There are a number of new hosting services that are available now, and you could be tempted to host your site in one of them. But what if your site is already hosted on a server? It is possible to transfer your WordPress site from one server to another, and the process is fairly simple. Just follow the steps listed out and you should be able to do it without any glitch.

Step 1: Saving the files to hour hard disc

Backing up your files is extremely important. If something went haywire in the process (it should not though), you can go back to your saved file and retrieve your work. You can backup files in WordPress following two ways: One is through phpmyadmin and the other one would be using the export option present in the WordPress dashboard. We’ll use the import/export option as you’ll see it is somewhat easier than phpmyadmin. To start exporting data from the old host do the following:

Dashboard > Tools > Export > All content > Download Export File

Once you follow the steps above you get the data in the form of an xml file. Save the file at any convenient place you feel. Just remember where you saved it. After that open the ftp client you prefer and go straight to the root. Similarly, make a copy of the complete wp-content folder and save it at your preferred location.

Step 2: Twitching the DNS records

Login to the domain registrar and visit the domain for which you wish to change the DNS record. Instead of replacing the name, add two more names. You would be able to see wpwebhost as your old server name, and the new server name is the one you have chosen. This allows you to run your site on two different servers at the same time and is done to be on the safe side.

Step 3: Adding the domain to the host’s control panel

This is the easiest step in the whole process. Almost a child’s play it is.

Step 4: Installing WordPress on the new host

You can do this easily as WordPress is hugely popular tool now, and almost all servers allow you to install it with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Step 5: Importing the files

After all the above processes are dealt with, follow these steps in the WordPress Dashboard you installed.

Dashboard > Tools > Import > WordPress

After you click on WordPress it will ask you to install “importer.”

Step 6: Check if everything is working

Visit your site to see if it is functioning properly. Then remove the old name servers and put on the new ones in their place. Be sure to replace only and not add. So you’ll have just two name servers this time unlike four you’d the last time.

That is just everything that you need to transfer your site to a new host. The complete procedure has been arranged so that you don’t experience any hiccups after transferring your site to a new host.

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