a table in your document with a Google account. Create a free account if you don’t have one already.
  • A computer or a smartphone. Like a cell, you can split a table with multiple columns and rows in both the web version and the Google Docs app.
  • A web browser and an internet connection. Google Docs need an internet connection to function correctly, while a browser is necessary to access the text processing tool on the web.

How To Split a Table in Google Docs: Step-by-Step Instructions

Splitting a table into two tables works the same way in the Google Docs web and the app.

Before doing so, ensure you are the document owner or have permission to edit.

Step 1: Open a Document With a Table in Google Docs

Head to Google Docs using your web browser on a computer.

On a mobile device, it’s best to use the Google Docs app. You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play store on an iPhone or Android.

Once installed, sign in using your Google account and open the document where you want to split a table.

You may click a document to open in Google Docs directly from your email attachment or Google Drive folders.

Screenshot 2023 02 15 at 7.06.38 PM

Step 2: Highlight Cells You Want To Split From the Table

You must highlight the part of the table that you want to split into a second table.

Simply click on a row or column and then drag your cursor over the entire split section.

There is no limit to the table cell you can select, so you can highlight as many rows and columns as you need to split.

You can also split a single column with one or multiple rows by highlighting just that.

The same applies to single or multiple rows with any number of columns.

The process is the same on a smartphone, except you must tap and drag the selection bar instead of the cursor.

Screenshot 2023 02 15 at 6.59.27 PM

Step 3: Drag the Highlighted Section Out of the Table

Click or tap anywhere on the highlighted section in your table.

Ensure you click over the highlights to avoid inadvertently unselecting the table cells. Otherwise, you have to repeat the process in Step 2.

Hold your cursor (or finger on a smartphone) and drag the highlighted rows and columns out of the table.

Release your cursor outside the table, and a new table will be created. The rows and columns should remain intact, with the text displaying like before.

Screenshot 2023 02 15 at 7.00.14 PM

Alternatively, you can use the cut-and-paste method to split your table. You should find these options in the right-click menu.

Shortcuts To Cut and Paste Your Table

On a computer, you can also use shortcuts to cut and paste a particular table section. Press Cmd + X to cut and Cmd + V to paste your selection on a Mac.

The shortcut is Ctrl + X and Ctrl + V on a Windows device.

Step 4: Select and Remove the Blank Rows and Columns

When you split a table in Google Docs, the dragged-out columns and rows remain within the previous table, albeit without any text input or data.

To delete them, you must highlight the blank cells like before.

Next, right-click and hit the specific Delete option from the menu.

For selected rows or columns, it will be “Delete X rows” or “Delete X columns,” with the X denoting the selection number.

You may also need to add a header row or column to your new table for better clarity.

Screenshot 2023 02 15 at 7.01.09 PM

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Wrapping Up

You can split a table with a few quick steps despite having no built-in function in Google Docs.

Follow the detailed steps in my guide to split your table in half or any particular section; you can always ask for further help in the comments.

Feel free to share this post with your colleagues and team members so they can also split tables in their Google Docs documents.

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