If you’re a small business owner, microblogging can be one of the best marketing tools at your disposal. It can leapfrog you right over the competition, and fill your pipleline with qualified leads on a consistent basis. And, it’s free.

What is MicroBlogging?

Twitter is an excellent example of microblogging. It’s a microblogging tool that keeps you in constant contact with potential customers – and it’s relatively easy to do – even for the busiest small business owner. Trust me, I know!

Why MicroBlogging is the Perfect Marketing Tool for Small Business Owners

Most small business owners are extremely busy. For this reason, it’s hard for them to stay abreast of emerging technologies – even when those technologies can increase their sales.

A microblogging medium like Twitter though makes this a non-concern. You only get 140 characters to say what you want, so you can fire off a few of these every day. This is why Twitter has become so popular, in my opinion.

Traditional blogging can be time-consuming. But Twitter is like speed dating – just the basics (the facts) please.

How to Rake in the Cash with Microblogging

Following is one surefire way to use microblogging to rake in the cash.

Special report: In October, I wrote an industry report on freelance writing (a freelance writing jobs report). I distributed it freely and it went viral – mainly because a big-name blogger “Tweeted” about it.

There are three advantages to writing and marketing special reports like this via microblogging:

(i) Special reports builds your credibility: Credibililty is like money in the bank. If you’re considered an authority on a subject, when prospects need the type of product/service you specialize in, you won’t have to “convince them” to buy from you. They will almost do so almost automatically when they’re ready to purchase.

(ii) Special reports stay around a long time: If you write an “industry” report, it will likely be distributed for months – or even years – to come. And with the instantaneous nature of microblogging, this means as new prospects discover it, they will be more likely to pass it along to their friends, who will pass it along to their friends, etc.

This gives it an evergreen life.

(ii) It’s quick and easy to get the word out about your special reports via microblogging: With microblogging, nobody expects a long analysis of why you should read a special report. A simple link along with a one liner about what the report is about and you’re good to go.

Again, it’s a time factor thing.

For example, I spent 12 hours pulling together the special report on freelance writing jobs. The last thing I wanted to do was “promote” it after that. With one simple Tweet from a big-name blogger, the report got picked up by several major sites and the traffic to my blog and website increased substantially over a four-day period.

And, this is the power of microblogging.