All change comes from within. Remember this before you want to turn your blog from something boring into something special. All successful bloggers got clear within to change the without. This never happens in reverse. Your blog changes when you decide to change your mindset.

Why do you think you built a boring blog in the first place? You see yourself as being boring and you believe you chose a boring niche. In order to change your blog from something boring and bland and to something special and eye catching, get clear on why you blog. Special blogs are born in the mind of special bloggers who blog their fun and freedom. All successful bloggers love the blogging journey because they blog mainly for fun vs blogging for money and fame and other outcomes. Be straight with yourself. Find your fun, freeing driver in order to lay the foundation for a successful blogging career.

Do you mimic other bloggers? Boring! Blog in your own voice to stand out from the crowd. Write persistently to find your writing voice. I suggest you write 500 to a thousand words daily in a Word document and trash the document after completing your practice. Be detached. Get clear on your writing voice. Stand out from the crowd. Write how you speak and people will feel like following your blog is like chatting in person with you. I get this feedback all the time with my blog and with my 100 + ebooks. I publish and self-publish something special because I write like we are sitting in a room, chatting amongst friends. This takes a good deal of writing practice but all the attention and energy devoted to the endeavor is well worth the end goal.

Add your stories to your blog. Boring blogs tend to be drab, third person recounts you can get anywhere online. Special blogs tend to be first person. How can your blog be special? Be you and blog about that person. Add your personal stories to your blog to better connect with your readers and to stand out from the crowd because nobody can mimic or tell your personal stories like you can tell your personal stories. Do not be shy. Do not hide away. Simply share your experiences related to your blogging niche to be a genuine blogger who stands out from everybody else in your niche.

You actually have to work hard to be boring because being boring mimics other people and it takes a great deal of effort to copy someone else because you have to pay such close attention to detail. Being yourself, blogging about yourself and your stories, and creating a special blog is actually quite easy because all you do is blog from the heart in your genuine voice about your life experiences. This takes little effort because you are just being you and blogging about your experiences. You don’t have to try to be anybody else anymore. You can just relax and be you and blog about that individual.

Don’t forget to buy your domain and hosting and a premium theme to project a professional, branded presentation. Boring blogs tend to be free platform blogs whereas special blogs are always on self hosted platforms with branded domain names. Pay up to play up or pay up to stand out from the crowd. Invest in your uniqueness by buying your domain and hosting and investing in a premium theme. Project a special presentation to catch the eye of your following.


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